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Unexpected Love

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I never know the feeling of being in love until I meet him Williams is a hot and gorgeous man every ladies wish to have even for one night What do you think will happen when they meet each other ???????? Read the story to find out

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There he stood staring at me intently wanting to read my mind and expression
Earlier on my way home after school close I bumped into him realizing that I'm the one at fault I raised my head to say sorry but I was.overshocked by the face in front of me perfect jawline equistive face a hot and handsome guy that every lady can die for how I wish he was my boyfriend I think !!!!!!!
Immersed in my own sea of thought I didn't noticed that he was staring at me intently
I'm sorry I didn't look where I was going,I tell him but he didn't reply I take it as yes and heed towards the direction I am going but haven't walked far a hand suddenly hold me
ahh!!!!! are you crazy don't you have manner I immediately swallow my word when I realized that he is the one I bump to
Haven't I apologize,I told him but he didn't say anything
I am feeling impatient and scared at the same time when I hear his deep magnetic,alluring voice that I won't feel tired listening to
I am Williams by name"he said,
Williams!!!!,I repeat his name again and again liking it and how it roll in my tongue
Whao!!!!! what a beautiful name I said quickly to hide my embarrassment when he notice me blushing
You like my name that much or you are fascinated by my beauty"he said
Who said that I'm capture by your beauty"I replied angrily
Unable to calm myself from embarrassment"I stormed away angrily

This my first time writing novel I hope you enjoy it any error or suggestion feel free to get in touch with me
Facebook:Unique Gal

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