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When August finds Parker sitting on a park bench, he is convinced. The connection he feels is how he knows that he is the angel sent to help her. When Parker finds August standing before her, his explanation only makes her concerned for his mental health. August is told to stay away from her but cannot. Parker is wary but can feel his good heart. Through their adventure, they come to find that their electrifying connection has its faults but is undeniable. What happens when this angel must make decisions he never thought he would have to make? What happens when Parker begins to let down her walls for the one person she can’t have? Welcome to their journey.

Romance / Fantasy
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I wake up coughing and soaked in water. Someone’s hand is grasping at my arm, pulling on me. I cough while on all fours breathing in the sharp, cold air as someone drapes cloth around my body. Others start to come forward.

“No, no, he’s fine. Just a little too close to the water.” I hear the man say. I start to rise, but he pushes me between my shoulders. “Wait, let them leave.”

I do not know him, but I listen and stay as I am. I can hear the footsteps slowly retreat. He guides me by putting his hands between my shoulders again. I sit down and he begins reaching towards the material.

“Put your arms through and fasten the belt. People don’t exactly take to nudity too well down here.”

I look at him. He motions for me, and I think it means for me to hurry, so I do as I am told. It takes me a moment to find what fastens together. He helps me tie the robe close. I look around at the brightness from the reflection of the sun on the water, the substantial things at a distance ebbing and flowing within it. The others walk back and forth.

I do not know who I am. I can feel that I am not the same as those that walk around me.

I do not know what I am.

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