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Let it be

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Chapter 1

I am emerin prince and I am sixteen . I attend Jean Parker high school. I have had a crush on my bestfriend for a long time , he's always unaware of me oogling at him like a puppy or blushing at him when he smiles. He seems angelic and handsome to me , his prescence makes me flustered and I just can't allow him to know my feelings.
We are childhood friends and he's always with me but I haven't ever seen him noticing me in that way , you know , the "that"way? He's always the sweet type but hey this is Jason coor we are talking about.


I'm Jason Coor and a sixteen year old single guy~
Hahaha , the look on your face !
Don't worry , I'm not flirting with you.
Let's get on with the intro shall we?
I'm sixteen and I go to Jean Parker high
My bestfriend is emerin , emerin prince.
In my opinion she's a great friend , we have known each other from childhood ,
She's pretty but I don't really like her as some people ask , I have a deadly crush on ellette , the hottest girl in school.
I would love to one day see ellette and me holding hands through a movie or making out on my locker , but sadly she's taken now and I'm waiting for her to be single again.

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