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Chapter 10

“Lady said, Hands off! So hands fucking off bastard!” Came the roaring deep voice with an Italian accent.

Eleanor stared at Leon’s back. His muscles were taught as he stood in front of her like a protective shield glaring daggers at Kevin; who was now standing up and rubbing his jaw glaring daggers at Leon.

“Who the fuck are you?” Kevin growled angrily, making Eleanor flinch back though she couldn’t even see him because of Leon’s mighty height.

“Stay away from her!” Leon warned in a deadly cold voice as Eleanor stared at his clenched jaw.

“You can’t tell me what to do. Come here Eleanor.” Said Kevin and moved to take Eleanor’s hand, on instinct Eleanor got closer to Leon’s back as she clutched his jacket tightly in her fist.

Leon grabbed the advancing hand of Kevin and applied pressure on his wrist, Kevin hissed trying to get his wrist free but Leon didn’t let go and Kevin was taken aback by Leon’s strength.

“What is she to you?” Kevin yelled as he got his wrist free from Leon’s death hold.

“My girlfriend!” Leon snapped and Eleanor gasped at his words. When did she become his girlfriend?

Kevin frowned. His face became sour after hearing those words. He stayed quiet for a complete minute before sprouting nonsense.

“I challenge you in football. If I win, I want a date night with your girlfriend and I’ll kiss her in front of everyone. And if you win you can do the same.” He said with a smirk adorning his face and Eleanor gaped at his ridiculous challenge.

“And if you lose you’ll ask forgiveness for misbehaving with her in front of everyone.” Leon proposed his part of the bargain.

“Deal!” Kevin said smugly and Eleanor stared at them shocked with eyes as wide as saucers. And Leon nodded his head at him in sealing the deal manner.

Kevin gave a knowing smirk to Eleanor as he walked away with a grin on his face. Instead of explaining this ridiculous deal to Eleanor. Leon turned on his feet and started walking out of the parking lot.

She felt her heart dropping in the pit of her stomach. What is this behaviour? She hate them both, stupid men!

At home she was nervous and scared the whole night. She shouldn’t be afraid. She’s not Leon’s girlfriend so he can toss her around and she can stand for herself. By any chance if Kevin won tomorrow, she’ll complain about him to the chancellor.

There are minimum to no chances that Leon will win. That Kevin is the freaking captain of their university’s football team, from what she knows he’s been playing for years and winning for him is a piece of cake.

The Lord knows what will happen tomorrow but one thing is clear. She’s not letting any of them take advantage of her.

The way Leon said that she’s his girlfriend did something to her heart but she knows he said it to keep Kevin away from her.

She was barely able to sleep the whole night and got an hour or two sleep. She was anxious and worried. At university everyone was super hyped up and after classes the students were gathering in the football court to watch the match.

Eleanor was sitting with Ava who was also anxious as Eleanor had elaborated her the whole scene of yesterday. Kevin’s whole team came on the field as everyone roared because after all they were representing Queens but Eleanor was clutching her hands tightly together.

Announcement of the opponent team was made and Eleanor’s along with Ava’s eyes widened like saucers because there came on the field Caleb, Charlie, Finn along with few other athletic looking guys and she gulped when she saw Leon walking in.

“Caleb knows soccer?” Ava asked shocked. “Surprise is mutual.” Eleanor mumbled.

The boys were in their kit looking so handsome that all the girls were hooting and passing dirty remarks. Eleanor and Ava were on the first line as Captains of both the teams did a coin toss and Kevin won choosing which goal to attack in the first half.

Eleanor gulped as the match started. Kevin’s team was the first to attack as they took the shot but luckily the goalkeeper saved it and both the girls let out a breath they were holding.

Both of them were really shocked looking at the tricks and skills of Leon’s team. The way they were dribbling and running with those strong legs, the other girls were going crazy over them.

“Caleb is looking so hot!” Ava mumbled dreamily but Eleanor’s eyes were fixed on a certain black haired guy with silver gray eyes.

They were looking like a pro while playing and by the angry and exhausted look on Kevin’s face it was clear he wasn’t expecting Leon to be a soccer player. Even she didn’t expect that!

How much more talent is hiding in this guy?

The first half was over and it was null on both sides. Strangely the whole team came towards Ava and Eleanor’s side as they knowingly stood in front of them and the other girls went berserk screaming at them to even look here for once and those idiots knowingly opened the water bottles and pour water on their heads as it cascade down their hot sweaty bodies making their shirts to cling to their bodies. And then they shook their heads and the water escaped their hairs in exotic way and the girls went ‘ummm’ and those idiots clearly know what they are doing.

The second half started as Leon slightly glanced towards the pale looking Eleanor before he jogged towards his position and with a whistle the match started.

It was Finn who was going at full speed towards the goal ready to aim when one of Kevin’s goons tangled his foot in between Finn’s legs making him fall badly to the ground.

The whole crowd gasped as all the team members came against each other like vicious lions chest to chest, glowering at each other. Referee came as he whistled and abruptly showed a red card to the guy who intentionally made Finn fall and that guy was directly out of the game as another guy took his place.

Caleb forward his hand, Finn grabbed it as he stood up.

“Wait and watch how I’ll kiss your girl!” Kevin hissed lowly near Leon’s ear making his hands into fists.

Referee blew the whistle and Leon motioned at his team members. It was just a slight nod but was enough to give them the message because next thing the attackers who were Leon, Finn and Caleb were speeding towards their goal while dribbling with crazy skills. Leon was with the ball as all the defenders of the other team lunged at him and at that exact moment he passed the ball to Finn who was just in front of the goal and he kicked.

A loud roar was heard as loud speakers blasted with the word ‘GOAL’ and Caleb hugged Finn rustling his hair. Though the whole crowd was of Queens students but oddly everyone was supporting the hot team as she heard the girls calling them.

Eleanor didn’t realise but she was also standing with the crowd and jumping along with Ava in pure happiness. The adrenaline that rushed through her system along with a mixture of anxiety was awesome and deadly at the same time.

Their goal somehow triggered Kevin because the next thing his team scored a goal against Leon’s team and now again Eleanor’s was on the stage one from where the match started. Only ten minutes were left and she was sweating in this crazy cold weather.

Last two minutes were going on and with each passing second her blood was freezing in her veins. Just at the last minute Leon made a run towards the goal with Caleb and Finn on his sides. But Leon didn’t pass the ball. He dribbled with such skills that the other team member lost balance and fell and just like that Leon kicked the ball aiming for the goal and the crowd went ballistic when a loud ‘GOAL’ was announced on the speakers and at that same time the half ended.

Leon removed his shirt but he was still wearing a white shirt inside in which something was written. The commentator announced, “looks like our captain is dedicating this goal to someone special named JEWEL.”

Eleanor stiffened in her place as her face became pale. Her heart started thudding wildly in her chest when she recalled that when she met Leon for the first time in her room, he called her with that endearment. The utmost force with which her heart fluttered made blush to creep her cheeks as she stared at him with wide eyes who was walking towards her.

Eleanor didn’t realise when Ava pushed her towards the border that was separating her from the court. When Leon reached her, he grinned at her showing his pearly white teeth and she just gaped at him, still feeling jittery and stunned but what he did next stunned her to the core.

Inching closer he whispered in her ear. “I won for you, Jewel.” With that said his lips softly landed on her cheek, his trimmed beard grazing her shin as he kissed her on the cheek, with a wink he went towards his team to receive the trophy.

Eleanor stood there with wide opened eyes, deep red blushing cheeks and with heavy tons of butterflies fluttering in her belly.


Eleanor hasn’t picked up his call from the last three days after that night of bike racing. When all he wanted from her was to attend his calls. Yesterday in university he saved her from Kevin and today he played for her and won.

Now she’s feeling bad for not attending his calls and ignoring him like that when all he wanted was to just talk or perhaps this the butterflies in her stomach speaking rather than her mind.

So without thinking much she dialed his number as she sat on the window couch staring at the night sky. She was getting more nervous with each ring and her breath hitch when he finally picked up the phone call on the third ring.

“Jewel?” His deep, raspy voice reached her ears making her blush without any reason. Not knowing what to say she said the first thing that raked her mind.

“Are your legs fine? You were dribbling like crazy!”

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