Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 20

Unconsciously, I dropped the box of pizza and as it hit the ground I followed suit and fell to my knees. My palm was over my mouth, as a cry came out at the scene in front of me. Rex lay on the ground in a pool of blood with his body a few centimeters away from his dismembered head. His eyes were wide open, staring right at me. His once dark brown eyes, lifeless right in front of me.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks and at some point I had begun sobbing with my body shaking uncontrollably. I took out my phone and called the first number that came into my mind. Noone answered and I was directed to voicemail. “Pl-please, as soon as yo-u get this message co-come over to my house, I need your help. I-I think that someone is-...” I did not get to finish my sentence as my phone was snatched out of my hand from behind.

I whipped my head around and came face to face with a grinning Tony. “Hello there. Sorry for the mutt but it just wouldn’t shut up. The thing kept on barking and that was hurting my very sensitive ears.” He reached out for my hand and I quickly drew back. “Don’t touch me.” I fiercely warned him, as I angrily wiped at my tears that were still running down my cheeks, but he laughed out at my show of confidence. “I told you she can be a feisty one.” He said to the two men I had yet to notice standing either side of him and they both let out deep chuckles.

Without warning, Tony forcefully took hold of my arm and pulled me onto my feet and closer to him like I was some lifeless rag doll. I tried to get my hand out of his vice like grip but it was of no use. Even my protests fell on deaf ears. He dragged me downstairs and before leaving the house he chucked my phone onto the concrete floor causing it to shutter into pieces.

He pulled me outside where a black, tinted range rover stood proudly in the sunset. I thought of screaming out but he read my mind before I could even finish the thought and clamped his dirty hand over my lips.

Soon after closing the car’s door he pulled out a bottle and cloth. I had watched enough kidnapping movies to know what that was and what comes next. His goons held me down as he poured the chloroform onto the cloth before pressing it over my mouth and nose.

I tried not to breathe it in but I was never good at holding my breath for long. Like I said, I was never into sports and that includes swimming. I ended up taking a huge whiff of the chloroform.

Now that I have been in the kidnapped person’s shoes, I understand that it was not easy holding in your breath for so long. I am sorry to every TV character I ever yelled at for breathing in these stuff. I should have probably faked it too but I guess now is a little too late.

Slowly, my eyes started to close on their own and I could feel the darkness pulling me in but there was nothing I could do about it. “Sleep tight princess.” Those were the last words I heard before I was completely sucked into the deep slumber.

I let out a groan as I woke up feeling very dizzy and a rising headache. It took a few seconds for the dizziness to settle down and that was when I noticed my surroundings. I was in a large room filled with many expensive artifacts. I was sleeping in a really big bed- king sized probably- which was so comfortable might I add. I slowly got out of bed and did not bother taking in the rest of the room since that was of no use.

Moving over to the window, I drew back the curtains and realized that it was probably the middle of the night judging by how dark it was outside and I was also in a two-story house. Rushing back into the room, I tried my luck at the door but of course it was locked. I went through every corner in search of what I could use for my escape but I found nothing, not even a hidden cellphone. The windows were locked and screwed shut, every single one of them.

I was a true definition of a damsel in distress. Walking back to the bed, I curled up and did what I could at the moment - I cried. This was probably the worst way to figure out that you are claustrophobic and guess what, I was. My breathing became labored as I kept on crying and I somehow ended up crying myself to sleep.

I slowly opened my eyes to the feel of something gliding across my face. I immediately shuffled away when I came face to face with Tony hovering over me with his pointer finger mid air.

“Morning princess, did you sleep well?” He was in a cheery mood but I did not offer him any response instead I increased the distance between us by moving further away from him. “I made breakfast for you.” His tone was irritatingly sweet but I knew better than to dwell over that facade of his. “I was starting to worry that you would not wake up.” There was a moment of silence between up as I kept my lips sealed. Just then I heard the doorbell ringing and Tony excused himself before going out, locking the door from outside.

I eyed the tray of food on the bed side but did not dare think of touching it. I was hungry not stupid.

A few seconds later I heard the sound of two pairs of feet coming up the stars and some seconds more a key was being jammed into the keyhole. “Little brother, I would like for you to meet my guest... Maddison” Tony said out as he opened the door and stepped aside to review someone I had never even expected.

I can’t believe he was in on this. I thought out as he made eye contact with me.


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