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Love was started by a dream

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Dreams started my love, hate, and trouble...

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Chapter 1

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𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺 𝘢 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮

I sat on the wildflower field staring at the lake, dancing jazz with the wind. Shiny like sparkling stars, the sky was painted with watercolor. my favorite color everything was just perfect, and someone walked past me, and I just feel like following that person. That person looked back. I couldn’t forget how gentle he was. His brown silky hair was swaying around, his cheek was a little pink, the round glasses he had. he smiled at me sadly and walked away. I tried stopping him, it was impossible. I sat there crying. I didn’t know why I’m crying so much, I’ve just met him but I feel like I knew him for my whole entire life. Which was weird. I couldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t help it.

I woke up crying, I told myself it was just a dream, it was nothing other than my imagination. I kept crying, I think I’m being too depressed. I need to move on, be strong Aeris Clinton. I jumped out of my cozy bed even forgot to make my bed I just ran downstairs my stomach was begging for food. I grabbed a toast cover with butter and stuffed it in my mouth. I got changed into my khaki v-neck sweater and wore long-sleeved white shirts inside it. I was choosing pants or skirts but finally brown pants. I grabbed my library bag and ran to the library.

I ran past a guy. I stopped and looked back, and he did too. It was him, the guy I cried for ages, “ hi are you ok? Anything wrong? “ he said gently. I had a lot to say, like why did you walk away without a single word or why were you smiling. A lot to ask but I said “ umm nothing. Sorry “ and I ran away from him. I must look suspicious. I hid behind the shelf with kid books and watched him walk away. Hmph, I must look like a stalker to him

I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t read! I just couldn’t get rid of thinking about him. My brain added millions of questions to him! I only know his name, I saw his name written with a permanent marker: Aiden Adeleman. I thought of all the possibilities with his age, 14? 15? 16? I’m pretty sure he is older than me. He was just really mature. I sobbed again. I feel like dumb, sobbing over a dream? Ugh.

I called Hazel to meet at Kenny’s. She said she’ll be right there. I sat on the corner table thinking about that boy, he was just like I knew him for a long time? It is impossible, there wasn’t any boy named Aiden near me. I even thought of past life but haha I’m just going too far. When Hazel came, I told her all of these stories. That I sobbed over a dream, that boy and the dream. She listened really carefully and say “ I knew a boy called Aiden, but he was Asian-American. Bruh this is weird. But don’t sob over a dream Aeri, that’s what dumbs do “ I laughed. Having haze is making me feel all better. The memory of Aiden was still stuck in my brain but I feel all better for true. Haze is right. I don’t need to cry like dumb, I need to be strong.

The next day, I’ve gone to the library way earlier than I used to. I wanted to finish reading my book and walk away. I don’t wanna meet Aiden, I’m gonna sob again. Worst. I use to say I hate crying girls but now I’m the one. As I walked into the library, I looked around and realized he wasn’t there!! I was so happy, I mean.. I was ok- I sat on the corner, I needed some quiet calm space for me alone to stay. I pulled out my drawing book and started scribbling, my dreams and everything. I sketched the lake and the wildflower field, I was gonna use the water color for the sky. I was so focused that I didn’t even know someone was next to me, I thought it was Haze because I texted her to meet me in the library. I turned back smiling “ Haz- “. I froze, it was him. Aiden Adeleman. Looking at my drawing. “ wow you are an artist, Aeris “ h..how did he know MY NAME?! “ um thanks. How did you know my name? “ he cocked his eye to my notebook. ’ Aeris Clinton - if lost, please call me (555) 025-3674. ’hahaha at the moment I thought past life really existed. phewwww… he handed me a slip “ Aeris Clinton, call or text me I don’t mind. I have something to tell you “ it was his number Woah. I felt clouds bubbling up in my chest. It was a sign of positivity. I smiled “ ok Aiden Adeleman I’ll call or text you “ and he smiled sweetly and left. I was blushing for no reason. He is not the one I should love. Mom said you shouldn’t love who was in your dream, but my dad says it means it is destiny. I don’t know what to trust, but dad is sure more romantic.

That day, I lied on my bed and called Aiden Adeleman. “ hello? “ he picked up real quick “ I was waiting, Aeris Clinton “. “ I’m sorry, I did not have time. “ this was a lie, I sure did have a lot of time. Haze said she couldn’t come so I spent most of my day at home. I did have a lot of time to call him but I just didn’t want to. “ ok so.. what I wanted to tell you is I saw you in my dream the day before yesterday’s night “ wait he saw me? Like I did? “ so I’m asking if you did…” I was shocked, I wasn’t the only one? Our dreams are connected? No way. “ um actually I did too, I cried so much you just walked away from me. I tried to get you. “ I mumbled. “ I really did.. “ I felt tears were coming. No no no I can’t cry now, I couldn’t help it though..“ Clinton, in my dream you walked away. I said stop and tried to catch you but..” He stopped and continued “ I couldn’t stop you as you did. “We talked about it for more than 2 hours, we even said talk more in the library! I felt my heart pounding. Love? This is a feeling of love?

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