Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 18

For the rest of lunch, both Daniel and I had to explain our ‘situation’ to Reenae and Zick who had not stopped asking us what was happening after Daniel’s sudden outburst - which of course still left them shocked. Our little talk did not last that long as it turned into an argument between myself and Daniel when he kept on stealing more of my fries. He even had the audacity to take my apple.

Right after lunch, Daniel proceeded to drag me to the field where the rugby players were training, claiming that - and I quote- ‘It is an easy way for me to keep an eye on you’.

I mean I can take care of myself right... Right?

And did I ever mention that I am not a big fan of sports, especially ones that include violence. At this point I would happily accept a C on my assignment rather than watch a bunch of boys knock each other off their feet and onto the ground.

I was rather happy that Zick got Reenae to tag along- and by that I meant drag her too- hence I was not alone. We got seated by the benches that overlooked the field where Daniel and Zick were training and as the nerd that I was, I took the time to do my work and surprisingly so did Reenae.

I hadn’t enjoyed a peaceful moment like this one in a while and I was just about to find out why.

A few minutes into our study session the cheer squad showed up. And at the forefront was Ginna, who - after noticing me- led the whole team to the edge of our benches. They were doing their cheer practice right in front of us, blocking our view of the field and Ginna was making it a point to shout as loud as she could just to annoy me.

With the way she was screaming, I was wondering how her lungs were still intact.

After much effort we were able to ignore them and get on with our work. It was almost time for Daniel and Zick’s practice to end when Ginna walked up to us with about three books in her hands. “Hey nerd, here. I want it done by tomorrow morning.” Her hands were extended towards me. “Back off Ginna, Pinkie will not do your work for you.” Reenae jumped to my rescue although making me mentally face palm for the use of the ridiculous nickname. “Shut up freak, I am talking to the nerd so I would rather appreciate it if you keep your mouth shut and let her answer.” She snapped back grabbing the attention of everyone on the field.

This was definitely too much attention. It was making me nervous and so out of place. I could already feel my heart rising up to my throat clogging my windpipe and stopping me from letting out a reply.

“Listen Ginna, you better go back to the rest of your barbie squad or else I will make sure that you will need a plastic surgery and nose job after I’m through with you.” Reenae spat out with as much venom in her words to even scare me. By the end of her threat she was standing head to head with Ginna making me notice how they were the same height.

I was more than thankful for her reply because she unknowingly prevented me from producing a stupid word vomit.

Out of nowhere, Zick and Daniel showed up making Ginna back off a little. Zick went to stand beside Reenae whilst Daniel came to mine and put an arm around my shoulder- which I did not notice since I was too focused on my ringing ears. “I am sure Reenae made herself clear, you are not needed here Ginna.” Zick spoke out. “Yeah so why don’t you just go away and leave us alone.” Daniel backed Zick up and in the process pulled me closer to his side. Seeing this, Ginna shrieked and walked away with her face boiling with anger and a clenched fist.

As soon as she was out of earshot Daniel whispered in my ear” I told you a bodyguard helps.” My mouth was just so dry that I could not even offer a verbal response so I settled for a head nod. From there we made our way out of the field and went to the carpark. Zick and Daniel not wanting to take a shower at the school proceeded to their cars and headed their separate ways after saying their goodbyes. Reenae wanting to put an end to the day as much as I did jumped into her car and me into mine as we bid each other goodbye.

My week was going pretty okay so far, which was very unusual, until Friday of course. I might as well claim that it was my worst day ever, and that coming from me says alot. Nothing was going my way, infact everything was against me. It was as though the day was cursed by some witch who was out to get me, for what reasons exactly I do not know. My day actually went out like this:

I woke up late all because my alarm clock was not working meaning I needed to buy a new set of batteries. After I had finished preparing for school that is when I found out that it was pouring heavily outside. But that was not even the worst part. The worst part of it all was when my car refused to start.

Fifteen minutes, a couple of curses, some screaming and fifty tries later, my car finally started. Not caring about the risk of getting speeding tickets, I zoomed all the way to school. When I got there, I rushed out of my car and made my way towards the school building unaware of the muddy puddle ahead when another car splashed into it drenching me whole with the dark brown water, and I did not even have a change of clothes. Therefore the rest of the day I was moody, making Daniel seem like the most cheerful person on the planet. He even tried pulling out some silly stunts but was still unable to make me crack a smile.

Talk about being moody, I wasn’t even on my periods.

And of course like the devil that she is, fate saved the most horrific for last. Later at lunch time, I remembered that I had not done Ginna’s work which I had accepted to do without letting Reenae know of it. The three of them walked up to my locker where I currently was and Liona was first to announce her presence.

“Well look what the pig dragged in... an even muddier pig.” They all burst into their pitched laughter at the stupid joke.

That was not even funny at all. Am sure even Rex can do a better joke and he can’t speak. So the joke is on you, you witches.

At the moment I did not even care what the aftermath would be if I answered back. I was already experiencing the worst day ever, might as well put a cherry on the top.

Hang on to your hats people, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

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