Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 4

I walked to my car and since my outburst, Daniel never uttered a single word, he just stared at me. As soon as I drove out of the school gates with my adrenaline wearing off, I was starting to regret my actions. My short found courage was long gone and was now replaced with fear over what Daniel might do to me the following day. I was surprised to find myself already parking in the driveway. As I walk into the house I was startled by the sound of a muffled bark. Infront of me stood my parents and in my mom's arms is a small, white fur covered bundle of joy in the form of a puppy.

"Oh my gosh, a puppy!" I squeal and rush to them, to cuddle the fur ball. This caused both my parents to chuckle. "Yep and he's all yours." mom announces. My jaw hung open as I stare at my parents in shear disbelief. "Are you being serious?" Yet again they both laugh and this time dad answers. "Yes dear. We figured that since we are not around much then maybe some company would do you right." I gave a loud squeal as I thanked my parents one more time and jogged up to my room to show 'Rex' my room. He was so adorable that I ended up sleeping late whilst playing with him. The hardest part was having to leave him alone in the house when had to go to school. I did think of taking him along but remembered that trouble always followed me and with Rex as an addition then nothing will end well.

"No way, you got a puppy?" Ree squealed as she faced my little fur ball. I just could not leave him behind when he started whimpering with his ears low and showed me his cute pair of puppy eyes. "And you brought it to school?" Ree questioned and I immediately cover her mouth. "Quiet down. Someone might hear. Besides, I couldn't leave him alone. He would feel so lonely. So will you help me hide him." It did not take much for Reenae to agree. We were currently in the ladies room which was by far empty except for myself and Ree. We heard the sound of three pairs of heels clicking against the tiled floor. Immediately, we rushed into the same cubicle and closed the door.

"I can't believe what he did to me. I actually thought that we were going to be together forever." Juliana wailed out to her two best friends. "Come on Anna, you don't have to waste your tears for that cheat. He was not worthy of you anyway." Liona comforted. Just then the bell rang indicating the beginning of lessons but then surely we could not leave yet. "How about you try out your luck with Zick. Afterall he is cute and is obviously Daniel's friend...and by the way Daniel is off limits. He is mine even though he doesn't know it yet." Ginna bragged, making me almost release a scoff which unfortunately was made by Rex.

My eyes widened in horror as the room became quiet. Suddenly, the door was yanked open, revealing three angry faces. Both Reenae and I flinched as the door slammed against the wall. "Oh look what the cat dragged in." Liona slurred out. "And they brought a dog, which I am pretty sure is against the rules. I wonder what Mrs Hayes will do when she hears about this." Ginna spoke out with an evil glare towards Rex who was in my bag. I knew that losing Rex would not be easy after I had just got him, so with the little amount of adrenaline that was running through me, I pushed all three out of the way and drag Ree out. We dashed out into the hallway, getting a headstart on our getaway. As soon as we heard them coming we ran for the nearest exit which was leading to the school's rugby field. I exchanged my bag with Reenae quickly and gave her my car keys inorder for her to return Rex home.

Unfortunately for me, I was left with nowhere to hide and before I could process anything, I was surrounded. "Hand over the puppy." Juliana demanded. "N-no." Ginna smirked as she stepped forward with an evil glint in her eyes. "You broke my nail when you pushed me down and you are so going to regret that." Her hand shot up in the air ready to strike my cheek. As it started to descend I immediately closed my eyes and waited in anticipation of the sting that was to come. Instead my eyes shot open as a deep voice spoke up. "Don't even think about it." Infront of me stood Daniel who had Ginna's wrist in his hand. I only stared in shock as the scene unfolded infront of me. He threw back Ginna's hand leaving her other two minions dumbstruck. "W-what... Why did you do that?" She snapped

Daniel did not offer her a response but instead took my hand in his and dragged me back into the school building. As soon as we entered the hallway he swung me around making me face him. "What did you do this time?" He asked with a face void of any emotions. I faced him with a scowl. "That's for me to know." I bit back and turned, about to walk away but was pulled back by my forearm. I was pushed against the lockers and he put both his hands on either side of my head, preventing me from walking away.

"I'll ask again... What did you do?" He said it in a manner that I could not even lie anymore. "I had brought a ..." Before I could finish my sentence Reenae showed up from behind Daniel and without looking she just started talking. "Pinkie, I took the puppy ho..." She stopped in her tracks as her eyes grew wide in shock. Daniel did not even move to check whom it was.

"You brought a puppy to school and Ginna found out. She wanted to get you in trouble but you managed to get the puppy out of sight before she could get her hands on on it. Is that it?" He asked with a knowing look, which I answered with a nod. "Just try to make sure that you stay out of trouble." He warned and yet again I answered with a nod. He stared at me with a smirk, a second longer then pushed himself off the lockers and walked away without looking back.

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