Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 6

As soon as I tried to get up a massive wave of pain from my injuries caused me to stumble back onto the ground. After a few more tries I finally got onto my feet. I called the pizza delivery guy and ordered myself a box. Walking into the living room, I slumped onto the couch when a thought crept into my mind. Today was the first time that I had ever gotten physically bullied, which had me thinking.

Was I the only one that they had physically bullied or was I simply one of the many victims.

I snapped out of my chain of thought when the sound of the doorbell ringing filled the hollow house. With the money in my hand, I walked over to the door. The pizza was delivered by a man probably in his early twenties with slick black hair, dark brown eyes and he was clad in the usual red uniform.

I grabbed my hawaiian pizza and gave him the twenty dollar bill. "Sorry but I do not have change for a twenty." He stated in his slightly deep voice. "Uhm, it's okay. Just keep the change. I don't want it." I replied back in a low tone. "I will hold on to it for you and whenever you feel like using it just drop by the Pizza King." He said with a warm smile which I did not bother returning. "Thanks." He turned around and walked back to his delivery van. I took out three slices of pizza and put the rest in the refrigerator making sure to feed Rex before calling it a day.

I woke up a little earlier than usual and took my daily shower. My injuries were now dark purple blots but with less pain. I was also still limping slightly although not noticeable. I applied more ointment onto my wounds before going downstairs for my breakfast. My food was already on the table with both my parents running around making coffee for themselves which meant that they were going out already. As soon as I sat down, they turned to me, now with a mug each in their hands. "Hey honey." They said out in unison. "Morning mom and dad." Dad proceeded to give me a kiss on my forehead "Gotta go" he said before rushing out and a few seconds later I heard his range rover pulling out of the garage.

"Honey, I have to go. There is dinner in the fridge, make sure to heat it up before eating it and I might come back late so do not wait up." She said as she walked over to me and kissed my forehead. "Have fun in school but not too much." I smiled back at her as she waved and walked out. I walked back to my room as I heard her land cruiser driving off. Since I had a lot of time to spare, I ended up bathing Rex before leaving for school.

"Pinkie, are you okay?" Reenae asked as I stood by my locker. "Yes..." I started but she immediately cut me off. "Please, just tell me the truth...all of it." I hesitated and just when I was about to tell her, the bell rang causing everyone to rush off. "Fine then, I promise to tell you everything later but you have to promise to not make any heisty decisions. Please." I pleaded earning a sigh and a nod from her. I smiled gratefully before heading towards my geography lesson.

Just thinking of ways Reenae might react made me zone out of the lesson and before I could even realize it, the bell was already ringing signaling the end of geography. I walked slowly to my next lesson which happened to be maths. Walking into the classroom, I proceeded to my usual seat which was in the middle row at the edge. When the teacher got in, everyone got quiet and settled down. "Put all books away, you have a test to write." The room was immediately filled with groans and I even heard someone behind me calling out 'jerk'.

"Yeah yeah, I get it. We are all happy." He said as he pulled out a stack of question papers and started handing them out. As soon as I got mine, I started filling out the blank spaces making sure not to leave any out. I was the first to finish so I just put my paper aside, looked out the closest window and started thinking of all the things I could have done to make my life less miserable.

Time seemed to be in a hurry since I was already making my way to the cafeteria for lunch. Unfortunately Reenae was not able to join me since she had failed a pop quiz in history and had to make it up on lunch. I walked over to our usual table and sat at down on my favorite spot which did not provide me any view of the other students. Whilst I was happily munching on my apple and listening to music with my earphones, two figures sat down across me on the table. When I looked up, I was shocked to find Zick and Daniel. I immediately pulled out my earphones whilst looking around just to make sure that I was not hallucinating.

"Uhm, what are you two doing?" I asked rather silently but they still heard me eitherway. "Eating, obviously." Zick said in a 'duh' kind of tone. "I know what you are doing but I meant why are you sitting here. I thought you only sat at the popular's table." The last part I said more to myself. "Why, do you own the school? Do you own the tables? I'm sure I can sit anywhere I want." Daniel answered with his eyes glued to his food. "What this idiot means is, Reenae asked me to sit with you as a favor since she was caught up in history. Obviously I couldn't come by myself so I dragged Daniel too..." there was a slight groan from Daniel before Zick corrected himself. "...begged him to come with." Zick let out a grin which I returned with a genuine smile of my own.

Unfortunately my smile was wiped away when Ginna spoke up from behind me." Hey guys." She put her bag on the empty bench and so did the other two. "Hey Maddie, do you mind if we sit?" I was not able to respond for they were already taking their sit next to me. Since the bench could not take more than three people I was forced to move further and further away until I accidentally fell to the floor.

They all erupted with laughter whilst I was hissing in pain due to my previous wounds. I did not bother to argue for my spot so I just took my bag and food and made my way to the door. Whilst I was passing by where Liona was seated, she stuck out her foot causing me to fall yet again. When I got up, my food was smeared all over my chest, neck and half of my face. Everyone was already taking pictures whilst laughing at my state.....

How embarrassing

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