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Chapter 25

I was getting some serious déjà vu at the moment. We were running through the hospital and did not stop at the reception just like the last time I had been here. The only difference here was that we were running hand in hand and took the elevator not the stairs.

The fifteen seconds we took waiting for the elevator doors to open were the most nerve wrecking in my entire life. Daniel had not informed me on anything on our way and him constantly squeezing my hand was not helping the slightest.

The doors slid open and we rushed out. Unlike the last time, there were no doctors rushing up and about. Daniel walked up to his mother’s door which was closed and his hand hovered over the handle, shaking slightly. “I think I will ju-” I tried excusing myself to give him some privacy but he quickly drew me back. “No, I-I want you here- with me.” He said so vulnerable and his eyes looking into mine showed a broken boy. “Are you sure?” A single nod was all it took for me to step closer to him and hold his hand tighter. Daniel let out a big puff of air before gripping the handle and opening the door.

Two doctors were in the room, talking to Daniel’s now conscious mother. She had turned her focus to us the moment the door had swung open. Her eyes were glued to Daniel who was frozen in place and looking at his mother with unshed tears at the rims of his eyes. And that was when it hit me, Daniel’s mom was awake after so long and she was right in front of me.

Well dang, I was meeting the parents already...or parent I guess.

“Danny?” At her weak voice Daniel let go of my hand and walked up to his mother. He took a moment to truly look at her. “Mom.” He embraced her and she returned it though with less strength. The doctors excused themselves and left me as the third wheel to the mother-son reunion.

It was so awkward standing there, watching Daniel and his mother cry their hearts out. Was it wrong if I just stepped out for a while? It probably was since I had promised Daniel I would be here with him.

Talk about a third wheel.

Minutes later both mother and son finally pulled away from the hug. “Oh my boy, I am so sorry for putting you through all that and making you grow up without me.” Tears were forming in her eyes and her voice grew hoarse. “And you got so big. It feels like yesterday when I saw you and you were only about a few inches shorter than you are now. ” Her voice got stronger with every word. “It’s okay mom. And you look like you haven’t aged a day. I missed you so much mom.” My heart was cracking more at how broken Daniel seemed but I could still see how happy he was to finally talk to his mother. He truly did miss her.

Maybe I should let them have their heartfelt moment alone.

“It looks like you had someone keeping you company in my absence. You can come and sit here young lady.” I was on my way out when she finally noticed me. “Oh no, I do not think I should intrude any further.” I tried my luck but it seemed no was not a word in her vocabulary. “Nonsense. Come and sit here.” I had wanted so bad to refuse her but I just couldn’t. She slowly pat the space on the bed. I looked at Daniel who gave me a smile and nodded reassuringly. Slowly I moved from the door to her side where she insisted I sit on the bed.

“What is your name young lady?” Her voice was truly melodic and could make any word sound pleasant. “Maddison. Maddison Richards. It’s nice meeting you Mrs O’Brion.” Mentioning her last name brought a sad smile to her face but she was quick to change it. “You can call me Daniella sweet heart. Thank you for being with my son.” She said so genuinely it made me want to go to my kneels and do anything for her. At that moment the door swung open and one of the previous doctors walked in. “Mr O’Brion, can we have a word?” His tone was so professional that it did not disclose anything.

Daniel nodded as he wiped away the excess tears and got up from the bed. “I will be back in a bit.” He said with a kiss on Daniella’s forehead then mine. Him kissing me in front of his mother had me blushing which he obviously noticed and flashed me his pearly whites before walking out. “So, how did you two meet.” Daniella asked with a huge smile and held my hand in hers. “Well...”


Daniel walked in fifteen minutes later with a stoic expression and I knew something was not right. He was quick to cover it up as his mother looked at him still with a few happy tears in her eyes from the conversation we just had only a few seconds ago. He walked up to us and returned to his previous position on the bed. “Is everything alright?” She asked and I could see the effort he put in trying to cover up whatever was bothering him. “Yeah, everything is just fine.” “Great. Maddison here was just telling me about the time you two played laser tag.” Daniel let out a chuckle as he recalled the memory too.

A nurse walked in with Daniella’s medicine and asked us to leave since Daniella needed her rest. We bid her goodbye and Daniel promised to come back the following day with me. It was not long before we were walking in the parking lot hand in hand. Daniel suddenly came to a stop. “Hey Maddie, I know this isn’t the best way to do this but I just feel like I really have to ask you... Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

My heart stopped beating for a full second and in that second I had completely forgotten how to breathe. He had dropped the big question on me. “Maddie?” I had not realized that I had froze up until Daniel squeezed my hand. “Uhm, ye-yes. Yes I would love to be your gir-girlfriend.” A giant smile broke out on his lips and he stood there just staring at me. “Daniel, are you okay.” “I just didn’t think you would say yes. So I have a girlfriend now?” His statement brought a smile to my own face and I nodded to answer his question. “Can I kiss my girlfriend?” I could feel another blush coming up but nodded nonetheless and just like that we were kissing. In a parking lot. In front of a hospital.

A few minutes later Daniel was driving me to my house, my hand in his and huge smiles on our faces. I could officially state that I had a boyfriend now. I was going to be screaming over this in a few minutes with Reenae. Ecstatic could not begin to describe how I was feeling but I could not help but feel that something was bothering Daniel.

His phone rang at an incoming call and he pulled out his phone and offered it to me. “Can you answer that for me. I am out of hands at the moment.” Nodding, I took his phone, answered the call and set it on loud speaker. “Hey Zick, Daniel is driving right now but I got you on loudspeaker.” “Hey guys, Daniel there is a man who just talked to me right now and he said he needs to speak with you urgently.” Zick’s tone was quite serious. “He said he couldn’t get in touch with you over the phone so he went to wait for you at your house.” “Okay. I just need to drop Maddie at her house first.” After bidding him goodbye, I turned to face Daniel who had a frown etched up on his face. “Do you know who the man could be.” He shook his head as a no.


I was now standing in my house, which was empty as usual. Mom and dad would be arriving in about thirty minutes and they would not suspect anything. Everything was as it was before my kidnapping. Reenae had managed to put everything back in place and even got me a new phone which stood on the coffee table.

Walking up to my room, I stopped at the entrance as a picture of Rex flashed in my head. I could not tell mom and dad what had happened which means I was going to have to lie about Rex’s disappearance. How was I to sleep in the same room that my dog was murdered.

I can’t do this.

Walking to my closet, I grabbed a gym bag and stuffed my clothes inside. If my parents were to ask where Rex was, I was probably going to break down in front of them so going to Reenae’s house was best. So after packing my bag I made a call to mom who was fine with the idea before heading out.

“Movie marathon night?” Reenae asked as soon as she opened the door for me and I gratefully nodded at her psychic ability. Making a beeline to her room, I changed to a much more comfortable pair of clothes before going back to the living room. “Where are your mom and dad?” I asked whilst reaching for the popcorn in her hands. “The usual.” Reenae’s parents were barely home with both of them being doctors and all. “Okay so it’s my turn to pick our movies and I chose the Disney classics . So brace yourself for awesomeness.” This was no surprise to me, Reenae would choose Disney over anything...besides food of course.

And that was how I spent my Monday night. Snuggled up next to my best friend, chugging down junk foods. And of course spilling some tea. Turns out Zick and Reenae were official. The rest of the night was spent with us talking more than watching the movie. And we eventually talked ourselves to sleep just before midnight.

It was around five in the morning when I woke up to the chime of my phone. Daniel had sent me a message and I was giddy just looking at his name on my screen. But all that changed when I opened the message.

“I am breaking up with you”

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