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Alpha finds his bata

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Eric is the new alpha and Chief of his pack he must find his bata to continue his family line but he has a challenge to win the heart of a bata when other suitors are trying to clam her for themself

Romance / Fantasy
Amy M Dunbar
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Chapter 1 the meeting

Eric pov

I had to attend the pack meeting my father stepping down as chief being the oldest of his 2 sons i was the first in line to be the next chief.

What if I worst chief for may pack and soon I had to find my Bata my to carry on the bloodline but i feared I would never find her. So may self doubt going though my mind.

“My son, is the something troubling you?” I hear my father said placing a hand on my shoulder takings me out of my thoughts.

“What is I worst choice for the pack what if I never find my Bata?” I told him. He just smile and said “ I once thought the same as you my son the only thing I can tell you is the same
Thing my father told me, listen to what your heart and it will guid you to your path”.

I nod and my father patted my back now let join
the others. I took my seat next to my father my little brother by my other side as the elders spoke of the story ancestors and how the were able to turn into their spirit wolf. Legend say one you able to change form you will be able
To find your second half but you had to win their affections against other Alpha’s.

“ as Eric is my eldest he will become the next chief and he will be travel to your sister clan to win the hand of the they eldest daughter Isa let us pray to our ancestors that she and my son are meant to be” my father announced

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