Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 19

“Are you done? I have places to be.” My face was void of all emotions, tone as plain as ever and arms were folded across my chest. “Watch it nerd, you do not know what we are capable of.” Ginna hissed in my face, her venom not even affecting me the slightest bit which was a first. “What? Are you going to lock me in an empty room and beat me up again, or are you going to threaten me with the fame that you do not even have. Please, you have already done that already.” I spat out bravely earning a shocked yet frightening look from Ginna.

“Just shut up and hand me my finished work.” Her tone had a certain warning to it which was very cold. “You do not get to tell me what to do and by the way I did not do your homework. So what will you do about it now.” The courage my voice held was leaving me shocked but I was not holding back now. “You don’t know the type of danger you are getting yourself into, you nerd.” Juliana stated. Unknowingly I took a step forward in a challenging manner.

“You know, I really do not get why it is that I get insulted just because I am smarter than you three idiots put together.” A crowd was starting to form around us and some were already taking out their phones to record the whole thing. “We are smarter than you freak. We are better at everything compared to you.” Liona jumped in. “Oh really, I’m pretty sure that the reason behind you bullying me is because I was better than you all on the cheer squad...”

Yep, I was once on the squad when I first started high school. Long story short, I was good and they weren’t, so Ginna played dirty and got me kicked off the squad. They should be happy that I never blabbered out their stupid secrets that they spilled during the few sessions that I attended.

“Just be glad that I am not like you to showcase other people’s life situations. So just take this as a warning and back off, leave me and my friend alone or else.” I was all up in Ginna’s face. I finished off and without waiting for their response, walked away with the crowd parting to let me through.

Thankfully, after that whole scene, no one bothered to question me allowing me the peace and quiet that I really needed. And thanks to the game that was playing after school, no one was in class but rather they were on the field cheering the rugby team on.

Reenae tried to convince me to come along and support Daniel and Zick but seeing as I was not in the mood, she took my refusal without question. She attended the game and I made my way back to my ever quiet home.

A note was left on the table for me. Apparently my parents left it there, it stated that they had to leave for am emergency trip and they would be back Monday evening. I placed the note back on the table and attended to Rex who was running around in circles trying to catch his tail- which I still do not understand why dogs do it.

I served him some dog food before going to my room for a much needed shower, which I hoped would wash away the day’s misery into the drain along with the foam filled water. After changing into a pink jogger, a white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers, I decided to rather go out and buy my dinner. Grabbing my phone, pink and white earphones and a twenty dollar bill, I made my way to the nearest pizza restaurant.

I ended up in front of the Pizza King entrance and proceeded towards the till. I walked up to the counter with my eyes on my phone’s screen and when I finally looked up, I was surprised to see a strange guy smiling widely at me.

“Welcome to the Pizza King. What can I get you Maddison.” Him knowing my name left me even more surprised. Did I have a name tag or something with my name, stuck to me. “Uh, sorry but how do you know my name.” He chuckled before giving a reply. “I delivered pizza to your house the other day.” He said out proudly as though he had accomplished something big by telling me.

“Oh, but I do not remember telling you my name and neither do I know yours.” He nervously scratched the back of his neck and I could see slight blushing. “I mainly deliever the pizza to your house and I once overhead your mom saying it. Anyway, the usual hawaiian right?” I was baffled by this guy’s behavior so I replied with a slight head nod then lowly added that I wanted a small sized pizza.

He left for a little while and when he returned he had a large pizza in hand.” Sorry but I ordered a small.” He just smiled and pushed the pizza over to me. “If I do recall correctly, you still had some change from the last time I delivered to your house.” He was a weird guy for his age since he seemed to be a bit older than me. I looked at the box then back to him. “Yeah but my change was not enough to buy a large pizza.” I said in confusion which he only returned by smiling wider.

“You seemed like you needed something good today to lighten your mood. You can take it as a Toby special. I will pay or maybe not since I work here...just don’t tell my boss.” The last part was said in a whisper making me let out a chuckle for the first time today. “Since you insist so much I might as well take it. Thanks Toby.” His smile was getting contagious as I ended up returning one of my own before bidding him goodbye.

That was a weird yet cheerful encounter. I thought to myself as I made my way back home, not in much of a rush.

When I got home I was greeted by silence that I was now used to but this time it was different. Something was off. The silence was too much, to the point where it was deafening. I called out to Rex but he did not show up. With the box of pizza still in hand, I walked around the house calling out with no success in finding him. Walking into my room, what I saw was not at all what I had expected.

Please no!

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