Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 8

English seemed lonely and quiet even though the room was filled with students talking and working on their assignments. Daniel had not returned from the principal's office even although Zick had said that they had been let off with a last warning. After what felt like eternity, the bell rang. I got all my things in my locker and ran towards the parking lot to look for Zick. When I finally spotted him, he was amongst a group of other boys chatting away. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder making him look at me with a genuine smile etched up on his face that I just could not return.

"Hey, what's up?" He said as he popped the 'p' at the end. 'Can I talk to you..." I trailed off as I looked at the intruding eyes and ears of the other boys that were listening in." private?" We excused ourselves and moved a bit further away from any listeners. "Can you please tell me where Daniel went." Immediately his smile died down into a frown. "Why do you want to know?" He said as though not wanting me to know. "I really have to speak to him. I know that he fought with Tyler because of me so I need to thank him. I also know that you know where he is. So please will you tell me." I said as I gave him an innocent face and the puppy eyes. He quickly looked away but peaked at me anyway, making him sigh out heavily and finally giving in. I started jumping up and down, mentally of course, as he jotted down an address in my phone.

After uploading the address to google maps, I quickly speed away. About fifteen minutes later I pull up at an abandoned warehouse which looked like it had seen better days and could collapse at any minute. I double checked the address and sure enough it was the place. What shocked me was the fact that there were more than fifty cars parked outside and some cheering could be heard coming from the warehouse. A thought of turning back crossed my mind but then I remembered that there was surely no harm in looking. Hence I proceeded to the half open large door.

As soon as I stepped foot into the warehouse, I was bombarded with a heavy stinge of different types of alcohols mixed with sweat and cheap perfumes. The cheering was at full blast as everyone was faced towards the centre where a wrestling ring stood with two buff men strangling each other. Just then one of the men got the upper hand and knocked the other out, making people go crazy cheering for him. I quickly turned away as they were removing the unconscious fighter from the ring. I placed both my hands over my ears inorder to block out all possible sounds of violence.

"Surely this was just a trick that Zick played on me so that I would stop nagging him." I said to myself just so I could calm my ragging heart from bursting out. "He is so going to regret doing that." I dropped my arms just in time to hear the speaker calling out the next fighter. "He might be handsome but don't let the looks fool you, he can be a wild beast and knock you out. He hasn't lost a match ever since he stepped foot in this ring. Welcome to the ring, the young beast, O'Brion." I was already walking out but immediately halted in my steps as I racked my brain for the face that could fit with the familiar name.

I turned around and was shocked by the person that walked into the ring bouncing back and forth. My eyes were wide open and my jaw hung low. DANIEL O'BRION WAS A FIGHTER! My feet were officially glued to the ground and my eyes were stuck on the guy bouncing around in the ring. Somehow his eyes managed to make contact with my own and shock clearly invaded his expression. They call out his opponent but he did not pay the slightest bit of attention for his eyes were still staring me down. I looked at the person he was going to be fighting and just by his looks, I felt my heartbeat quickening, my palms becoming sweaty and I swear I could no longer breathe.

The man was taller than Daniel, he was all muscles and looked like he would kill me with one punch. Daniel's gaze finally drifted off as the speaker announced the beginning of the fight. My hands immediately covered my ears just as the buff guy swung at Daniel but fortunately he only hit air. I looked away for my eyes were already tearing up.

After a few minutes time I lifted my head only to find the buff guy in a headlock. He managed to move away from Daniel after giving him a jab to his lungs. He seemed out of breath and tired whereas Daniel still looked fresh and relaxed. Just as the guy was about to make a move Daniel stepped forward and gave him a roundhouse kick successfully knocking out. A squeak leaves my mouth as the man collided with the ground even though the sound was drowned by the sea of cheers from the crowd. My brows scrunched together as I looked at Daniel who already seemed to be staring at me.

I quickly turned and finally walked out wanting to erase each and every memory attached to that warehouse. Just a few feet away from my car, I felt a grip on my forearm and turn to face the culprit. The fighter himself faced me, with a pair of shorts that he had been fighting with only. He did not allow me to pull back as he was now dragging me towards the warehouse but only that this time we were heading towards the back.

I kept yelling at him to let go but my shouts only fell on deaf ears. We passed through a small door which led to a couple more rooms, that we obviously passed. He dragged me to the far end of the dimly lit hallway where only a single door stood. As soon as the door was opened, he pushed me inside and stood between me and my only way of escaping. He folded his hands over his chest whilst looking at me in a scrutinizing way. I dashed for the door but he caught me with ease making me land on his chest before pushing me back to my previous position.

"What are you doing here?" His tone was serious and very sharp sending a shiver down my spine. I folded my arms imitating his posture then looked away. "I'm being serious here. Why are you here?" I could tell that he was not one to be patient for long but my defiance took the best of me and I refused to speak. "Listen Richards, I really have no time for games so just speak already." Yet again, I remained mute.

Suddenly I was pushed back into an arm chair. Daniel leaned in with both hands on either side of me. "You better tell me before I end up doing something to your pretty face." I knew he was bluffing but his death glare got to me. A frown made it's way onto my face as I responded. "You actually think that I will tell you anything after you literally man-handled then threatened me. I'm sorry but I do not think that's happening." I said in a rather harsh tone. What surprises me is hearing him let out a chuckle. "I really do not get why you tend to act courageous when around me but you become pale just by seeing Ginna and her two companions." His statement surely had me wondering.

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