Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 12

I woke up to the sound of a vacuum cleaner moving around downstairs and lazily got out of bed in order to see who it was was. Dressed in a white sundress was my mother cleaning the house. "Mom." I called out but she could not hear me over the noise coming from the vacuum cleaner. "Mom" I tried again and got the same result as before. "MOTHER!" I screamed out and finally got the reaction I wanted as she came to a stop and turned off the machine.

"Morning Maddison, what are you doing up so early." She asked with a sweet smile etched up on her face. "Well if it were not for your noisy vacuum then maybe I would still be asleep." "I am sorry for waking you up dear." Her tone was so sincere and apologetic that I could not find it in me to even be mad at her. "It is alright. Why are you even doing chores? Are you not going to work today?" I leaned further into the wall by the stairway as I stared at her still standing by the vacuum. "Not really, I got a day off and we can spend it doing whatever you want." She said out rather excitedly.

"I would love to, we can watch our all time favorite, The Fresh Prince of Bel air an..." I spoke out enthusiastically until I remembered that I had other plans. "Oh wait, I can't. I'm sorry mom I just remembered that I have to meet up with my English partner for an assignment due in two weeks now." Her smile visibly deflated a little "Two weeks sure sounds like alot of time for an assignment. Your teacher sure must be a lazy one. But either way, good luck on your assignment." She said before turning the vacuum back on and continuing with her cleaning.

I made my way back to my room feeling guilty for turning down our mother-daughter time which seemed to be a rare thing these days. As I entered my room I found my phone vibrating on my desk. I quickly picked it up and answered it before it became a missed call. "Hello?" I spoke out into the receiver not knowing who it was since I had forgotten to check the caller ID. "Be ready in an hour. I am picking you up." With that he ended the call. I immediately knew that with the lack of basic and proper manners the voice clearly belonged to Daniel.

Not even a greeting or farewell, what a gentleman.

I could already tell which one of us needed this assignment more.

But why did this meet up almost seem like a da....

I immediately crossed out those thoughts and for good measure I even shook my head in attempt to get them out of my brain. I walked up to my closet and just looked at my clothes without a single idea of what I was going to wear. With a final huff I rang up the only person who could help me. The phone rang for a while and just when I thought the ringing was going to stop, she picked up. "It's a Saturday morning so why must you wake me up this early." Her groggy voice came through the speaker indicating that I had just woken her up from her sleep. "It's basically 9.45 a.m so you should have been up a long time ago."

If she were here right now I am sure I would have been under her scrutinizing glare. "What time did you wake up?" I was silent for a little bit which was a good enough answer for her. "Exactly, get to the point I want to go back to sleep." Ree's tone was full of irritation seeing as I had just done to her what mom had done to me a few minutes ago. "I am meeting up with Daniel in a bit, I do not know what kind of place we are going and I do not know what to wear." Somehow to my ears, it still sounded like a da... "Is it a date?" "No" I let out with some hesitation. "Then it does not matter what you wear." With that she cut the call leaving me to wonder of the kind of ill mannered people around me.

After a while of searching, I finally came up with a white long sleeved top, a light washed denim jean and a pair of black converse sneakers for comfort. I even added a pink varsity jacket since my outfit was lacking some pink and a simple necklace. I took a quick shower and got ready with fifteen minutes left for me to spare.

Rex who had just recently woken up was jumping about at my feet. Picking him up, I made my way to the kitchen where mom had already placed a bowl full of dog food for Rex. I placed him on the floor and he immediately dashed for his food, slipping twice onto his face along the way. I laughed at the cuteness before making my own breakfast and joined my mom on the sofa who was laughing at Will Smith's theatrics on tv. A few laughs later there was a sound of an engine pulling up outside followed by a horn. "I guess that's him." "Alright then, be careful." She said followed by a kiss on the forehead. Putting my plate away and grabbing my phone, I opened the door and immediately spotted the familiar BMW.

Shock would be an understatement for how I felt when Daniel pulled up at a fair ground. I had last visited such a place when I was still so young. "Why are we here?" I was surprised to find Daniel already looking at me with a smile when I faced him. "I just thought that it would be fun to let loose whilst learning more about each other. Unless of course if you want me to take you to my training sessions." Without waiting for my reply Daniel moves out of the car heading towards the entrance leaving me to jog after him.

Not a date she said. The sassy voice in my head appeared making me subconsciously roll my eyes. I mean I know Daniel has better things to do and I have no feelings for him. Yeah, that's it.

"Okay, where shall we go to first?" Daniel asked as he looked around after we had just bought a few tickets. I eyed up a stand close by, with pink and white teddy bears that one would win after scoring five baskets in the basketball hoop attached to the back wall inside the little stand. A huge smile played on my face as I looked back at Daniel who was already eyeing up the stand with disgust. "Oh no, I am not winning that thing for you." He said in a grumpy tone.

"Please, pretty pretty please. After all, you are the one who said that we should let loose. Please please please Danny..."He immediately cringed at the sound of the familiar nickname Ginna always calls him by. "If I say yes will you shut up?" I nodded excitedly as he sighed and gave up. "I feel like I am going to regret this." I did not think I was meant to hear that but it still made my smile brighten.

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