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Chapter 11

“Are your legs fine? You were dribbling like crazy!”

A deep throaty chuckle was heard from the other end and her face flushed red in embarrassment. “My legs are pretty fine Eleanor.” He said with a dreamy sigh and she just played the thread on her quilt ideally.

“You want something?” Came his deep voice and she blinked. “Huh?”

“You called.” He pointed out and she shut her mouth and gulped. “I...I...I’m sorry, I didn’t pick your call from the last three days yet you helped me yesterday and even played against Kevin today and not only that you magically turned out an excellent soccer player winning against him.” Eleanor blabbered with enthusiasm.

“Aren’t you angry that I kissed you?” Came his deep voice. “Of course not- I m-mean yes! You shouldn’t have kissed me in front of everyone.” She said with a red flushed face and heard his throaty chuckle.

“You prefer it in privacy.” He mused and she said before thinking. “Yeah that’ll be goo- NO!” She squealed the last part when she understood what he’s saying.

He was full blown laughing on the other side and she felt utterly embarrassed. “Why are you blushing now?” He asked probably with a grin on his face and she blushed even more.

“I’m not! I just wanted to thank you.” She says softly while biting her lower lip.

“Just thank you?” He asked with a poker voice and her brows furrowed. “I’m not going to kiss you!” She warned him angrily.

“Woah woah woah! Calm down... your dirty little mind is thinking all wrong.” He commented and she gasped shocked at his words and she flushed again at his words.

“What your pure mind is suggesting?” She asked curtly. “After your match tomorrow, let’s have a party.” He said smoothly and she just blinked.

How in the world he knows she has a match tomorrow. But again he has his resources like the great Ava and Caleb. And this partying thing sounds cool but at the same time crazy because her father would never allow it.

“I can’t. Father won’t allow it.” She says softly.

“Leave that on me.” He mused and she looked confused. “So can I call you babe?” He mused and she gasped horrified.

“No! Don’t! Stay in your limits!” She warned him sternly and he laughed out loud. “Sure babe.” He mused and she cut the call with a red crimson face.

She touched her cheeks and they were burning hot. God! This man is crazy!


The number of students sitting around ready to watch her game was nerve wrecking. She hasn’t performed in front of this many people ever.

Their coach aka Sebastian was giving them tips and tricks along with motivational speech and then their team was announced and they had to go to the court.

Leon was sitting along with his friends and Ava, they are here to watch Eleanor’s game and to support her. As soon as her team came on the court, his heart did a flip flop when his silver gray eyes landed on the gorgeously hot yet innocent looking girl on the volleyball court.

The shirt she was wearing was tight on her just like a second skin and not to mention those extremely short shorts that stick to her perfectly thick rear. Her long hairs were up in a ponytail giving enhancement to her heavenly features.

“Damn! Check that blonde!” One of the guys from the backseat says to his friend. Leon’s hand balled into fists as Finn who was sitting beside him noticed it as the straw of the juice came out of his mouth and he mumbled. “Ah oh!” With a serious face and next Leon was on his feet and facing those boys.

His jaw clenched and eyes furious. “Look at her again and I’ll make sure you’ll never be able to see from these eyes of yours!” He sneered in a deadly low voice, his black bad boy attire with leather jacket and gauntlets along with his massive intimidating form was enough to scare those boys as they mumbled a small sorry and scurried away from there.

“Someone is being possessive over the flower who’s unaware.” Mused Ava in a sarcastic voice. Charlie and Caleb let out a chuckle only to be awarded by a dead glare from Leon as he sat back on his seat and when he looked towards the game. Eleanor was staring straight at him with her wide doe like eyes.

His heart skipped a beat when she grinned at him and waved her hand in the air, he like a love sick puppy grinned and waved back. But a high pitch scream from Ava startled him.

“BEST OF LUCK ELEANOR!” Ava screamed and Eleanor laughed. Leon whose hand was still in the air abruptly moved it down and a burst of laughter was heard from Finn, Charlie and Caleb. Embarrassment engulfed him completely when he realised she was waving at Ava and his moron friends witnessed him making a fool out of himself.

The match started and Leon’s eyes were fixed on her. She was amazing, playing with full dedication and passion and not to mention she was eye-catching because with each passing second he was becoming angry looking at all the guys gawking at her like creeps. He’s one of them no doubt!

Unfortunately her team lost but the smile on her face was really vibrant that made him wonder what the reason behind her happiness was?

Eleanor didn’t bother to change as she met all the players and then left the team locker room with her bag. She was drinking water when all of sudden Leon appeared in front of her like a ghost and the water spilled down as she coughed and glared at him.

“You startled me!” She said angrily but he looked extremely pissed off making her brows furrow.

“Go inside and change.” He ordered her and she just stared at him with a frown.

“Excuse me!” She said with an arched eyebrow and he only took a threatening step towards her, to intimidate her and it worked. “Go and change Eleanor.” He said with his cold steely voice and she moved back.

With brows furrowed she walked into the team’s locker room and wore her dress that reached just above her knee. Putting her sports clothes in her bag she came out only to halt in her steps again.

There stood Kevin along with Leon. What’s happening here? She thought confused to no end. “I’m sorry for whatever I did Eleanor.” Kevin said with a forced smile and Eleanor just stared at him and then at Leon and back at him. “It’s alright.” She says softly and he nodded before leaving but Leon placed his large hand on Kevin’s shoulder stopping him.

“Next time if you pull a stunt on her, I’ll make you say sorry in public!” Leon warned in a low voice but Eleanor heard it and she sealed her lips in a thin line and walked away from there.

She heard his heavy footsteps approaching but she didn’t turn around. “You look really good now.” He said with a smile but she still ignored him. “I wasn’t looking like a cactus before either.” She said softly in a ladylike manner and gave him a forced smile before walking again.

“You were looking hot before and I didn’t want to gauge out eyes of every fucking guy who was staring at you.” He said truthfully and her jaw dropped as she stared at him shocked.

The gang appeared behind Eleanor as Ava hugged her and tried to console her saying you’ll win next time and blah blah. “I’m not sad Ava. In fact I’m happy because I got to play and to be honest the opposing team was really strong. Their hard work was seen in their game. So I’m happy for them.” Eleanor said softly and Finn did a small applause for her.

“Sports woman spirit eh.” He mused and Eleanor smiled softly.

Eleanor’s phone started ringing and it was from Johnson, her driver. She answered the call and waved them bye, they wanted her to stay so everyone could go out and have fun but she denied knowing her father won’t allow it.

At night she was watching Netflix while cuddled up in her blanket when her phone rang. She saw the caller ID and picked his call.

“Come outside in five minutes.” He said the first thing and she shot up in her place. “What?” She asked exasperatedly and he repeated again. “Come outside in five minutes.”

“You do know the guards are patrolling around the mansion right now.” She said plainly.

“Use the kitchen’s back door, the guards don’t patrol there, use the ladder and climb the wall, I’ll be on the other side to catch you.” He dictated his plan and her mouth hung open in shock.

“What?” She asked, baffled.

“I’ll wait for five minutes, and if you don’t come out by yourself I’ll come inside to get you.” He threatened her and she just sat there gaping at her LED!

What is this behaviour?

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