Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 24

It took two energy drinks, three breakfast bars and some arguing for us to finish the work. But it was worth it five hours later. Exhaustion could not even begin to describe how I was feeling at the moment.

Still in Daniel’s arms, I was able to fall asleep to the faint, nonexistent circles that he was drawing with his thumb on my back. He kept offering me kisses on the forehead every now and then which I was still adjusting to. Daniel was showing more emotion than I had ever seen him showcase since- ever. And thanks to him, I got to rest with a smile on my face.

I was jolted awake by the slamming of brakes. My face would have kissed the back of Zick’s seat if it weren’t for Daniel’s quick reflexes. “What the heck Zick?” His groggy voice was enough to tell me that we both had fallen asleep.

Sleep still clouded my eyes so it took me a little while to adjust to the bright sunlight. Staring outside, I recognized the brick walls painted white that stood not far from the parking lot we were in at the moment.

“Sorry for that, I hadn’t noticed how fast I was going. But you guys have to submit that assignment before this period ends, so... MOVE!” Zick yelled out successfully chasing away the little bit of sleep that was still hovering around. We stumbled into each other a few times before grabbing all our papers and rushing out.

Just as we got out, Daniel took my hand into his and turned to Zick who was still sitting lazily in the car. “Do you not have an assignment to hand in?” Zick shrugged slightly “Reenae took care of it for me. Such a great girlfriend am I right. Now get out of here, I want to sleep for a little while.” Zick snuggled in to the back seat. My mind was stuck on the single word he had used....girlfriend?

Ree has got some serious tea to spill.

Daniel did not let me ponder long over it and pulled me into the building. We ran through the dozen identical hallways before finally making it to the english classroom. From outside the room we could hear loud chatter coming from the other side of the door.

As soon as Daniel walked into the room with my hand still in his, all chatter seized and every single pair of eyeballs were glued to us. Mrs Roberts was nowhere in sight as we made our long stretch to her desk where a pile of other assignments stood. Daniel took a stapler and attached our papers together before placing them with the others. Just as he put down our papers, the lunch bell rang and Daniel strutted out holding my hand tighter.

I could hear the uproar that followed as soon as we left the room. The halls were spilling with hungry students rushing to get to the cafeteria in time for the good stuff. Only a few actually stopped to shamelessly stare at me and Daniel. Whispers could be heard and I was starting to feel awkward. Daniel noticed and let go of my hand only to pull me into his side and wrap his arm around my shoulder.

Great, now I am a blushing mess.

Talk about staking a claim.

The usual clicking of heels rang against the lockers and the sea of people in the hallway parted for Ginna and the other two, leading directly to us. They strutted with their heads held high and stopped right infront of me. Utter distaste was painted on their faces as they all gave me a once over.

I had just faced a lunatic only a few hours ago.

I could definitely face three bullies... I think. Right?

I mentally prepared myself for the insults but that’s the thing. They never came. Ginna stepped to the side and continued on her way which shocked literally everyone, including Juliana and Liona who ran after her a second later.

“Well that was...unexpected.” I voiced out to no one in particular. “Not really, I had a talk with her on Friday just after the game. She came to me and bad mouthed you and I couldn’t take it.” Daniel said as we continued on our way to the cafeteria. “What did you tell her.” I looked up at him curiously but all he did was kiss my forehead. “It’s nothing to worry your smart brain about.” And that was good enough to get me blushing yet again and forget all about what we were talking about.

When we entered the cafeteria I was tuckled to the ground in what one would call a bear hug. “Pinkie, thank God you are okay. I was so worried that I even chewed my nails to the nubs. Please tell me you are not hurt.” Reenae questioned still attached to my body on the ground which drew quite a lot of attention from just about the whole school. “I wasn’t until about a second ago.” She quickly scrambled to her feet as Daniel pulled me to mine. I mumbled out a thank you before I was being dragged to our usual table, Daniel following behind and I could hear him laughing at my situation.

Zick was casually sitting at our table pretty much inhaling his pizza slices. “Hey I thought you said you wanted to sleep?” He nodded and swallowed another slice. “I did but I could not do it on an empty stomach.” I nodded to that since it seemed reasonable enough. Reenae turned me to face her and just like that, I was in an interview. She was asking questions left, right and centre and I could not keep up.

She had been my best friend ever since I could remember but I was still not able to keep up with her enthusiasm. Thankfully my knight came to the rescue and lifted me from my seat to the the one beside him. “I think that is enough questions for one day.” Reenae complied with much reluctance. I looked up to Daniel who was already looking at me and mouthed a ‘thank you’ which he responded to with a smile and joined our hands together underneath the table.

“Okay, that’s it, pay up you loser.” Reenae stated all of a sudden to Zick who fished a fifty dollar bill out of his wallet and placed it onto her out stretched hand. “I told you they would eventually fall for each other. I mean did you see the way Daniel used to look at her?” Zick responded with a huff. “Wait, you two actually bet on us?” Daniel asked the two and Reenae only offered a smile before carrying on with her lunch.

This was a happy ending to the day wasn’t it.....not. I spoke too soon.

“C’mon le-” Daniel was interrupted by the ringing of his phone and whoever the caller was, got Daniel in a sour mood. He picked it up and seconds later he ended the call and was on his feet and stomping out. Without thinking, I was on my feet and running after him. I was able to catch up to him in the now empty hallway. “Hey, what happened in there? What’s wrong?”

“It’s my mother...”

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