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Betraying Giovanni

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An undercover agent, Chanel Wilson, is put on assignment to take down one of the biggest mafia bosses, Vincent Mario Giovanni. After saving his life, Vincent becomes obsessed with the woman, Chanel is caught between her feelings and her job when she falls for the charming Italian man. She is faced with the choice to either turn him in or help him escape.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One: Gentleman in Distress

Chanel isn’t any ordinary woman, she is different in the most terrifying, as most would put it but that wasn’t like that, she’s had it rough honestly, she lives by herself in a small apartment, she works as a Clerk at the local mall, temporarily while she works on other things, and she’s barely enjoying it, but she must focus on the end goal. She is short-tempered at times and does not know how to control herself when it comes to talking, she throws caution into the wind. She is vulgar and sometimes rude, but she is the sweetest thing in the world if no one pisses her off but overall, she’s content with life.

She’s a fairly tall woman, 5′6, she’s dark-skinned, she has chocolate brown skin so good, you’d think it tastes like chocolate. She has big dark brown eyes, an oval-shaped face, her black curls fell perfectly down her shoulders to her back, her body is shapely and voluptuous, she has a small waist, flat stomach, most women that see her envy her, how can she have thick thighs and a flat stomach at the same time, well she is black, nothing is impossible.

Today Chanel is working the late shift and she is closing shop for the day, she is the last one to leave, she quickly locks up and goes out through the back of the shop, throwing on her jacket, she puts her backpack on her back and starts walking towards the parking lot, then she spots a black Aston Martin and a black Chevrolet SUV, two men step out of the SUV, she can only see their backs, but she knows something was up, she quickly hides behind the dumpster and watches. A tall man steps out of the Aston Martin with a briefcase in his hand, she knew that man, she has finally found her target, it’s all systems go now.

The three men exchange some words until one of them pulls out a gun and points it at it the Aston Martin man, that’s when she decides to call him.

Shit, she thought to herself, they can’t kill him.

Within a brief second two shots are fired and the Aston Martin man, falls to the ground, the guys in the SUV, take the suitcase from his hand and get back into their car and drive off at high speed, Chanel is scared shitless but she couldn’t let that man die, she quickly rushes towards the man and he’s bleeding heavily, he has a bullet in his abdomen and one his chest, she puts her bag down and takes off her jacket, good thing part of her job descriptions is being an emergency nurse, she knows just what to do, driven by adrenaline she wraps her jacket around the man’s waist and presses her hand on his shoulder, the man starts moaning incoherent words.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call an ambulance,” she says, she pulls her phone out of her pocket and dials for an ambulance.

A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived with the police, she was covered in blood and sweat, she prays that the man lives because she would hate herself if he did and she would get into a lot of trouble.

One of the police officers pulls her to the side, “Ma’am, I’m Officer Brooks, you need to tell me what happened here tonight?”

Chanel looks at the tall, dark-haired cop and nods, “I was leaving work, I was locking up tonight like I do every Tuesday and when I was coming out, I saw three guys, two guys from the SUV and the guy that got shot, who was holding a briefcase, I hid behind the dumpster over there,” she points towards the dumpster.

She lets out a shaky breath before she carries on, “And then they started talking and then all of a sudden the one guy in the SUV, pulled out a gun and shot the guy.”

“Did you see the assailants?” the officer asks

Chanel shakes her head, “No sir, just their backs but I do remember the license plate.”

“That would be very helpful,” he hands her his notebook and a pen, “Just write it here for me.”

She quickly writes down the number plate and hands them back to the officer.

“Thank you,” he says, “You can give me a call when you remember anything else.”

He gives her his cards and guides her to one of the police cars, “Take her where she wants to go and make sure she is safe.”

“Yes sir,” a chubby officer says; they give her the backpack and the chubby officer gets into the car.

“Where do you live?” the officer asks.

“Take me to the hospital, I need to see if that man survives,” she replies.

“Ma’am, are you sure? You just went through a traumatic ordeal; I would advise you to go home and get some rest,” the officer explains.

Chanel sighs, “Please, I need to see him.”

The officer nods, “Okay if that’s what you want.”

The car makes a U-turn and drives her to Memorial Hospital, he parks the car in front of the entrance, and she thanks him and makes her way inside the hospital. She suddenly stops dead in her tracks and realises that she didn’t even know his name.

Girl, you’ve finally lost it, she thinks.

She walks to the front desk and a short black nurse greets her; she looks at Chanel in horror.

“Honey are you okay?” she asks worriedly.

Chanel looks at the nurse, “I’m looking for my boyfriend, he came in here, he was shot, and I stayed behind so they can question me about what happened, I need to see him.”

Tears were streaming down her face.

“He is in surgery honey, he’ll be okay,” she says, she quickly gets her to sit down and gets her a cup of water, and she quickly drinks it.

“Feeling better?” the nurse asks, Chanel nods.

“Good,” she nods, “I need to get back to work, will you be okay on your own?”

Chanel sniffs, “I’ll be okay, thank you. Will you let me know as soon as he is out?”

The nurse stands up and nods, “I will honey.”

She walks away, leaving Chanel by herself. She pats herself on the back for the stunt she just pulled but she’s also giving herself a slap across the face, what if they find out she’s lying, she could go to be exposed and that’s the last thing she needs right now. She shakes off the thought, but she can’t stop thinking about that man, why did they shoot him? What was in that briefcase? Was he going to live? Did she do enough to save him?

As time slowly ticks away, she begins to doze off and then she slowly drifts off to sleep.

“Honey,” she hears a voice call out to her, she is then shaking and her jolt open, “He’s out of surgery, you can see him now.”

See who? Oh.

“Thank you,” she says sleepily.

“Let me take you to him,” Chanel gets up and takes her bag with her, she follows the nurse down the hall, and they turn left, a couple of doors down, she slowly opens the door and Chanel walks in, and he’s sleeping.

“He’ll be okay, no major complications. He will be completely healed in three to six weeks.” the nurse explains

Chanel gulps, “Thank you.”

“I’ll leave you two now,” and she closes the door.

Chanel stares at the man’s body, he’s shirtless, bandages wrapped around his shoulder and waist, he’s a perfectly sculpted body, he was a big, muscular man, his fair skin is now pale from blood loss, he has a refined jawline, a little stubble, and a ridiculously cute butt chin.

She sits on the chair and watches him for the rest of the night, wondering why she was there and why she cared so much about this guy? She only just met the criminal, and she knew better than to get overly involved with people, especially men.

She is about to find out soon and boy is she going to regret it.

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