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Tragic love

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A young boy named Lois falls in love with another boy who isn’t a “normal” boy at all. He is a ghost who can interact with the humans in a human world. But when something tragic happens Lois does something nobody will ever forget

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 : flash backs

“Lois? Lois are you there?”
“Yes sorry mum-“
Lately i have been having flashbacks of when i was a child. Playing with a very pale boy named..i..i..i can’t remember properly but i think it was rio, I remember us playing on the swings and him telling me about his family haha. I don’t really know what happened to him after that but recently i have been feeling a presence with me constantly. Its strange really because nobody is here.. oh well, guess i will have to deal with it

I was sitting on a bus when suddenly..
“Haha Lois stop your going to fall!”
I saw a pale boy swinging on a tree with me.
What? I don't even know this little boy why is he appearing in my mind every few seconds? Why does he attract me? Why does he feel special to me?
“Next stop is nukon town”
My stop i had to get off. As i stepped off i went dizzy and saw the boy in my head again but this time
“Lois remember this hat? Here!”
He placed a hat on my head? I remember this happening but..i just don't remember this little boy. I shake my head and walk to my school.

Im being ridiculous, im letting my imagination take control over me haha. How stupid can i be? I walked to me class and got tripped up “hey everyone its the gay boy of school”
It was alex sandras, he hates me because im gay..this school hates people who aren’t “normal” i wish i didn’t let them push me around like this..but i have no choice, im just not like that, i will let them do anything they want..
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