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"You must be punished, Eleanor." He rasped, his deep rich voice sent tingles down her spine. Pulling her away from the wall, he hoisted her up on his shoulder. A squeal of horror escaped her lips as she immediately clutched his shirt from back in her tiny fists, eyes looking at the floor in terror, because of his Goddamn mighty height. "Put m-me d-down." She stuttered as he hooked his other arm behind her knees and kept her legs firmly close to his chest. He took big steps and within a few strides he was in his room as he locked the door making her breath hitch. "W-why are y-you locking the door." She stuttered again. A squeal escaped her lips when her world changed it's position again. Leon threw her on the bed and watched her tiny yet luscious frame bouncing on the bed twice. Eleanor raised her body on her elbows as she watched him removing his shirt with ease. Her throat went all dry when her eyes landed on his naked muscular chest, eight freaking packs, v line. She didn't dare let her eyes trail further down as she snapped her eyes up to meet his silver ones and she stiffened. Dark intense silver pools peered at her. Uh Oh! **** “She's rich, he's a bad boy, a burglar. She's submissive, he's tractable. She's caged, he's wild. She yearns for freedom, his life is adventurous. As the tale says "Opposite attracts!" Hot Steamy. Erotica. 18+

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Eleanor Dawson 20 years old. One and only child of billionaire James Dawson which made her the lone and only heiress of her father's multinational companies world wide worth billions.

She's lucky!

That's what every single person thinks except her. Eleanor's father always wanted to have a son who could be his heir and lead his business further and earn more billions. Her mother Claire had a miscarriage at her first pregnancy. The baby they lost was the boy and then after a few years Claire was pregnant again but then Eleanor was born. James wasn't happy at all. Even though he didn't hate Eleanor at all. He accepted her but he was being way too impatient to have a boy, his son, a heir. Claire and James tried for years but weren't lucky enough and eventually they lost hope.

Claire loved Eleanor with all her heart but the little girl always craved for her father's attention who drowned himself in his work never paying attention to what he has; a daughter, rather he ignored the precious little girl while yearning for a son from the lord.

Eleanor was 10 when her mother was pregnant again. James was the happiest but Claire met with an accident when she was eight months pregnant. Claire along with the child who was a boy died that day and it was the worst day of James and Eleanor's life.
James loved Claire immensely and when he lost her along with his unborn baby boy, he was devastated and drowned himself in the numbing sensation of alcohol. He stayed locked in his room for a whole month completely forgetting the fact that he has a little precious daughter who also lost her mother.

There was no one to console the little girl except for their middle aged maid whom she called Sami as her name was Samantha.
Eleanor was shattered. In this big palace like a cold home, her only warmth was her mother who also left her.
Eleanor being a child didn't know what death meant so Samantha explained it to the little child that her mother went to God and will now live in a beautiful place called heaven and will watch her from there. Eleanor being a child requested Samantha to take her to that heaven to her mother which brought tears in Samantha's eyes. She then answered Eleanor by saying that it's God's will; he will only choose people whom he wants to be up there on their specific times and Eleanor then prayed to God to call her there in heaven.

Samantha would leave after her duty got over and then the little girl would be all alone in her big room that'll haunt her at night making her feel so cold in that luxurious room.

It was after a week she got the courage to see her father. After losing her mother; he was all she had. Eleanor knocked and silently entered his room. She saw him sitting on the couch with a bottle in his hand.

Tears welled up in her eyes immediately as she looked at her father after a week of her mother's death. "Daddy?" She says in a low hesitating voice. The darkness in the room was scaring her, so she stood on her tiptoes and turned the light switch on which got a loud angry growl from her father.

"Turn off the lights!" He yelled loudly, scaring the little girl as she jumped in her place and turned the lights off with a whimper. "D-daddy I'm m-missing m-mommy." The little girl stuttered.

"Go to your room Eleanor!" Her father snapped angrily making big fat tears to form in her doe like big eyes.

"B-but d-daddy I'm s-scared. Can I s-sleep in your r-room tonight?" She whispered lowly.

"I said go to your room Eleanor!" Her father yelled so loudly making a cry to escape her lips as she ran back to her room.

The pain that her mother left her all alone in this place was one thing but her father being so scary and yelling at her scared the little ten year old girl to no end. She didn't see her father for a whole month after that.

It was after a month her father came out of that room all dressed in his business attire. If possible he became more detached from her; she would barely get to see him after months and this is what her life became.

When she was 13, she played in the garden with Samantha, there was mud there and she got mud all over her while playing.
Samantha then called her inside to give her a bath. That is when James came out of nowhere and his jaw clenched looking at all the mud on her daughter.

"What is this Eleanor? Why were you playing in dirt?" He asked angrily, making the small girl to shrink back and hide behind Samantha as she clutched Samantha's dress tightly in her small fists.

"I'll give her a bath right now, sir." Samantha said softly while placing her hand on Eleanor's shoulder, so she won't get scared.

"Hell with it! Samantha you're her babysitter. Didn't I tell you to make her behave like a daughter of a billionaire and look at what you are letting her do!" He yelled and continued.

"Teach her some manners and etiquette. I want her to be ladylike! Are you getting me?" He asked angrily.

"Y-Yes, sir." Samantha answered with head lowered and James left. Eleanor was crying during the whole shower, no matter how much Samantha tried to console the little girl, she just kept on crying. After that day, she stopped playing those games which made her less ladylike; more precisely she stopped playing at all.

She wasn't allowed to go to school due to numerous threats on James and why not he's not a common man but the country's richest man, that was the main reason Eleanor was home schooled and her college was also done online.

It was her 17th birthday which she was celebrating with the staff of her palace; like a cold home. She has no friends. The people who work here are her only friends if she can even call them friends.

They cut the cake and celebrated. James wasn't there or maybe he didn't even know that it's Eleanor's birthday. Samantha gifted her a beautiful bracelet. Even though it was cheap, it was the best thing for Eleanor.
The more her father wants her to be like a rich elite ladylike woman, the more she hates these things. All she yearns is the love of her father and for that she did everything he asked her and moulded herself into a perfect lady that her father wants but still he never showed any affection to her. Her being the girl was maybe a curse for her which keeps her away from her father's love.
That night coincidentally James was present on the dinner table and he became angry as he saw her wearing that cheap bracelet. He harshly ordered her to never wear such cheap things as it's his insult and he won't allow it. Eleanor immediately removed but never threw it away. That night she cried missing her dearest mother.
Eleanor wasn't allowed to go out of the mansion but sometimes her father did allow her to go out but with bodyguards and a little part of her would melt at this gesture of her father but the sensible part of her knew that it was Samantha's request to him for letting Eleanor out sometimes.
Now Eleanor is 20 and this is her caged life. She sat beside her large glass window as she stared at the beautiful twinkling city and the skyscrapers. The view from their mansion was breathtaking, this is the only thing she likes in this heavenly cage.
"I miss you mom..." Eleanor mumbled softly as her twinkling doe like big ocean eyes stared at the moon above yearning for freedom and love.
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