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Black's Weakness

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Deandre Black owns the biggest Mafia in the States. He is known by his enemies as a cold, ruthless and merciless man. And when his little brother is murdered by his biggest rival, the Italian, Emmanuel De Luna, he sets off on a path of revenge. This path takes him to Elizabeth, De Luna's assassin daughter. What will De Luna do to Elizabeth? Will Elizabeth be able to protect herself from Black?

Romance / Erotica
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"Put down the fucking gun!" Deandre's deep baritone voice booms throughout the room.
From across it, Elizabeth stares at him, a menacing expression on her face.

"Or what, h'm? You gonna kill me?" She scoffs and tightens her grip on the gun, pressing it harder onto the head of the man on his knees.

One of Black's men.

Black looks around the living room. There are bodies everywhere and the smell of blood is overwhelming.

Elizabeth killed the entire guard he assigned to her.

8 men.

And just as she was about to kill the last one, Black arrived and now they're at a stalemate.

The tension palpable.

"You should really hire more capable men, Black. If I wanted to escape, I would've been long gone."

"Why didn't you?" He asks non-chalanty, not letting his confusion show, his gun still trained on her, because it's true. If she wanted to escape she could have. He never expected her to be able to handle herself like that. To him she was just a frail little girl who had no idea what her daddy was up to.

"Revenge." And with that a loud boom sounds through the room and the guard slumps to the floor, killed with his own gun.

Black puts down his gun as Elizabeth stares at him coldly, "I've heard about you. The infamous and feared Don. A guy like you never makes mistakes. But let me tell you this, oh almighty Don," she says mockingly.

"You will regret the day you decided to take me from my home and try and punish me for something my father did. Believe that."

And with a last cold stare she turns around and heads back to the room Black left her in when he left earlier.

Black finally comes to his senses and the one thing that rings loud and clear throughout his brain is,

"What the fuck."

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