Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 17

To think that any day this week I would be standing up to Ginna. Daniel had added another clause to the deal and said that if I failed to go through with the bet then I would have to do whatever he says - basically a slave. From the way I see it, Daniel’s part of the deal was easier compared to mine. This really made me shudder in fear just by the thought of being his slave.

I was no longer in a good mood as I prepared for school. After taking a quick shower I put on an outfit which best suited my mood; a pair of black heeled boots, knee high white socks, a black skater skirt with a white sleeveless top. The final topping to my outfit was a pink leather jacket.

By the time I got to the kitchen, mom and dad were already leaving. Mom had made sure to leave behind my breakfast on the table and Rex was already having his own right next to my chair on the ground. After finishing all of my waffles and juice I went back to my bathroom to brush my teeth again before finally making my way to school.

To say I was shocked to see Daniel by my locker would be an understatement. He was casually leaning on my locker almost as though there was nothing wrong with doing so. And shocker number two was noticing how we were almost matching, literally.

He had on a pair of black combat boots only that his were not heeled like mine, a black jean trouser, white t-shirt that clung to him like a second skin and a black leather jacket.

“What are you doing at my locker?” I stopped right in front of him and he stood up straight acknowledging my presence and properly facing me. “Personal bodyguard, Daniel O’Brion at your service.” He finished off with a little bow at the end, earning an eye roll from me.

I gently pushed him aside allowing me access to my locker. Putting away some books from my bag as well as my half done english assignment , I also make sure to take out those which I will need during the day. I took off my bag and grabbed the needed tools from it before putting it in the locker as well and locked it securely. When I turn away from my locker, Daniel snatches the books in my hands along with my schedule and proceeds to examine it.

People who were still lingering in the hallways were curiously throwing glances at us and some were already gingerly gossiping and pointing. I could also tell from the astonishment on their faces that they never saw this side of Daniel, smiles and all. Their reaction was making me uncomfortable and I had not noticed that Daniel had picked up on it.

“What are you all looking at. MOVE!” His voice boomed through the hallway and had immediate effect as everyone dispersed in different directions. “Did you have to be rude to them?” I questioned him as we we now making our way to my maths lesson. “What! Did you expect me be nice all of a sudden? C’mon, baby steps here.” This earned a chuckle from me at his theatrics. “And if I must say, I am liking how we are matching right now. We should do this more often, it will be our thing. You know, the guard and the guarded.” Weirdly as he said this he had a grin stuck to his face.

“Oh no, this was just a coincidence. Besides what will people think if and when they see us?” A frown was already perched up on my face as I voiced my thoughts. “Who cares about what any of them think.”

Me apparently.

This time I did not bother giving him a response since we had gotten to my classroom. “I will be here as soon as the lesson is over and if not then do not go anywhere without me.” He passed my books back to me and left before I could give out a protest.

True to his word, when my lesson was over, he was actually waiting for me just beside the door. And this kept going on up until lunchtime where he bought my food for me saying that was his way of changing. He went on to stress about carrying my food too but that was where I drew the line, so after a back and forth banter I got to carry it. In a way he was starting to get annoying.

Reenae and Zick, who were sitting opposite us, were literally mortified to see Daniel smiling so often. Which he only did around me, FYI. “What did you do to him?” Zick asked with confusion as he stared at Daniel. “Yeah, I think you broke him somehow.” Reenae backed Zick. Daniel and I eyed each other before laughing at their cluelesness, if that was even a real word. The moment did not last long as my three tormentors appeared at our table.

Juliana, Ginna and Liona stood right beside me. Their presence only left me dreading the moment when I would eventually have to stand up to Ginna. “Hey guys, is there room for three more?” Ginna asked whilst batting her eyelashes making me wish if they could just fall off. By accident of course, my eyes locked with Daniel’s who was already starring at me with his arm on the table and his hand supporting his head. He was looking at me expectantly with a smirk marring his face.

“Uhm... Yes... I mean no... There is not that much space to take you all in. Even though I would lo-love for all you guys to, uhm, join us I am sure you would get bored by what we will be talking about.” I ranted out and I could even hear Daniel’s low chuckles. Both Zick and Reenae had on huge grins at the fact that I was talking back to Ginna.

“Don’t worry, we will make things interesting.” Liona stated in an overly sweet voice as they all put down their bags. From the corner of my eye I could see Daniel mouthing out the words ‘my personal slave’ - how I read that, I seriously do not know- whilst grinning. Immediately I put my leg onto the unoccupied bench effectively stopping the three from sitting down.

“Did...did I forget to mention that I have a fracture and my- uhm- my leg needs to be kept in this position.” I quickly ranted out, I could already feel sweat forming on my forehead. Thankfully Reenae came to my rescue. She put up both her legs on the remaining space on the bench.” This feels nice. It’s always good to stretch them out.” She let out a dramatic sigh as she leaned onto Zick’s side which he did not seem to mind one bit. Liona shrieked as she took her bag along with Juliana who gave me a stink eye as they walked away to their usual table with the other cheerleaders.

Ginna took her time at picking up her bag whilst glaring daggers at me, making me swallow a lump forcefully. “This is not over Richards.” Ginna whispered harshly her words laced with venom.

As soon as she walked away I let out a heavy yet shakey sigh whilst putting my head on the table. “So... how did you get your ‘fracture’ again?” Daniel voiced out inbetween his chuckles. “Don’t you even dare.” Immediately he broke out into a fit of laughter at my clear embarrassment.

Can’t this day be over already.

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