Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 15

"Wait why did you have to pay the bills yourself? Don't you have any relative who can help?" I had not realized I had thought that out loud until he responded. "I have never known my relatives from either side. My mother never made a move to introduce me so I do not have any knowledge of them." I nodded to myself and silently cursed my curiosity. He suddenly turned to face me and I did the same. "How and when did you meet Tony?" As he asked this he no longer looked vulnerable, rather he seemed genuinely concerned.

"Well uhm...the day that I saw you fighting. You took me to your room and I bumped into him as I was leaving." I looked down at my intertwined hands on my lap whilst unconsciously sucking on my bottom lip. "What did he mean by 'if you got him roses and chocolates?" A deep scowl was etched onto his face as he focused on my face which made me even more uncomfortable. "Actually the following morning after I bumped into him, I woke up to a bouquet of red roses and a creepy note. And he also sent some chocolates and another note yesterday. Do you two not get along?" Immediately I could see his eyes fill up with rage which was a great contrast to his calm demeanor.

"Why didn't you tell me about it or to at least report the break-in to the police." He completely avoided my question. It almost felt like I was being reprimanded which to some extent got me angry. "Well I am sorry that the little information of me having a stalker slipped out of my mind. I guess I got too distracted by our daily talks to tell you all about Tony. How was I to know that he was a real threat and besides I told Reenae about it and we just thought it was some weird admirer."I snapped at him not in a high voice but it was not exactly low either.

"There is no need to be sarcastic about it. But if he sends anything else then tell me immediately." I calmed myself down before nodding. "Come, let's go. I wouldn't want to keep you out for too long." With that he got up and made his way to the car with me just behind him.

The drive home was quiet except for the background music that was playing on the radio. In no time Daniel was already parking and I was home. "Hey the next time that we meet can you give me the notes that Tony gave you." He turned in his seat and looked at me. "Sure. Th-thank you for driving me and everything else but mostly the bear." I said as I snuggled into my teddy bear that was half my height. He offered a nod and a smile in return.

When I got inside the house, mom was already preparing dinner and after putting my bear away safely in my room, I helped her out. Turns out dad came back home early and we ended up spending the rest of the night watching comedy. Mom was snuggled up next to dad whilst Rex was curled up on my lap.

A little while later I got up and went to my room after bidding both my parents a goodnight. After changing into my sleep wear - a short and a baggy t-shirt, I sat up on my bed thinking over all the things that had happened during the day. I had only realized it then that Daniel had told me his life story and shown me his vulnerable side.

Did he actually trust me enough or did it happen by mistake? Maybe it was an in the moment kind of thing.

Either way it really pained me to know of the things that he had to go through all on his own. If he had started fighting just so he could gain some money for his mother's medication then it also meant that he was paying his tuition by himself too. He was forced to be a grown up at such an age making him miss out on some teenage experiences. Finally calling it a night, I moved into my blankets and let the darkness carry me into dreamland.

I woke up to Rex licking my face and whimpering which meant that he was hungry. Checking the time only to see that it was exactly seven in the morning, I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs to the kitchen then proceeded to to serve Rex some of his food. Mom and dad were already gone- since the firm was alot demanding even on a Sunday, leaving me with Rex alone. I went through my phone and found five missed calls and a message all from Daniel. The message read:

I can't meet up with you. I am going to be busy the whole day.

I knew that his so called 'busy' meant he would probably be at the warehouse or hospital. However I still suspected that there were more chances of him being at the warehouse than the hospital. How I knew that exactly is beyond me. Pushing the thought at the back of my mind, I went on to prepare breakfast for myself.

It was almost noon and I was seated on the couch flipping through different channels but not finding one to satisfy my boredom. I could tell that I was not the only one suffering from boredom for Rex was lying unconscious on my lap letting out some faint snoring. I had done every single chore in the house but still nothing helped and I had even done all of my homework a long time back. I wanted to visit Reenae but she said that she was out with Zick who was 'helping' her with some school work. She of course considered it to be a date.

I scrolled through my phone until I came to a stop at a familiar contact. Oddly enough I felt like paying someone a visit no matter the excuse stated earlier. Taking a quick shower, I changed into a white tank top, a grey jogger and a pair of pink puma sneakers. Walking up to my car with Rex hot on my heels, we got in and made off to the one place I knew could take away my boredom.

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