Paired With The Badboy

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Chapter 9

"Surely you don't have nails that are longer the your teeth or heels that can pierce through my skin." I say with such confidence it literally left me shocked. He pulled back and walked over the mini fridge in the corner. I finally take a moment to observe my surroundings. The room was so bright even though it had a single light. There were a couple of chairs, a sofa, punching bag in one corner and a mini fridge in another and a full length mirror behind me. There was also another door which I couldn't even guess led to where exactly. I looked back at Daniel and see him holding a half filled water bottle.

"Zick told me." I stated without even knowing it. "What?" He asked as he turned to face me. "I begged him to tell me where you went since you were not in class after being dismissed by the principal. He didn't want to but I pleaded anyway and that's when he gave me an address..." I trailed off as I started playing with my fingers finding them interesting for some unknown reason." I...uhm. I-I'm -I mean, I wanted to tha-thank you for defending me. You fought with Tyler just so he would stay away from me. Thank you." I said out as the last part came out more like a whisper.

"That's all you wanted to say? Couldn't you just wait at least until tomorrow. Did you really have to come here? What if you had gotten hurt, huh? There are a lot of nasty people around here. You could have gotten hurt. You really shouldn't have come here. I mean, did you actually think you could just waltz in here..." I cut him off before he could get any further with his ranting and poured out the rage that I had bottled up.

"Well then None of this would have happened if you hadn't fought with Tyler. None of this would have happened if you hadn't left the school yard. I wasn't able to go any further with the assignment apart from the questions that I came up with and you did not help at all. I really wouldn't have asked about your whereabouts if it weren't for the fact that you defended me and I just had to show some gratitude. So excuse me 'cause I didn't know that acts of gratitude are now being considered as a crime." I yelled out as I felt my face burning up already.

Without allowing him any chance to respond, I head towards the door and stomp out. On my way out I bump into a nasty looking man who seemed to be in his late twenties. From the look he gave me and the sly grin, I could tell that the man had no soul within him. "Hello there bella. Where you going?" He said as he gripped onto my arm. I immediately pushed his hand away "Don't you dare touch me." I said harshly before walking away but I still heard his follow up words. "Feisty, I like that one." The man snickered right as he proceeded to walk into Daniel's room rather aggressively.

As soon as my two pack hit the car's seat, I was already turning the keys and sped away from the shady warehouse. I knew better not to judge at first sight but that man's look screamed danger and power. He almost seemed like he had a screw loose somewhere inside that skull of his.

When I got back home I was not surprised to see neither of my parent's cars in the garage. Letting out a long sigh, I knew that I was finally in my comfort zone - our house. I took out the fore-said meal and heated it up in the microwave. Rex was gingerly jumping around my feet as I poured him his own meal into the empty bowl. After having my meal, I took my well deserved bath then made myself comfortable in my cozy bed. I was not yet feeling sleepy so I took the time to observe my ceiling whilst thinking of my day.

If Daniel was not pleased with seeing me at the warehouse or finding out that he was a fighter then he obviously would not want me to tell a single soul. I could clearly tell that the warehouse with which he was fighting in was probably condemned hence making the fights even more illegal. Thinking of all this made me smile, yet at the same time frown. I was now able to blackmail him into doing the assignment with me. But on the other hand, blackmailing a person is not exactly a good thing to do. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep whilst thinking of how I was going to get an A on my assignment.

Waking up to a cool breeze was weird but what was actually strange, was seeing a bouquet of flowers on my bedside table. I immediately sat up and stared at the red roses decorating my room. With confusion roaming my mind, I reached out for the card that was amongst the roses. It was written in a cursive black ink and it read :

I hope you won't be too feisty about this too.

P.S. Next time get your dog under control or else...

~Tony ^_<

I immediately jumped out of the bed and searched around my room. When I found no one lingering around, I went ahead to search the other rooms but they were all vacant. I ran back to my room and scanned the letter not recognizing the writing nor the name. Picking up the bunch of flowers, I stored them in the closet for the mean time and placed the card in my back pack pocket. I knew for sure that it could not have been either one of my parents and to sum up the confusion, Tony was not a familiar name for either one of my relatives or friends. I pushed the thought out of my mind and proceeded to prepare for another day at my personal torture center - school.

After coming out of the bathroom, I kept peeking at every corner of the house just to make sure that I was alone- besides Rex of course. I even had to sneak around to get to my car. If someone was surely watching me then I was sure that I looked pathetic at the moment, for every second had me jumping out of my skin.

I got to school a bit early but that did not seem to bother me the slightest bit. But weirdly enough, the school made me feel like I was getting into my safe haven for some reason. Cautiously, I walked to my locker whilst making sure that no one was stalking me.

However what came next had my soul jumping from my body.

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