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Falling For You

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I’m going to be writing a new story so this is going to be about a girl whom her name is Mary Ann whom falls in love with her best friends father which seems rather odd, I always seen everyone writing about my dad best friends love stories I just want to mix it up and all which is always a great thing btw there will be an age difference if you’re into that if you ain’t just please don’t read this story!! If you must already know who I am well let’s just start with my name shall we? My name is Mary Ann Smith I’m a senior at North Ridge High School I’m still seventeen according to the government but I feel much older since I’m rather mature for my age if you’re wondering whom is my best friend well her name is Amy Adams we’ve been friends since Kindergarten and she’s never left my side yet, but this whole story is when I fell in love with my best friends dad Samuel Adams.

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Chapter 1/A Brand New Day

(Mary Ann POV)
When I awoke I heard the sound of my alarm going off in my dream I just wanted to sleep for a million years and never get up considering it was school in about two hours." Mary Ann get up you loser!! Mom is calling you downstairs since you're almost late for school get up Mary Ann." I opened the side of my eye while seeing the appearance of my younger brother Mark whom was in the seventh grade." Okay Mark I'll be down in a few minutes do you understand? I won't fall asleep at all," Mark rushed downstairs while screaming," Mom! Dad! Mary Ann won't listen to me," I was laying in my bed while I felt the splash of cold water on my face poured on by my dad," Mary Ann time to get up for school thats the only time you'll act up do you understand?" I nodded that's when he left me all alone with the door locked and shut to get prepared for school.
(Amy POV)
Since it was mid-October and Halloween is just around the corner which I'm really excited about I was daydreaming when I heard the sound of my door opening and my father addressing me," Amy you better get ready for school, Mary Ann is coming by in a few minutes," That's when I nodded with utter silence it's been really hard when my mother passed away a few months ago from a car accident I miss her terribly and just wish that she was always her for me since I only had Mary Ann and no one else.I feel utterly hurt whenever I see my dad with a glum face because he misses mom and just the marriage that he wished more for.I was done daydreaming when a knock sounded at my door,"Hey Amy are you ready for school?" I nodded my head and aimed my head toward my best friend Mary Ann," Yeah I'm ready I'll just let my dad know so he could drive us." I walked into the kitchen noticing my dad making sandwiches,"Hey dad I was just curious could you drive Mary Ann and I to school we don't really have anyone to drive us," That's when he faced me with the sandwich in his mouth," Yeah I'll definitely drive you Amy because you're my daughter." When I left the kitchen I noticed Mary Ann seating on the couch looking at people magazine,"Amy did your dad let you know if he could give us a ride to school? By the way I don't like reading magazines."She began laughing which meant that she adored reading magazines.
(Mary Ann POV)
"Hey Mary Ann and Amy let's get in the vehicle and I'll just drive y'all to school does that sound like a plan," proclaimed Samuel Adams while leaving his house and walking to his car.I sat in the back while my best friend was in the passenger since this is her fathers car and all, Mr. Adams started his car and began driving on the highway. Amy and I were listening to music while singing with so much joy and happiness. That's when Samuel dropped us off at school,"I hope you girls have an amazing time at school!" That's when Mr.Adams drove away onto the highway.
-A Few Minutes Later-
We both walked into North Ridge High School. We were walking in the hallways to our first period class which is government with Ms.Lerch she was the most sweetest person on earth. Ms.Lerch was outside of her classroom greeting everyone when they walked in when she saw Amy and I she said with a happy smile." Amy and Mary Ann welcome find your seats and open your government textbooks." We both nodded in agreement.
(Amy POV)
I sat in the front row right beside Mary Ann. I opened my government textbook when I caught someone staring at me it was the school jock Anthony Rivers whom was the star quarter back why would Anthony be staring at me? I was completely zoned out when Ms.Lerch was calling my name." Amy what's the answer to the question?" I looked at her looking puzzled beyond words," Umm what's the question Ms.Lerch?" I asked in a questioning tone." What are the three branches of government? Amy next time you better pay attention and stop daydreaming." That's when I nodded looking worried and scared," The three branches of government are judiciary, executive, and legislative." That's when Ms.Lerch nodded looking pleased.

I left the classroom in utter guilt I've never gotten in trouble I was really innocent. I walked outside of the classroom walking to my locker and opening it right up with a loud thud." I cannot believe you did that Amy I've never seen you stare at someone like that especially the most popular boy in school Anthony!" Mary Ann said with so much joy to her face,"Amy I think Anthony has a crush on you!" That's when I began blushing and my whole face was red in complete embarrassment. I just shook my head while shutting my locker heading to my second class of the day," I don't really believe you Mary Ann that Anthony has a crush on me he doesn't even know me I'm a complete stranger do you understand that?"

"Amy he could actually have a crush on you. You never know till' you find out, do you want to have a sleepover tonight? I can't stand my awful dreadful brother Mark any longer he's driving me insane!" Maybe Anthony could have a crush on me?! "Mary Ann we could have a sleepover at my house I don't think my dad wouldn't mind." That's when Mary Ann nodded with a smile." That sounds like a wonderful idea Amy I'll just let my dad know as well." Mary Ann and I walked to math class having a smile to our faces.
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