Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 22

I squirm in my spot in an attempt to loosen the ropes but to no avail. The only outcome of it were bruised wrists. Some minutes later, the screen in front of me switches on and on it were Tony and Daniel in a wrestling ring, circling each other. Neither one show the other any sign of attacking first but after a bit more circling, Tony grows tired and throws his first punch aiming at Daniel’s jaw. He catches nothing but air.

They do this for a couple more rounds and Daniel allowed Tony a few punches to his side and stomach. I had only witnessed Daniel fighting in the ring once but that was enough to let me see that he was holding back right now. It was almost as though he was stalling.

He was calm yet alert somehow which was the opposite of Tony. Tony was acting on impulse as he started throwing punches left, right and centre as well as a few kicks. Only a handful manage to get through to Daniel but they do nothing to slow him down.

My heart pounced in my chest as Daniel finally starts to get a little on the offensive. Tony was fast on his feet compared to Daniel making him land a few more jabs and uppercuts. This was worrying me more and I could already feel a tear rolling down my dry cheek.

Seeing Daniel getting hit proved to be more painful than I would have imagined and before long I was silently shedding more tears. In the end, I knew that I was the cause for this much violence.

If I hadn’t been so adamant about talking to Daniel that other day then I would never have met Tony. Rex would still be alive and prancing in my room or chasing his tail as usual. I would be in my room or at Reenae’s house not getting kidnapped by some psycho.

There was no other way of looking at it and yet I could do nothing to change it. I had never felt so helpless in my entire life and that is saying alot considering what I had been through in the hands of Ginna. And right now Daniel was out there, bruised and battered as ever, all thanks to me. I was such a mess up.

I was in the middle of wallowing in my own self pity when I heard a slight commotion just outside the only door in the room. The noise was getting louder by the second and suddenly a body broke through the wooden door. Another tumbled onto the floor before two people I had never expected strode in. “Zick!” My voice came out shakey at my disbelief and relief of seeing him.

He ran upto me and hastily untied me. “Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I thought I was going to die here.” I said as I pulled him into a hug. “You do not know how relieved I am to see you. And I would like to take all the credit but it was all Toby. He was the one who told us of your whereabouts and helped us get in here regardless of the security."

I looked at the person in question who was spotting a big and genuine smile. “Thank you so much Toby.” I pulled him into a hug. He dismissed it saying it was nothing before leading us out of the confined room.

As we stepped out of my previous cell we were met with a crew of men clad in black and were now charging at us. Zick and Toby moved forward readying themselves for a fight whilst I moved back with my eyes now closed and hands over my now ringing ears.

Did I ever mention I was afraid of violence? I did? Yeah well am saying it again, violence scares me to the bone.

With each passing moment, I got more worried about Daniel. I slid down against the closest wall and onto the ground where I brought up my legs to my chest, buried my face in between them and did what I do best...cry.

Crying is the only thing I have been doing this whole weekend and even though I knew it would not get me anywhere, I still did it.

A hand on my arm made me panic as I tried to scoot away. It wasn’t until a pair of hands held my face that I stopped to listen. “It’s okay, Maddie. It’s just just me, Zick.” After calming down a little, Zick pulled me to my feet and wiped away my tears. Both Zick and Toby had littered bruises across their face which led me to cringe inwardly. Toby even had a bruise forming around his eye.

I wanted to apologize to no end but before I could do that, Toby was leading us away and Zick was holding my hand and gently pulling me right behind him. No words were spoken as we went through a never ending hallway until we came to a stop at two large doors. I could tell from the sounds of struggling that Tony and Daniel were behind it.

We stealthily walked in and I immediately regretted it. There, in the middle of the ring is a boxing ring where two bodies are tumbling all over the mat.

They come to a stop and Tony was on top of Daniel giving him blows after blows. Daniel was shielding his face but I could see his arms weakening after every blow. Call it spiritual possession or something along those lines but seeing Daniel about to give in made me snap and I dashed towards the ring, loosing Zick’s hold in the process. I even bypassed the few goons standing by the edge of the ring.

I was seeing red, which was weird coming from me.

I got into the ring and dived onto Tony’s back and started pounding onto it with a clenched fist. He changed from trying to kill Daniel to attempting to pry me off of his back. It was seconds before I found myself gliding across the ring and hitting my head onto a metal bar.

Completely forgetting Daniel, Tony starts stalking towards me with a mission to kill. And frankly speaking, at the moment he was indeed the predator and I was the prey. “I never pegged you for one to fight back but do not worry, just let me finish up that stupid little boy over there and I will show you your place afterwards.” He said snarkily. “His name is Daniel you idiot.” I snapped at him, adrenaline still pumping in my veins. “He is nothing more than a STUPID LITTLE BOY!” It took me a while to finally register what he had said and as soon as I did, I was spotting what I could only call an evil smile.

Daniel had gotten up and was stalking towards Tony with rage clear on his face. He taps Tony’s shoulder and as Tony turned around he got quite a heavy punch. Tony stumbled onto the ground and Daniel seized the moment and jumps on top of Tony and pounds aggressively at his face. In all this commotion I had not noticed Zick and Toby fighting with the goons that were standing by the ring a little while ago and thankfully, they were winning.

After some time, Daniel finally left a bleeding and unconscious Tony to recover on the ground. And without thinking, I dashed straight for Daniel and jumped into his arms.

You know those cliché movies or novels where in this case the two main characters lose themselves and kiss? Yeah it happened here too.

Daniel had his lips planted on mine. I could taste the blood coming from his busted lip but truly speaking, I did not mind. I kind of liked it.

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