Paired With The Badboy

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First and foremost I would like to thank you all for taking your time off your schedules to read my work. I am truly grateful for your support. So for that I would love to say THANKS. 😘😍

Okay now that all the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk novel business. 😆

Paired With The Badboy has reached an end. The crew is all grown up and in Maddison’s case, she has moved least that is what she thinks.

The next book in what I chose to call the “Paired Series” is called UNPAIRED. 👐👐 (jazz hands)

So here is a brief summary...

He is the boss

She is the personal assistant

He is hurting

She was healing

He yearns for her,

But he can’t have her

She wants him back,

But he is no longer hers to take

Maddison had thought she was getting her life back on track without Daniel in it. But a step towards her new life is nothing like what she imagined when her new boss is Daniel himself.

Trying to put Daniel back in the past is something he won’t allow Maddison to do. But how can you hold on to old relationships when you have already formed new ones.

Can Daniel and Maddison make it through a few more obstacles to get back together or is Maddison still adamant on moving on without Daniel.

So that is how UNPAIRED is going to be like and I hope you stay long enough to read through it. 😊

Now the serious stuff😤

I am still working on the cover of the second book which is proving to be a bit more difficult than I previously thought. And it isn’t any better that I also have to focus on school or I will fail my modules.

But do not worry, I will make sure to have the first chapter up by Friday and will try to update at least twice a week.

A BIG THANKS yet again lovelies. And I hope to see you all in my next book.

And please don't forget to show your girl some love and support by leaving a review and like. A comment is much appreciated as well cause I

Til next time, lysm❤👋👋

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