Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 7

I hurriedly got up, took my bag and ran out to the ladies bathroom. By the time I looked in the mirror, I seemed close to a puffer fish about to explode. Tears had taken hostage on my cheeks as my eyes became swollen and red. My chest was covered with noodles and it's yellow soup, my neck was smudged with salad cream whilst my face contained the rest of the salad. The pink blouse which I had on, had turned red from my juice. All in all, I was a huge mess all thanks to Liona.

I washed away all that which was on my face and neck and wiped off the rest that was on my blouse. When I walked out of the bathroom, the hallway was empty since everyone was in the cafeteria.

I walked over to the changing rooms where I took out my sports attire which consisted of white all star sneakers, pink socks, a track bottom, a white t-shirt and a track jacket. I quickly changed and put away the dirty clothes in my bag. "Pheew, there you are. I was worried sick about you." Reenae stated out as she walked towards me and immediately engulfed me in a bear hug. I let out a wince after she unknowingly touched my wounds. She pulled away with a look of confusion. "Are you okay?" As soon as she asked that, I became a sobbing mess. "Hey, you don't have to cry Pinkie. Just tell me." And that is exactly what I did. I told her all that happened with Tyler, Ginna and all the threats they gave me. The look of pity and disgust was etched up on her face as I told her.

"Pinkie can you lift up your t-shirt." It was not a request at all, more like a command. I hesitated but ended up showing her my purple blots. Reenae released a gasp at the same time Daniel walked in, not sure why he was even in here. "What happened to you?" He asked as I quickly pulled down the piece of cloth but he had already seen it all. I was not able to reply for Reenae had already gotten up and was now facing Daniel. "All thanks to you, my best friend is now suffering. Yesterday she was beaten up and now she has bruises to show it."

Reenae shouted out in his face. Daniel looked at me with a serious expression. "Who helped them? They couldn't have done this without help." Reenae looked at me for confirmation before telling him. "Tyler Jones" He raised his hand and threw my forgotten phone to me then dashed out of the room. Reenae and I looked at each other before she walked over to me and gave me a hug, with caution this time.

It was not long before she pulled away after the chime that sounded from her phone. "Uhm, Pinkie.... Daniel is going to the rugby fields and he is going to beat up Tyler. Come let's go." She took hold of my arm which I immediately pulled back. "I am not going anywhere near that fight. You know how much I hate violence." My tone was dripping with disgust towards the violent act. "Don't be such a baby. C'mon." She put a firm grip onto my wrist and pulled me out of the changing rooms. As we were getting closer to the field, we heard loud murmuring until a large crowd came into view.

Reenae pulled me through the mass of people until we came to the clearing in the middle. Immediately, I heard Daniel's cold voice "Look Tyler, I really have got no time for this. I'm just here to give you a warning." His every word was laced with venom. Tyler chuckled not even looking the least bit intimidated by Daniel's death glare. "And what kind of warning is that, little boy." Daniel's hand immediately balled up making his knuckles turn pale. "Just stay away from Maddison." As soon as my name rolled out of his mouth, my eyes widened in shock. I had never known that he actually knew my name. "Why? Does the stupid 'bad boy' have a weak spot for the nerd?" Everyone was stunned by Tyler's words. No one had ever before thought of challenging Daniel.

Zick just stood there with his hands in his pockets and a scowl on his face. "Not again" I was close enough to hear him mumble making me turn to face him. "What do you mean again?" He didn't even bother looking at me as he answered. "There are mainly three words that can get Daniel really angry. Being called stupid, little and a boy. Since Tyler used them all I really do not see him making it out alive." I turn and face the two in the middle. "Are you growing onto that nerd? It just goes to show how you are nothing but a stupid little bo-..." Tyler did not even get to finish talking and just like that, Daniel through a blow at him making him stagger back whilst clutching his now bleeding nose. Daniel stood there like it was normal to punch someone in the face every once in a while.

Tyler pushed away everyone who was trying to help him stand properly. "You're gonna pay for that you idiot." He said as he threw a punch at Daniel who was livid but did not take immediate action. Daniel caught his fist with ease shocking all the on lookers including myself. He threw a punch of his own which had Tyler falling to the ground. During all this, I kept my hands clutched to my chest just make sure that my heart would not leap out. I could literally feel the look of horror painted on my face. No matter how much I wanted to look or walk away, I just couldn't. It felt like my feet were glued to the ground.

Daniel threw blow after blow at Tyler without even breaking a sweat. Somehow he looked up and our eyes made contact causing him to stop mid-punch. Neither of us broke the contact until I saw Tyler aiming for Daniel's face from underneath him. It took me a while to register that Tyler had landed a blow on Daniel's jaw which only caused a mere slit at the corner of his bottom lip. I was already trembling with fear for I had never witnessed such acts of violence.

Daniel returned to his posture of being the attacker. Just as Daniel threw a punch at Tyler's ribs, the principal showed up. "ENOUGH!" Her shout was enough to stop the commotion as everyone made a pathway for her to the middle. Zick was now standing beside Daniel both with void expressions. "Not you again..." She mumbled out as she faced Daniel. "Both of you to my office and the rest go back to your classes." The crowd immediately dispersed as she started walking back to her office with Daniel and Tyler on her tail. I stared at Daniel's retreating posture before Reenae pulled me towards the opposite direction.

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