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Paired With The Badboy

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Book 1 of The Paired Trilogy He is a badboy She is a nerd He wears black She likes pink He likes violence She is afraid of it Complete opposites but all it takes is a simple pairing to get them together. Little do they know of the adventures they will go through together. Stick around to find out more.

Romance / Drama
Sandy Kaunda
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Chapter 1

He is a badboy
She is a nerd

He wears black
She likes pink

He likes violence
She is afraid of it

Complete opposites but all it takes is a simple pairing to get them together. Little do they know of the adventures they will go through together. Stick around to find out more.

I woke up at 6.40a.m and did my morning routines. After a quick shower I grab my black jegging, a white long sleeved blouse, a baggy pink sweater and my black converse shoes. I quickly tie my hair into a ponytail, grabbed my bag and jogged downstairs for breakfast. Mom and dad were already sitting at the table ready to start their meal. I gave them each a kiss on the cheek before grabbing an apple and making my way to school. The sun was already out and there were less cars rushing past hence I left my car behind and started my walk to school.

My life is as normal as it can get apart from the fact that I’m a nerd. I get a little bit of bullying, but that’s normal right. It’s not like I get bruises or wounds but it’s just my fair share of insults and teasing, nothing more. I only have one friend and I am content with that for I know that it’s better than being surrounded by false people.

“Pinkie!” A high pitched squeal filled the hallway as it took everyone’s attention. The blonde threw her arms around me as she jumped up and down. “Reenae use your indoor voice please.” I trailed off as I scanned at the confused looks directed my way. “...people are staring” She immediately pulled back with a wide grin spread across her face. “I don’t care. I haven’t seen my best friend the whole holiday.” I just chuckled at her childish behavior for she was still jumping on her toes. “Enough with the excitement, let’s go check our schedules before it gets late.” As we made our way to the office Reenae kept on ranting about how excited she was about finally being in her final year. We got our schedules and started making our way through the hallways. “I’ve got maths for my first period. What about you?” I said as I faced my frowning best friend. “History.” She said as she added a pout and a sad smile. “At least we have got english and gym together” She immediately let out a sigh “I guess so.” We quickly said our goodbyes as we headed our separate ways.

A while into my lesson, someone bangs open the door grabbing everyone’s attention. It was non other than the school’s so called badboy, Daniel O’Brion. “Mr O’Brion, if I may ask, why are you late for my lesson?” The teacher said as he folded his hands over his chest, not even gaining Daniel’s attention as he kept on striding to the back of the class. “My grandmother went missing.” Immediately the teacher put up a sour face, still looking at him.....more like his back. “Last time you said your grandmother died.” “Must be why I didn’t find her.” The whole class was filled with snickers and the teacher was left stunned. Daniel proceeded to his seat and as soon as he sat down, the bell went off causing a groan to come out of him. He immediately got back on his feet and headed for the exit.

Before I could even realize it, it was already lunch time. I was sitting at my usual table with Reenae infront of me, ranting on and on about how she admired Zick Ronelli who so happens to be her longtime crush and Daniel’s friend. “...he is like seriously good in literature. Yet in my case I don’t even get a single word in that wretched book. I mean who even wrote that thing?” She huffed as she slouched onto the table. “That ‘thing’ as you called it is The Mayor of Casterbridge written by Thomas Hardy. You keep on saying how hard it is, have you even started reading the book?” She straightened up as she looked me in the eyes. “Pinkie, we are friends right? Infant, we are best friends so could you at least be on my side for once.” I scoffed before replying “Talk about fairness, you keep calling me Pinkie no matter how many times I tell you to stop. I mean my parents gave me the name Madison for a reason.” As soon as I finished talking the bell went off signalling the end of lunch. “There’s no fun in calling you Maddie, I mean you are so obsessed with pink. You deserve a unique nickname from me.” She retorted as we made our way into the school, throwing our empties in the bin along the way.

Ree headed to her locker whilst I went to mine since they were yards apart. Opening my locker, I immediately hear the sound of three pairs of heels coming towards me. “Oh no!” I mumble with my head still in my locker. The clicking of heels on the tiled floor stops just behind me and is followed by the devil’s voice. “Hey nerd” I slowly turn around facing the three she devils Juliana, Liona and the leader Ginna. “Hie Ginna” I said as I looked at the sconned faces of the said devils. “Well...are we invisible?” Juliana’s high pitched voice rang through my ears. “Sorry...how are you Juliana and Liona.” They both scoffed as they faced away from me. “Whatever, here...” Ginna trailed off as she took a small pile of books from Liona’s hands. “...make sure that all the necessary work is done by tomorrow morning. In other words, we want all our work done properly. You understand?” I quickly nodded my head in understanding whilst grabbing the pile.

After giving my answer they immediately walked away flipping their curly hair with their perfectly manicured nails. “Do you really have to do all of these?” Ree said as she popped up beside me. “Do I have a choice? If I don’t do it then I will get hurt and if I do it incorrectly I will still get hurt. I would rather prefer seeing my body without any bruises attached to it.” She sighed facing the direction with which Ginna disappeared to. “Regardless of being a senior she will never stop bullying others. I wish I could just give her a taste of her own medicine.”

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