Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 13

I pulled him towards the stand where he paid a dollar inorder for him to play. Surprisingly, he got all five baskets in without missing a single one. He looked at me as though he could literally be anywhere else besides here. "Well, choose a bear." I was jumping at the balls of my feet all giddy as I pointed at the white bear. "Thank you so much." I squealed out to Daniel whilst clutching onto my bear tightly. "What, a white bear? I thought you only went for pink." He said out with a lopsided grin. I rolled my eyes as we started moving towards other stands.

We had only moved a little bit further when Daniel pulled me towards a big blue tent with 'laser tag' written in bright neon green. We were given the equipment before being guided to a dark room where the other players were suiting up. It was not that dark since there were some dimmed lights but due to my fear of darkness, there was clearly no difference at all. I handed my bear to the man by the door and suited up as well, copying how Daniel was doing it.

"Looks like I am going to take you down today." Daniel whispered into my ear from beside me. "Are we not supposed to be a team. I mean you can not just leave me wandering alone in the dark." He chuckled at my expense. "Is little Maddison afraid of the dark? And besides, what's wrong with a team of one, it's more like a team of fun." He joked as he let out the last part in a girly squeal. I could already picture him with a smirk before he disappeared somewhere in the dark room.

With trembling legs, I made my way into the battlefield where I found a wooden stack of boxes and hidden behind them taking constant peeks. There was a countdown from ten before a buzzer went off signaling the beginning of the game. Immediately people started rushing about, taking each other out. Each time a laser hit its target, there would be a red blob like blood on the jacket and the player would have to leave the room.

Due to the many boxes stacked up around the room, I was able to stay away from sight. There had been many close encounters where some of the players would move around my hiding spot and I had to make a quick getaway without them seeing me. I was amazed at how I was able to stay 'alive' for such a long time. Another player slowly passed by my hiding spot which had me clutching my gun to my chest for dear life. As soon as they were out of sight, I let out a silent breath of relief.

That was too close. Keep it up. The little voice in my head cheered me on but I could barely hear it due to the blood pumping loudly in my ears.

The game went on for a while before a speaker announced that there were only three players left. I did not even know if Daniel had been shot or not. Somehow I felt as though I were Katniss Everdeen, all that was left was a hologram showing everyone who was out of the game.

"Oh Maddie, come out come out wherever you are." I heard him coo from not far away followed by a light chuckle. He was having a hell lot of fun from this than I was. At the same moment I heard some movement coming from the other side of the boxes making my heart beat shoot up. As he got closer to the boxes I immediately popped up from my crouched position, pulled the trigger and released five shots at once, blindly might I add.

He let out a grumble followed by a few profanities and only then did I open my eyes upon realizing that the voice did not belong to Daniel. I came face face with a boy about my age staring at me showing his irritation, his jacket was completely coloured red. "Wrong person sweetheart." My breath hitched in my throat as I turned around and saw Daniel's outline. Without wasting another second, he pulled the trigger and I screamed out as I felt my jacket buzzing indicating my 'death' and Daniel as the last man standing.

Daniel burst into laughter at my reaction causing me to get irritated so I turned around and stomped out of the room. I removed the suit and grabbed my bear from the man by the door, letting out a 'thank you' before leaving the tent without checking to see if Daniel was following behind. When he caught up with me, he threw his hand around my shoulder surprising me with his happy mood. "Lighten up Maddison, it was just a game." I huffed out and rolled my eyes. "A game which you killed me in without so much as hesitating." He let out a chuckle as he pulled me towards a cotton candy stand where he bought one for me. "Happy now?" I shook my head before pulling out a handful and stuffing it on his face. "Now I am." I said before erupting in laughter. I quickly took out my phone and captured the moment before he got a chance to wipe his face clean.

We moved on to the roller coaster, ferris-wheel and a bunch of other games and rides. Daniel was not his usual grumpy, emotionless self but happy and free. We had alot of fun, mostly Daniel did since he never missed a chance to tease me.

It was getting late when we decided to head back. On our way back to the car, Daniel got a call and excused himself inorder to answer it. I was waiting for Daniel to return when a group of five men approached me. Shock was an understatement at this moment as I saw a familiar face leading the group.

"We meet again, feisty." A scowl etched up on my face at the familiar nickname and yet I could not quite put a finger on something that I was missing. "What do you want?" I asked with a bit of anger for he was already ruining my fun day. "Well, at the moment I just thought that since we were not able to meet long enough for introductions we might as well start there..." I was already looking around for Daniel whilst trying to avoid the man's dirty gaze. "I am Tony, Antonio Diaz." He put more emphasis on 'Tony' as it finally clicked in my head where I had heard that name as I looked at him in horror.

Oh no.

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