Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 5

"What was that?" Reenae questions as disbelief was evident on her features. "Can we just go for the lesson. I can't even process anything right now." I whisper back and made my way to my science lesson which fortunately did not have either Daniel, Ginna, Liona or Juliana. The whole lesson was kind of a blur and it went by quickly. Before I knew it, I was already making my way to the cafeteria where Ree was waiting for me.

I came to a quick stop as a crew of boys blocked my path. Infront of them was Tyler, captain of the basketball team. "Maddison Richards, we've been looking for you. Do you mind having a chat with us.... in private." Before I could reject his offer he quickly grabbed onto my arm and pulled me towards the study room, his crew following behind. As soon as he got into the room, the door was closed and locked from the outside. He stood by the door, arms crossed over his chest and his left leg propped up on the wall.

"Finally, it took you long enough." Out of nowhere Ginna and her two minions showed up, all with evil looks directed towards me. "Now listen here, Maddison. We thought we had made it clear that nerds like you are not to be associated with populars like us and Daniel. Yet along with going against that, you also humiliated us infront of Daniel. And for that you are about to receive your punishment." Ginna spat viciously with the same evil glint in her eyes. They all proceeded to advance towards me and before I could retreat, I was getting beatings-hard ones.

They were all making sure not to hurt any spots that would show anyone that I had just gotten a beating. After what felt like eternity, they finally stopped. They stood before my scarred body admiring their work. "Stay away from Daniel." Ginna warned and made her way to the door. "Don't even think of stating any of this to anyone or you are dead." Juliana demanded, following behind Ginna. "And do tell your friend that she is next." Liona stated and with that they all left like nothing ever happened, along with Tyler. The good news was that I did not bleed and at the moment I was kind of numb so only a little bit of pain managed to sip through. But the bad news was that I was now going to tarnish my perfect school attendance by going back home.

Thankfully I was able to make it to the parking lot since lunch had already passed and everyone was in their classrooms. I was almost at my car when a hand gripped my own, twisting me around and making me hiss in pain from the movement. "Hey nerd, are you skipping school?" Daniel asked as he faced me with a cocky grin on his face. "Just please go away Daniel." I whisper back as I carefully removed my hand from his iron like grip which he only tightened. "Are you okay?" He asked as concern laced his every word. "Not now Daniel. Please just let me go." I pleaded as I avoided his gaze. "I'm not letting you go so you better start talking and for crying out loud just look at me. Tell me what the problem is." He yelled out in anger.

I swiftly raised my head up to look and due to the rage within me, I snapped. "You are my problem! Ever since the day I had been paired up with you. All thanks to you, I am now on Ginna's 'to kill list'. And guess what? I'm at the top of the damn list. She barely knew of my existence if not for doing her work, but all because of you I now have to deal with them. So please do me a favor and.... just stay away from me. I beg of you and I promise I will do anything else you ask of me. Just please don't get me into more trouble than what I am already enduring."

By the end of my rant, my voice was close to a whisper and my eyes were threatening to spill out the tears they had kept since I got the beating. "What about our assignment?" His tone was cold and his face was void of any emotions, no surprise there. "I'll do it myself." With that he let go of my hand and walked back into the school building and only then did I notice Zick standing a few feet away. He had witnessed everything that had happened between myself and Daniel.

I finally got home and by then my numbness was starting to wear off, meaning that I could feel most of the pain. I limped my way into the kitchen where I found a sticky note on the fridge and some cash on the table. Walking over to the fridge, I grabbed some ice from inside and proceeded to read the note.

Hey Maddy, sorry we won't be able to make it home before dinner. We've got a lot of cases in our hands but we made sure to leave behind $20. Get yourself a pizza or something.... Love mom and dad.

I sighed as I put the pack of ice onto my stomach, wincing in the process. "So much for having parents who work at a law firm.

By the time I got to my bathroom, I was breathing heavily and my eyes already held pools of unshed tears. I applied ointment on each and every bruise and when I was finally done, I slumped against the door and let out all my feelings through crying. Rex even came and tried to comfort me but he only ended up whimpering alongside my sobbing and I hugged him tight against my chest. After a few hours, I was awoken from my sleep when my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I took it out and answered without looking at the caller id.

"Hello?" My voice came out all groggy. "Pinkie, are you okay?" The voice of my worried best friend came through. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why?" "Well Zick said he saw you leaving the school after lunch, and I just had to check up on you. Are you sure that you are alright?" I was rather grateful that Zick hadn't said anything about the state that I was in. "I guess, I just twisted my ankle and thought it best to visit the doctor but it's nothing serious." I heard her sigh on the other end of the line before responding "I have a feeling there is more to the story so you better tell me everything tomorrow but for now please take care of yourself." "I will, bye." She bid me farewell and hung up the call. It was already 4pm meaning that I had been asleep for three hours on the bathroom floor and Rex was nowhere in sight.

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