Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 11

I really should have known not to ask myself 'could this get any worse', I mean of course it could. That look on the principal's face should have tipped me off and besides I should have known better.

"Mr O'Brion and Miss Richards, what do you think you are doing? This is a school not some boxing ring." The principal said as she helped Tyler onto his feet. "I expected alot from you Miss Richards. Since you do not know any better than I thought you would and you do not have any more lessons, you might as well make your way to detention." "But I have got ru-" Daniel was quickly cut off before he could finish effectively silencing him. "You should have thought your actions through. Now the both of you move along, you have got detention to attend." She said and proceeded to help Tyler to the first aider- I think that is what she was doing.

The thought of attending detention sent chills down my back and I was sure Daniel could tell probably by the look of horror on my face which he gladly returned with a smile of his own. "Relax, it's going to be okay. Detention is not all that bad." I was actually shocked that he was in such a joking mood.

I continued to my locker without a single word out of my mouth. This was going to be my very first detention ever. Due to the detention, I was going to miss my early retreat home and Daniel was going to miss his rugby practice. For someone who plays rugby and does street fighting, I was pretty amazed that his body is not like that of a giant's with all his strength and speed.

I finally make it to detention but I just could not push myself to open the door. After about three minutes of moving up and down the door and hesitating to turn the handle, I finally stick my feet to the ground infront of the said door.

Step 1 done.

However the hardest part was step 2, putting my hand on the door handle and pushing it down to open the door. With a shaking hand, I placed my palm on the handle, got a firm grip and finally pushed it down. Taking a deep breath I push open the door slowly.

I walked in only to find the teacher in charge fast asleep. There were a bunch of other students whom I could see was not their first time in detention - they were about fifteen altogether plus me of course. I was shocked upon seeing Tyler in the room too. He must have done something bad earlier in the day. Tyler was seated at the back conversing with another boy on his right.

Daniel was in the middle of the room with no one sitting anywhere close to him, meaning the four desks around him were empty. He was leaning into his chair, his hands crossed over his chest and his eyes were monitoring my every move, much like most of the other students in the room. As soon as Tyler saw me, he waved me over with an overly sweet smile but a mischievous glint in his eyes. At the same moment Daniel threw me a glare that I could not quite understand but guessed he probably did not want me sitting close to Tyler.

"Come over here Richards, I do not bite." His tone was determined and the look he now had on was one which could not take no for an answer. Hesitantly I started making my way towards the back but came to a stop when I was just about to pass by where Daniel was. His hand was on my wrist but he was facing the front, looking at nothing in particular.

"Sit." His order came out firm with more authority than Tyler's, completely leaving no room for arguments. I looked at Tyler who gave me an angry glare then back at Daniel who was not even looking at me but nonetheless his grip on my wrist did not falter. Slowly I took my sit next to Daniel making sure not to look back at Tyler.

Daniel's hand releases my own and he shoves it into his pocket. An awkward silence settled around us and after a few seconds more I got tired of it and thought of making small talk with the boy sitting next to me. "So...uhm, what's with him." I asked pointing to the sleeping teacher. "Just got divorced." He answered bluntly. "And you know this how?" He shrugged before responding "Guy talks about his life alot and.... I spend most of my time in detention. You can do whatever you like and he does not even care as long as it is within this room." I only nodded and stared at the unconscious man at the the front of the class.

Turns out detention was not that bad once you got Daniel talking. We made alot of jokes and laughed more than I had in the week alone. He was actually great for a detention buddy and seemed to be a good friend too, that is if he allows you through his hard exterior. I made it through detention just fine with my partner in crime and I still got home before both my parents got there. I made dinner and after eating I went over to my room. What threw me off as I entered my room was finding yet another gift with a note along with it.

Unlike the last time, there was a box of chocolates and not just any kind, it was lindt which were my favorite. The note read:

The finest chocolates for the finest lady

Hope you didn't think of me too much today, feisty

~Tony ^_<

I immediately took the box of chocolates outside where I threw it in the bin. This was getting really creepy. Neither did I know the person stalking me nor the reason for him to do so. I ran back inside and threw the note into my bag where the other one was. I really need to start investigating on the person doing this and that handwriting. I thought as I quickly jumped into bed trying to get the day over with. Not long after switching off my light, I could feel my eye lids drooping before finally succumbing to the darkness

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