Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 23

Fairytale kisses do exist and I had just experienced mine. In a dirty warehouse. In the middle of a ring. To Daniel O’Brion.

What a great way to lose a first kiss, am I right.

Daniel pulled away slowly, with his eyes still closed. “Do you know how dangerous that was? He could have seriously hurt you.” His eyes were now opened and were looking directly into mine.

His eyes were solely on mine and that was seriously making me self conscious. I could feel my cheeks coloring and it was not helping that Daniel had noticed and was flashing me his cheeky smile. “Are you okay?” I had lost all strength in my lips so I resorted to nodding, my eyes now straying away from his and looking at anything but him.

For good measure, Daniel looked me over for any injuries and found none aside from my now aching head due to the metal bar I had hit. He saw it as a way to reassure himself but I just basically thought he was making an excuse to get his hands on me.


“Are you two lovebirds done yet?” Zick asked from the edge of the ring with Toby by his side. Not far from them were unconscious bodies of Tony’s goons and that seriously left me questioning their strength. At his question, I became a blushing mess and hid my face on Daniel’s chest. He let out a chuckle at my antics as he pulled me further into him, which was somehow concerning since he was injured but he did not seem to mind.

Toby walked into the ring and checked on his brother’s pulse. After ensuring that it was indeed still alive he came to stand in front of us looking very sorry. “Look man, I am really sorry for the trouble my brother caused for all of you. I am sure his mind will be set on something else in no time.” Toby reassured.

“Thank you for helping us out. And as for the title, he can have that. I think it is high time I stand down on the whole fighting stuff and start looking for a better line of work. I am sick and tired of nursing black eyes and broken ribs.” Daniel genuinely said to Toby and they did that weird bro handshake thing. “Thanks alot man. That means a little less people for him to bother.” He let out a humorless chuckle as his eyes strayed back to Tony still lying on the ground.

“We better get going. I do not want to stay another second in this place.” Zick voiced out and made a move to leave but Toby’s words brought him to a stop. “I would rather stay back. I want to make sure that Tony is doing alright. Yeah he made some wrong decisions but he is still my brother and we all make mistakes.” I could clearly see the love Toby had for his brother in his eyes and it was really moving.

“Are you sure?” Zick asked and Toby gave him a firm nod. I broke out of Daniel’s hold and walked up to Toby. “Thank you again.” I threw my arms around him and he returned it. “You are welcome, Maddison.” Offering one last smile, I walked back into Daniel’s arms that immediately welcomed me. He pulled me into him and gave me a kiss on my head. And with that we walked out of the warehouse and into the cold night air where Daniel’s all too familiar BMW was parked.

Turns out we were exactly nineteen hours away from home and with the current time being 9.30pm, we would be arriving at around midday.

I had cleaned some of Zick’s bruises before he got behind the wheel and now I was currently in the back seat with Daniel. Getting his bruises and wounds cleaned up was a hell of a fit in itself. When it comes to these kinds of stuff Daniel turns into a 5year old visiting a doctor for the first time, and trust me when I say he was the whole package...grumpy and all.

He was giving me excuse after excuse to the point where I was about to give up. “Okay how about this, if you sit still enough for me to clean you up then...” I swallowed thickly as I summed up the little confidence that I had to say what I was about to say. I double checked on Zick to make sure that he was not eavesdropping before leaning over Daniel and placing my mouth over his ear. “I will give you a kiss.” I quickly averted my eyes as soon as the words left my lips.

Without even looking, I could tell that he was spotting a huge smile. “Did you hear that Zick? I am getting a kiss for staying still.” Daniel confidently said to Zick which had me blushing like crazy. Zick let out a snort before responding “If I had known that two years ago then I wouldn’t have had to put up with your tantrums after every one of your matches. Who knew a simple kiss could go a long way.” Daniel let out a disgusted sound which had me and Zick bursting into laughter.

Daniel signaled for me to get on with it and I gladly did. Not even a single wince came out of him whilst I was cleaning him and and his eyes did not even waver from my face.

Was this weird? Yes.

Did I like it? Yes.

And did I want him to stop? Definitely not.

After a while I finally finished up with his once bleeding temple. “Okay tha-” And just like that the boy attacked me. His lips met mine, his arm went around my waist and he pulled me impossibly close to him. His lips moved passionately against mine and I returned the favor.

His hand did not wander around which I truly appreciated. “Ugh, you two are so disgustingly cute. Now I miss my girl.” he sighed out. I pulled back from Daniel and hid my tomato face in his chest, which had him groaning out loud at the ruined moment. “Seriously!” Daniel said to himself but I still heard it.

But Zick was right though, I missed Reenae. She had to stay behind and clean up my house. She was also on lookout just incase my parents came back earlier than they were supposed to.

You know, one would ask ‘hey, why not inform the police?’ but another would answer ‘it’s illegal street fighting business so if Tony goes down so will Daniel and everyone else.’ And by the way the one to ask was me and the one to answer was Daniel.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed as I remembered what tomorrow was. “We have to submit our assignment tomorrow and we haven’t even done much on it.” I panicked as I thought more about my grade. “I can’t believe this. I let it slip my mind completely. I am going to get an F, and that is if she is feeling generous.” I could feel myself starting to hyperventilate.

“Hey hey, don’t worry about it. We have plenty of hours on our hands and I am sure there is a pen and some paper somewhere in the dashboard.” Daniel’s palms on my face definitely calmed me down. “We can do this and ace it too.” As he said this, Zick had already ramaged through the said dashboard and brought out a notebook and pen, along with some pills and water which Daniel chugged down for his pain.

“Come on Einstein, let’s do this.” Daniel pulled me into his lap which I tried to squirm out of but with his firm hold I was not going anywhere. As soon as I stopped my squirming he kissed me on the forehead and we began brainstorming.

Who said the badboy doesn’t have any registers...

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