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The hero and his girl

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This steamy romance will see Bella a young 21 year old student meeting 21 year old Tyler who is also a student and the football teams quarterback, but realisation hits and they realise they already met six years ago in a horrifying incident. They repeatedly bump into each other, is it fate trying to get them together? With Tyler's flirtatious ways will Bella be able to resist the popular footballer and if so will it be a happy ever after or will to many obstacles get in their way including the unveiling of two people that were involved that fateful night.

Romance / Erotica
Stella Marie
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I'm being reluctantly dragged from my parents house and when I say my parents house I mean technically my house since they relocated to the UK two months ago by my best friend Kate who has spent the last five hours convincing me to attend the big party that's happening tonight and being hosted by a member of the football team. The last year of college for most of our friends starts on Monday morning, hence the reason she's dragging me there.

"Bella stop bitching, it's going to be fun." She nags linking my arm with hers, thankfully my house is only ten minutes from the party since I stupidly wore my black stilettos, I'm really only going to be a wing woman for Kate who is obsessed with James, the football teams running back.

We here the music before we see the house now don't get me wrong I'm quite popular but I keep my distance from your usually cheerleaders and jocks but Kate doesn't care who she talks to as long as she gets invites to parties, normally I wouldn't mind but the day of my 21st birthday last week I got a job in my local bar which also seems to be the local hotspot for the legal college students and I'm working tomorrow since it's Saturday Rach called asking me to work as they except to be at capacity.

As Kate and I pass a load of drunk students in the garden she grips my arm tighter

"Remember DO NOT leave me, I'm as nervous as a woman waiting for a pregnancy test to develop." We both laugh and step inside the house, thankfully it seems quite open plan because there's way to many bodies in here as it is.


James has not stopped chewing our ears about a fellow student he's interested in, I'm sure he said her name was Kate but honestly I tuned out, I'm sick of hearing his shit.

Heading into the kitchen I grab some bottles of bud but get caught in conversations, finally freeing myself I place them in front of the lads, normally I would come to a party like this to get laid but I'm not in the mood for shit tonight, we have a night out planned for tomorrow so I ain't drinking much tonight.

My boys suddenly swing their attention to the other side of the lounge, I turn to look at whatever the hell has their attention and I watch a long blonde haired woman rejecting lads like a fucking ping pong master.

"What's going on?" I grab Aaron's attention
"She came with Kate, James's obsession and he told us to keep an eye on her while he went to 'talk' to Kate, the dogs won't leave her alone but I'm gonna fix it." I nod and my attention is averted when Felicity I think her name is Felicity starts trying to rub herself on my leg, I push her off and turn back to Aaron who is now approaching us but he's not alone.

It's the blonde from before but now as she faces us I almost feel my pulse pick up, she's stunning, her black strapless dress clings to her slim body, her breasts look like they are going to explode from her dress and her wide hips look like they were made to be grabbed from behind while she's bent over, what the fuck is wrong with me? Her eyes meet my gaze and damn those bright green eyes have me staring at her.


I was starting to get pissed off with the drunk lads hitting on me, pretty much as soon as we entered the house Kate disappeared with James, trust me I will kill her tomorrow for this.

It was when a hot blonde lad approached wrapping his arm around my waist and whispered
"Just go with this" that the annoying lads took a step back and I realised I had just been saved, he led me over to a group of lads who looked at me like I was food and they were starving lions but they all greeted me politely.

It wasn't until he turned around and his sparkling blue eyes searched mine that I had an unfamiliar feeling in my stomach, his short black and short facial hair just finish off his model worthy body as his arms and chest are trying to break free from the confines of his black top and I find myself wanting to be in his inked up arms.

"Hi, I'm Tyler. Here take a seat" he stands offering his seat but I stand rooted to my spot just staring, yeah I realise I must look like a total idiot.

"Told you she would be fine with these guys." An unfamiliar voice comes from behind me but I can't find the willpower to turn around.

"Bella, you ok?" It's Kates voice that snaps me back to earth, I turn and she regards me closely, "Come on let's go get some fresh air." She pulls my arm leading me outside with James following.

"What happened in there hon?" I look between her and James and she gets the hint.

"James could you go get us a couple of drinks please?" Kate asks him and he replies sweetly to her. Once he's out of earshot she stares at me waiting for me to speak.

"It, it, was him, Kate it's him." I stutter.
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