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Consumed by him

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Haley starts her first year of college. She's excited to start her new life away from her hometown. Until she meets Aiden, an arrogant, dark haired, bad boy with a dark past darker than she can ever imagine.

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1. moving day

I looked around my childhood bedroom; it was probably the last time in a long time. I was going to miss sleeping in this bedroom but excited to start my life away from the small town. The blinds barely covered the light coming from the room.

The small bed in the corner near the window and the nightstand to the right of it. “Haley” my mom shouts from what sounds like the kitchen. “It’s time to go”.

Today's my first day at college. I'm excited and scared, feeling a world of emotions. I wore my favorite outfit: A yellow sundress with yellow flowers all over it.

I grabbed my favorite purse off my desk and I looked back at my room for possibly the last time in a long time. I ran down the stairs. The smell of breakfast loomed in the air. My mom handed me a plate of food and I sat down at the Island.

I stick my fork in my egg and then put it in my mouth. “Where’s Dylan?” I asked, and she smirks. She thinks Dylan, my best friend since we were babies, has a crush on me. But he's a flirt. He does it with everyone.

She gives me a yeah, okay smirk. I think she already has our wedding planned. She loves Dylan, also Dylan and me together. "It will not happen Mom, he and I are friends".

As I mentioned to him, the door slams open and in comes Dylan shouting. "Hey mamas, how's everyone morning" with his charming accent.
"Hey Dylan," I said. He pressed a kiss to her cheek, like he always did. He was always a mama's boy.

"Good morning Dylan" she smiled at him and brought a coffee to her lips covering her smile.
He turned to me and wrapped his hands around me and I lost my balance for a minute. "Hey Hales, how's my favorite curly head?" I take his arm off my neck and roll my eyes.

"I'm your only curly head friend" I state joking around with him. It was our thing.

"Yeah, but still my favorite" He winks at me and my breath catches in my throat. We stood staring at each other for what feels forever.

"Okayyy!" My mom interrupts us. "It's time to go, we have a long ride". It was a long drive from California to Rhode Island so Dylan came with me, we actually decided to go to the same school.

In the car here comes Dylan with his predictions for the school year. "Come on do you really think life is going to be any different in college" I say. He thinks that our lives are going to be all that different in college like our love lives.

"Actually I do. We might find the love of our lives this year" he states. Like he actually thinks he's going to date anyone.

"Don't act like I wasn't invisible in high school, the only difference was moving up a grade. Finding the love of my life or even dating someone that I might have a future with isn't going to happen for me".

"You never know if you don't try to come on how long are you going to go without having a real relationship?" he questions, I started to think about.

Dylan has had like a million girlfriends but he never seems to be with them long. I mean he's attractive with his blonde curly hair and blue eyes. I guess I never saw another relationship in myself, not since my ex now I always lose myself in books or grades.

He continues the conversation as we walk into the dorms to find mine. At this point I'm just letting him say whatever. "Forever Dylan. You know I don't worry about dating anyone not since... Well you know" I said annoyed at his relentlessness.

"Maybe this year you should find a guy who will knock your socks off," he continued. What's with him telling me I needed to find someone, I'm good right where I am with my friend I don't need anyone.

Unable to see the boxes towering over me. I bumped into someone and all the boxes fell down to the floor. A male voice says "watch where your fucking going!" In a British accent.
I was quick to apolozied "I'm sorry I couldn't see-" I said as I collected the boxes I dropped and look him in his face.

He had piercings and tattoos almost everywhere. His eyebrows and his kissable lips, his nose and long brown curly hair with beautiful green eyes. A girl with Blonde hair and blue eyes hangs at his hip, she wore black shorts and a bra for a top. It's almost a shame he's an asshole.


He cuts me off disrespectfully and shouts. "I don't care, next time watch your step" and walk away down the hall.

"Asshole" I say under my breath. Dylan tried to run after him but I grabbed his arm, he didn't need him to protect my honor.

"It's okay D, I'm fine. Let's just go to my dorm" I say trying to get him to let it go.

He took a breath out and lifted me to my feet as we walked to my dorms.I was glad he let it go. The last thing I needed was him starting a fight on the first day. Boys and girls weren't allowed to share a dorm. They think we are horny teenagers and that we can't control ourselves.
Maybe I should have looked at getting us an apartment. I almost forgot my mom was there. She was eyeing the boy who knocked me down as he turned the corner.

A 80. When I walked in no one was in the room, it was completely empty. I chose the bed near the window and put my boxes on the bed. I looked around my room. It wasn't big at all and it gave me a little bit of comfort knowing I didn't have a suite.

The walls were blue. There was a little bookcase on the wall probably left by the last person. Two closets and a bathroom. I was actually happy with what I got.

"Can I talk to Haley by myself?" Dylan asks my mom. She nods and walks out into the hallway closing the door behind her.

I leaned on the wall behind me. For the first time I didn't know what he was going to say. "Why did you stop me from hitting that boy?" he yelled.

I groaned and sat on my bed. He's hard headed. "Because Violence is not the answer"I state. He always solves things by violence even when he's trying to be over protective of me.

"He knocked you down to the floor Hales. He's a dick, he needed to knock down a peg" he shouts revenge in his voice. He's angry and trying to be protective and I love him for that. But he doesn't need to be because I'm fine.

"I'm fine, look I'm here" I spin around to show him. "Please don't start something with him" I beg him. The last thing I need is him protecting my honor.

"Fine, okay but stay away from him please" he warns. He acts like I would hang out with a guy like that, I'm not the party girl.

"I promise I'll stay away" I promised. He gave a little nod and then helped me unpack the rest of my things.

The door opened and girls walked in one with black wavy hair and brown eyes , black jean shorts and an oversized rolling stone and the other in a black and white pleated skirt and a big grey tee shirt with blonde hair and grey eyes.

"Oh hi I'm Katie your roommate" the skirt and tee shirt says.. "I like your set up here" she points to the lights above the window.

"Thank you" she doesn't seem to be pretending to be nice like she actually is real life nice. Maybe I will make friends here.

Dylan finally talks. "I'm Dylan I'll see you guys later" and walks out of the room leaving me with Katie and her friend.

Katie says "so, are you and Dylan dating?".

"No no we're just best friends" I state, I know what she is thinking but it’s not just like that.
She hops from her bed to mine and I sit next to her. "we're going to have fun this year, watch", she beamed excitedly.

The blonde girl sat on the other side of me. "There's actually a party tonight, a kind of low key thing if you want to come".
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