Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 3

"You should have told me earlier. I would have found an excuse to punch them hard in the face. I know that you don't mind much since you are 'getting more knowledge' but they are using you and that is so bad." Reenae fumed out as we were warming up in the gym hall for our gymnastics lesson. "Like I said Ree, just let it be. I'm okay with it as long as I am fine and unharmed." She scoffed in an unlady like manner as she said "Yeah right, I'm going to take care of them someday." I chuckled before saying "Sure you will." I ruffled her hair making her swat my arm away whilst letting out some profanities and fixed the mess. We all craned our necks to the sound of the main doors opening revealing Mrs Hayes, the principal. Walking behind her were the three she devils. I had just lost them in the hallway and now they are here, I couldn't believe my luck.

"Attention! I'm sorry to say but Mrs Kingston will not be joining you for this lesson. She is not quite herself today so for the time being, you have Ginna, Liona and Juliana to teach you since they are the best cheerleaders we have." With that, the principal left us to face the wrath of the three witches. As soon as their eyes fell on me, mischievous grins plastered their faces. "Alright everyone, get in rows of five and make sure that you are not too close to each other." Juliana commanded. I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen and sure enough it did. We were doing the cartwheel, according to Ginna's instructions. Whilst in the middle of doing my wheel, Liona came and tugged at my leg making me slam into the ground, head first.

I had hit my head so hard, I could feel a warm liquid flowing out of my nose. I brought up my hand to my nose and brushed my finger against it. Sure enough alot of blood was coming out. Reenae ran up to me and held me by my shoulders, looking worried. "Maddie, are you okay?" I was actually surprised that in such situations, that's only when she sees it necessary to call me by my real name. "I don't know, do I look okay." She rolled her eyes at my untimely humour. She suddenly got serious as she stood up and made her way to Liona who was standing by her other two grinning friends. "You did it on purpose, didn't you?" She rolled her eyes as she took a look at her nails. "Maybe I did....or maybe I didn't." Her response was one without any ounce of care. "You little..." Ree yelled as she jumped on top of her, pulling her hair out and scratching her arms since they were inbetween her claws and Liona's face.

I knew that I had to get to the nurse's office quick, but I also could not leave Ree alone. Taking off my wrist band, I press it onto my nose to stop the bleeding. I quickly made my way through a couple of people before finally getting to Reenae who was now struggling with all three of the witches. After a long struggle and alot of tugging, I pulled her away as she was fuming with anger. Her hair was everywhere but not a single scratch in sight. With Liona's sleeveless top, I could see more than five nail marks showing, that Ree had given her. Before anything else could happen, I pulled Reenae and myself out of the gym along with our belongings.

"Are you sure that you want to stay here?" The nurse asked Ree for the fifth time now and she still responded with the same answer "I really want to make sure that my best friend is okay." Thankfully I only sprained my ankle and it was not that much of a problem. I now had a frozen bag over my nose just to make sure that the bleeding would stop completely. "Well since there is not that much to look into anymore and your nose is no longer bleeding, you can go back." I handed her the frozen bag, said out my gratitude and walked out to lunch with Ree. The cafeteria was not full and at the same time it was not empty. I was not in the mood for anything heavy so I only bought a packet of crisps and a bottle of water whilst Ree got two slices of pizza, some salad and a bottle of water.

Thankfully, there were no events in the cafeteria since the three witches/ she devils were nowhere in sight. I mostly chatted with Ree who was rather mad at me for not letting her damage Liona's face. I knew that if I had left her to continue with her 'fight' then she would have been one to get into more trouble even though Liona was the one at fault. As we were walking in the hallway, I could literally feel every single pair of eyes glaring daggers at my back and I was aware that Ree knew the reason why since she did fight with Liona.

I was actually thankful that it was finally time for people to either go home or attend their after school activities. As for me, I am only into books, music, food and happiness. I mainly do the school work because I am required to and if it makes my parents happy then why not impress them more and get all A's in my classes. Ree leaves as she heads to the library to return and take some books, which of course were more pictures than words. I make my way to my car when I spot Daniel heading towards his X5 bmw and quickly rush over to him.

"Uh, Daniel can I talk to you." He faces me with a neutral look. "Well, you are already talking." He deadpans making me push down the huge lump forming in my throat. "I just wanted us to uh...start our assignment. And I wanted to know when we can do it." He scoffs " 'We' can do it a day before the due date. It's not a big deal. Just because you are a nerd does not mean that I have to be one too, like you." His words greatly offended me and got me angry, so I chucked caution out in the wind. "Listen here... " I said whilst jabbing my finger on his hard chest. "I really do not care what you think of me but what I do know is that I don't want to see any grade below C on my report. Tomorrow we are doing our intro whether you like it or not and if you have anything against it then go whine out your problem to Mrs Robert." I finish my rant whilst breathing heavily.

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