Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 21

“Maddison?” Toby questioned whilst looking at me wide eyed. “Oh, so you two know each other. What a small world this is. I see there is no need for any more introductions.” Grinning widely, Tony seemed like he had won a lottery. “What kind of sick game is this? At least tell me that she is not your way of getting your title back because I want no part in it.” Toby yelled out furiously.

“Can you just calm down. She is just going to be a form of leverage. I noticed that O’Brion is close to her so I am going to use her as a way to get what I want. Of course eitherway I am going to gain something. If I lose to the fight- which I highly doubt will happen - I will still have her but when I win I get my title back and O’Brion will be off my back along with her.” he spoke out triumphantly. From the looks of it Tony was older but surely lacked the brains which I hope Toby compensated for in the family.

I could have made my escape through the open door but with the two standing in front of it, I could already tell that my chances of making it were low.

“You know, when I said that I would help you get back your title I never agreed to be part of a kidnapping. She does not need to be involved in any of this. You better let her go right now or else...” Toby threatened but from what I could see, Tony was having none of it. “I am not falling for your empty threats, little brother. If you are not going to help me then I am okay with that, you coward. I will do it all on my own so get out. I no longer need you here. It looks like O’Brion is not the only one with a soft spot for her.” He was staring at me seething, as he finished his statement with as much venom to leave me with goosebumps.

Toby spared a sympathetic look at me before his brother was kicking him out of the room, along with the little ray of hope that I had gotten. The audible clicking of the lock resonated around the now silent room. About ten minutes later I heard the loud slamming of what could only be the front door followed by the revving of a car engine and from there on it was just silence.

Both brothers had left a while ago leaving me to the deafening silence. I had put all my willpower in trying not to eat the food left behind by Tony but by midday I had cleaned the plate dry.

Tony never visited again and judging by the ghostly quiet house, I knew that I was the only living being around. And as a way of passing time, I ended up taking a long shower and surprisingly there were about a handful of outfits that were in the closet. I picked out a simple white blouse, a pair of dark skinny jeans and some sandals. Unfortunately there was not a single outfit with pink, instead there were more blacks and whites.

By the time nightfall came around, I had walked each and every perimeter of the room and I now knew it even with my eyes closed. I was starving but I did not have the guts to announce it to whoever might or might not be in the building with me. Hence I did the only logical thing a sane person would do in my position... I slept my hunger away.

And of course the outcome of sleeping with an empty stomach was that my dreams were filled with different types of foods. They ranged from fruits to junk foods. Weirdly enough, I could even feel the drool running down my chin but I was not sure if that was also part of the dream or if it was actually happening.

Slowly opening my eyes, my hands made their way to my mouth and thankfully there was no drool anywhere on my face. Soon finding the real reason why I woke up, two men had gotten into the room and were making their way towards me.

They got on either side of the bed making me scramble to my knees, ready to run since they had left the door open. “Stay away from me.” I warned but even I could hear the cracking within my voice from fear. They did not respond but rather proceeded to grab onto both my arms, holding me in place as another man walked in holding a cloth and familiar bottle in hand. I tried to put up a fight but it was of no use. The cloth was pressed onto my mouth and nose and I eventually took a whiff of the chemical successfully making me loose the last bit of strength I had left before finally falling unconscious.

I woke up with a familiar headache and dizziness. I tried to caress my temples but the effort was in vain. Turns out I had been tied onto a chair in an empty dingy looking room which only had a single dangling, dull light that did not make much of a difference. There was no telling what time of the day it was due to the lack of windows. The room was so silent that I could literally hear a ringing in my ears.

What felt like hours later, a door at the corner of the room was opened and in walked Tony with two other men pushing a table with wheels attached to it. Ontop of the table was a small tv. “Hello my little spit fire. Did you sleep well?” He had on, a megawatt smile making it seem like kidnapping was something he did on a daily basis.

“Oh I don’t know, despite the fact that my dog was murdered not long ago, I got kidnapped by a psycho, my stomach is literally empty and of course waking up to this rock hard chair, what more would a person want to have sweet dreams. I didn’t want to seem mean but since you asked, no. I did not sleep well.” Surprisingly I had the guts to talk bad about him, to him and I did all that in a calm voice. “I can see that you are holding up quite fine. I in fact have good news for you, lover boy is going to be here any minute now...” he paused as another man walked up to him and whispered in his ear. “Speak of the devil...”

He is one to speak. Insert eye row.

“Just in time. But don’t you worry, you will not miss out on the action. You will not be getting the front row seats but you will definitely get to see the first broadcast.” He gave out an evil laugh and walked out with his goons on his heels.

I know that I was the one being held captive but I just couldn’t help but wish that Daniel was going to be alright.

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