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Feyre Rossi - A sweet, innocent ,silent and calm girl living alone in a small apartment. As an orphan she faced many difficulties and wasn't blessed with a normal life. Now at the age of 23 she's working at one of the biggest companies of New York as a personal assistant of the CEO. Asher Knight - Handsome, rich and the CEO of one of the biggest companies in New York. A person whose aura screams perfection and is cold hearted and emotionless. He is forced to marry someone , not to mention that too his assistant. But that shouldn't be a problem when they eventually fall in love in a short period of time. The problem is that nobody is aware of their marriage, not even after they fell in love. Now to keep their love life secret and just as an employee and employer, it should be easy right? Or maybe not... ------ 'What do you think you, like me or love me' He asked 'The day you start using us instead of me and you, you'll get your answer' She replied

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Feyre's POV

I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock and I swear if it it buzzed one more time I'll end up buying a new one till the end of the day. I think I forgot to close the curtains last night because now the sunlight is irritating me.
Suddenly with a jerk I threw the blanket away which till now was covering my face. As realisation hit me or more like my body hit the floor. It's already 7:15 and my office starts at 8:00.

I quickly showered, did my business and dressed up as soon as I can. I am wearing a deep blue jeans and white shirt.I surely am not ready to start my morning with my boss lecturing me so I grabbed my bag and locked the door.


When I reached the building, I greeted my colleagues. They informed me that sir is grumpy today as I ran towards the elevator. As soon as I reached the first floor I started walking faster so that I won't be late but ended up colliding with someone. I saw a man in his early 50's on the ground groaning. I think I should guess already that my boss is planning my funeral.

"I am really sorry sir I wasn't paying attention . Are you okay? " I asked him panicking.

"Oh no, it's okay dear" He assured me .

"I am really sorry sir. Wait let me help you" I told him as his files were scattered all over the floor as well as mine too.

When the mess was cleared I gave him his files. I don't know why but he seems familiar to me. I ignored that thought and glanced at my watch. I was already 15 minutes late.

We both quickly murmured a small bye as I ran towards Mr. Knight's office. I knocked his door and after sometime I heard a small "come in".

He was leaning against his chair and he looked very angry as he watched me entering his office. Looks like someone woke up from the wrong side of the bed. He looked very grumpy and definitely not in a good mood. So basically I'm dead.

"Good morning Mr. Knight" I said

"Good morning Ms. Feyre. Not to mention you're 15 minutes late". He said

"I didn't meant to sir I was here on time I just collided with someo-" He cut me off.

"I don't like excuses Ms. Feyre. I hope you know that I don't like tardiness.I warned you yesterday too but I think you can't take your work seriously" He shouted

"You are fired" He said sternly.

Wait what? How can he do that to me? It's really my first month at work and he is already firing me. How will I pay my rent now. I last paid my rent 6 months ago and this job is my last hope. If he fired me then I will seriously end up in streets.

"Sir please don't fire me, I am not making excuses" I said

"You are fired Ms. Feyre" He told me angrily as I watched his jaw clenching.

"But - "


"Sir please let me explain once"

After a few minutes he looked like he was thinking about something but when
he didn't say anything, I got my answer. I sighed walking slowly but before I could grab the doorknob a voice stopped me.

"Wait " He said as he started coming closer to me.

"I have a deal for you"

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as soon as those words left his mouth. He looked at me smirking and I swear at this moment I wanna hit his head with a hammer so that his brain starts working again. He really told me to get out and now he's stopping me. Bipolar freakhead.

"What do you mean? " I asked him

"I'll tell you later, for now bring me my coffee and meet me in my office before going back"He said

"But wasn't i fired 5 minutes ago" I asked him

"You were but I changed my mind "

"Huh? "

"I'll explain later for now continue with your work. I want all the files done by 10:00 a.m. " He said

"Uh, yeah sure sir" I said, more like asked.

I gave him his coffee and continued my work. What deal was he talking about. Whatever it is I can't afford to lose this job. I have to pay my rent tomorrow anyhow.

Right now I am sitting with my colleagues having lunch as I skipped breakfast. We were all talking about how Mr. Knight fired three people today and was shouting on everyone when suddenly a voice interrupted us.

"Hello Feyre"

"Hello to you too Flynn"

Flynn is a very sweet and handsome man in his mid 20's.He was my first friend who helped me when I first joined. He sat with us and after sometime everyone continued with their own work.


I was done with my work and started walking towards Mr Knight's office.

After some minutes when I heard nothing I entered the his office without permission as the door was half opened.
The office was beautiful with the sunlight covering the grey mattress. The walls of his office were painted black, grey and white. The sunset outside was worth watching as the one side of his office was made of glass .

There was a book shelf as it caught my attention. I loved reading and writing and right now I felt I was in heaven.

Suddenly the door opened as Mr. Knight showed up. I was literally gawking at his perfect muscles as his sleeves were rolled up. I felt like I was in heaven as a Greek god stood in front of me. It actually felt surreal.

"It's rude to glare, Ms. Feyre" His tone laced with amusement.

"No actually-"

"You like reading? " He asked

"Yeah, how'd you know? "I asked

"The way you were staring at the book shelf and books before I disturbed you clearly shows you like reading"

'He has brain' I asked myself

"Yean, I do " He said

'He heard that' my eyes widened in surprise

"Yeah, I wasn't supposed to, was I?"

After some minutes of silence I grabbed a glass of water and started drinking it to avoid eye contact with him.

"I want you to marry me till the end of this week" he said

And I literally chocked on water and started coughing. I faced him and there was no trace of any emotion on his face other than seriousness which means whatever he said he meant it .

"It will be just a deal that will end up in two months . I will pay your rent for the next six months and I am offering you a million dollars for this"

"How do you know about my rent? "I asked

"I have my own ways"

"But why would you pay me a million dollars Just to be your wife for two months? Not that you can't get anyone else" I asked him as I was beyond confused.

"I am getting much more than you are" He said smirking

"I don't think I'll do it" I said.

And with that I moved away from his gaze thinking about finding a new job as soon as possible.

"Okay, then be ready to face the consequences"

"What do you mean"

He stepped closer looking directly into my eyes as if challenging me.

"I will make sure you're jobless for rest of your life " He threatened me

"You won't do that" I said panicking. He won't do that right?

"Try me"

"Are you seriously blackmailing me"

"Am I? "

"Why are you doing this to me? "

"Because I can"

"Yes or no? "


"yes or no Ms. Feyre"

I know one wrong step and he can literally sue me. I won't be able to get a job. I will end up in streets. It took so much hardwork to reach the position s his personal assistant.It's just two months I can do it. But how? I sighed.

"Okay I accept your deal"

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