Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 10

"Hey Pinkie" the greeting was so sudden it had me jumping off the ground, about five inches high causing me to bump my head onto my open locker. "Ahh!" I screamed out as I rubbed the top of my head with my left handwhilst the other was over my chest tying to calm down my raging heart. "Ree, don't you ever do that ever again" I reprimanded whilst putting more emphasis on 'ever'. She immediately faced gave me a concerned look. "Why are you so jumpy today? Did Ginna do something to you again?" Her words were laced with anger at the mention of Ginna. "No! I mean not this time, trust me. It's just that I woke up today with roses and a note on my bedside. The note said it came from a guy named Tony." I was quick to cover my ears and cringe as Ree squealed out loud- enough to put a drowning pig to shame

" Oh my gosh. Pinkie you have an admirer." Rolling my eyes I proceeded to grab all my necessities from my locker whilst Ree kept on fantasizing about how 'cute' he would be. Ignoring her enthusiast ranting, we made our way towards our first classes. I was going for science whilst she was heading to the mathematics classroom, but luckily enough the classes were close to each other so we used the same route.

It was not long before we were standing outside the maths classroom and unfortunately Ree was still ranting non stop about the mystery Tony. "Okay, okay Ree. I think that is enough and you should be getting into your class. Besides I thought you had a crush on Zick instead of Tony." Thankfully her ranting came to an end and a deep blush was now painted on her cheeks. "I guess you are right. I have to go, see you soon." I plastered a smile and waved her off as I made my way to class. Gratefully, no one was following me or acknowledging my presence.

Finally, the last period before lunch and I was sitting in english class. There was an energetic buzz all around the room as everyone was chatting with their partners, some were even reviewing their work with the teacher, except me. You guessed it, he was not here again.

Daniel was late for class like always making me leg behind even further since we have not even started yet. Christian- a boy who sat two seats in front of me suddenly rose up his hand. "Yes Chris, you have a question?" The room quietened down considerably as everyone stared between him and Mrs Roberts. "Yes actually. I do not really get the while reason for this assignment." She flashed him a smile before responding.

"Actually it has come to my attention that most of my students are failing their registers concerning manner, attitude, feelings and others. Though it is manly due to your own attitude. Within your pairs there is one who is slightly better hence helping your other partner..." She paused as the door swung open revealing Daniel. He does not apologize and proceeds to his seat next to me.

"For example, Daniel is always late for my class meaning that punctuality is definitely not part time for his manner. That was only an example hence I will leave the rest to you. All of you need to use as many registers as possible so there is no limit." She ends with a smile then turned back to her work on her desk.

I stayed silent for a moment before turning to face Daniel."You do know that we have about two weeks remaining to complete the assignment right." I stared at him waiting for a response but only see him looking out the window. "The assignment is not all about you asking me questions. You can not rely on what I say, you never know 'cause I just might lie to you." Realization finally dawned on me, knowing that I was not thinking when I made the ridiculous questions.

"I was thinking that maybe we could arrange some days to do what the other likes then maybe we can get to know each other." His eyes never wavered from the rugby field on the other side of the window. His expressions we also were hidden well making sure not to let any emotions slip. "I thought I told you to stop your habit of staring." Yet again he did not avert his gaze but I took in a breath as I looked away from him. "What you saw yesterday, do not mention it to anyone else." At last, he finally turned his head to face me as I nodded slightly. He got up grabbing everyone's attention at the same time the bell rang- which always left me wondering how he knew the exact second the bell would ring.

I quickly ran after him and managed to stop him just outside of the classroom. "Sorry, I just wanted to ask when it is that we can do something together- for our assignment of course." He looked rather bored by our conversation but he answered anyway. "Definitely not today, I have rugby practice. So maybe tomorrow afternoon." I only nodded my head and left him to finish off what he was about to say. "So how about you give me your number and I will text you the time and place." Taking out my phone, I handed it to him as he gave me his.

Just as I saved my number in his phone I spot Tyler coming towards us. "Oh look it's the love birds. What are you upto now? Taking your relationship to the next level?" I could see Daniel's jaw harden as Tyler approached. "Can you not just mind your own business." Just by the tone Daniel used I got a shiver down my spine but it did not seem to sway Tyler. At first I thought of him as intimidating but after forcing me into an empty classroom causing my injuries, I just felt irritated and annoyed to see him.

"This is my business 'cause I am sure everyone would want to know who the best rugby player is dating." He finished off with a sick smile on his face. "Can't you take a break. Go find someone else to bother, I'm sure that Gina would be fit for that. She would be more than willing to entertain your presence." My new found confidence left me utterly shocked.

"Oh believe me, you fit my needs perfectly." As soon as he said that, my hand shot up and my palm connected with his cheek. Anger raged within his eyes and immediately he lunged forward to hit me back. Thankfully Daniel reacted just in time and his fist collided with Tyler's jaw. He fell onto the floor with his palm firmly on his throbbing jaw. As though summoned, the principal popped up out of thin air with a glare directed to Daniel and I.

Could this get any worse? I thought as my heart rate shot up.

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