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the boy on the bridge

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playlist for ‘the boy on the bridge’

-link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3pt94LCYMEpnSDG9b6QXpF?si=-_PP8fB1QbypyPuo2MZehw


or if you can’t get the link

-spotify account: @ darcy.wyn

just search for ‘the boy on the bridge’


don’t worry if you still can’t get it, or if you don’t have spotify. i got you ;-) the playlist is below


· dollhouse – melanie martinez
“everyone thinks that we’re perfect
please don’t let them look through the curtains”

· little league – conan gray
“and everybody’s telling me to act my age
i never thought that everything i had, would fade away”

· when the day met the night – panic! at the disco
“well he was just hanging around
then he fell in love”

· one thing – one direction
“cause i’m dying just to make you see
that i need you here with me now”

· adore you – harry styles
“i just wanna tell you something
lately you’ve been on my mind”

· dear patience – niall horan
“hey, cause i fall too fast,
and i go down blazing”

· the fault in our stars – troye sivan
“i don’t wanna lose control
i just wanna see the stars with you”

· walking in the wind – one direction
“i’ll be by your side
any time you’re needing me”

· sad forever – lauv
“cause lately, i’ve been in the backseat to my own life
trying to take control, but i don’t know how to”

· perfect – simple plan
“i just want to make you proud
i’m never gonna be good enough for you”

· hold my hand – the fray
“and i want you to know, i can’t do it alone
hold my hand, my hand, my hand”

· you were good to me – jeremy zucker
“and i’m so used to lettin’ go
but i don’t wanna be alone”

· i like me better – lauv
“stay here with me
lie here with me”

· lovebug – jonas brothers
“i can’t get your smile out of my mind
i think about your eyes all the time”

· i don’t wanna lose my love – echosmith
“didn’t think i deserved the best
but that’s what i got when you walked through the door”

· golden – harry styles
“you’re so golden
i don’t wanna be alone”

· red desert – 5 seconds of summer
“what a blessing to feel your love
twilight moments with you”

· don’t let it break your heart – louis tomlinson
“cause life gets hard and it gets messed up
when you give so much but it’s not enough”

· ain’t no mountain high enough – marvin gaye & tammi terrell
“i’ll be there when you want me
some way some how”

· fallingforyou – the 1975
“i think i’m falling, i’m falling for you
on this night, and in this light”

· fun – troye sivan
“let me take you for a drive, boy
oh, i swear you’ll feel alive, boy”

· look after you – the fray
“it’s always have and never hold
you’ve begun to feel like home”


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