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Chapter 12

Currently Eleanor is wearing a floral dress that reaches her lower thighs with black boots and denim jacket. She was standing in the kitchen and luckily all the maids had already retired to their quarters.

By Lord! If Samantha sees Eleanor like this ready to sneak out, she’ll lose her consciousness for real.

Eleanor quietly came out into the backyard through the kitchen back door. Her eyes looked around for danger and as Leon has said there’s no guard here.

She hurriedly tiptoed towards the large cage like wall and searched for the ladder. One ladder was placed in the far corner. Jogging there she set that boulder weighing ladder on the wall panting. By the time it was set she was half drained out of her energy. She immediately climbed it praying that Leon must be present on the other side because if he won’t be there then she’d be doomed.

Once she was on the top, she placed her arms on the wall and popped her head on the other side. A thrill washed over her body as she spotted Leon just right in front of her as he smirked at her and motioned her to come on.

Adrenaline was rushing through her system as she got on top of the wall with utmost difficulty. Now she was sitting on the highest wall facing outside with her legs dangling. She looked behind and luckily no one was there yet.

“Jump!” Leon whispered and she stared at him baffled with wide eyes. “I’ll die.” She whispered back.

“Bring a ladder.” She told him in a hushed tone and he stared at her with a poker face.

“I can’t bring a ladder here. Come on hurry up before anyone catches us.” He said as he raised his arm up ready to catch her.

“I’m not a baby that you’ll catch easily. I’m a grown woman!” She snapped and he smirked, looking so gorgeously handsome.

“Of course I know that.” He spoke in a duh tone making her seal her lips in a thin line. “Straighten your body and make your muscles taut.” He said.

“Why?” She asked, confused. “Because you’re going to stand on my hands and then I’ll bring you down.” He said calmly.

“Are you crazy? How am I going to stand on your hands? Your bones will break.” She exclaimed with wide ocean eyes.

Leon combed his fingers in his jet black hair in frustration as he glared at her. “If you’re not listening then I’m going!” He warned coldly, making her pout in pure annoyance.

“Mean!” She muttered under her breath. “Alright!” She mumbled and he came forward raising his hands.

“Remove your shoes woman. I don’t want to injure my hands.” He said sarcastically and she gave him a glare before removing her shoes and throwing them at him one by one and he easily tossed it. “Woah! Calm down!” He said and raised his hand.

She was about to move down when her eyes widened and she stopped. “Close your eyes! I don’t want you peeking inside my dress from down there.” She said sternly, making him confused.

“How can I pull you down with closed eyes.” He asked seriously.

“None of my concern.” She said nonchalantly and Leon narrowed his eyes. “Fine! Now come.” He said and pretended to close his eyes. Eleanor slowly lowered her legs down and when she felt his palm under her sole she breathed.

“Let go of the wall when I say three and don’t scream.” He said and she said okay, though she was scared to no end.

“Three!” He directly said three without any count and she let go of the wall, her hands raised up to cover her face. She felt herself twirling in the air and next thing she was on her feet with strong muscular arms wrapped around her waist.

“Open your eyes Jewel.” He whispered near her ear and her eyes popped open. “Oh thank you God!” She mumbled looking at the sky and got rid of his arms as if they’re plaques. She picked up her shoes wearing them back and made up her mind to wear jeans whenever she has to jump from the wall next time.

“You should thank me.” He said with raised brow but she didn’t answer him at all. “Where are others?” Eleanor asked and he motioned her to follow him. They walked a little until his heavy bike came into her view and she panicked.

“Why on Earth he brought this devil?” She mumbled under her breath panicking and he laughed. “I heard you. Don’t call my kitten, devil.” He mused and Eleanor stared at the bike shocked.

‘From which angle this lion like growling thing looks like a kitten!’

Leon sat on the bike and motioned at her to come. “Promise me you’ll drive slowly.” She said softly and he gave her a mischievous look before nodding.

Eleanor sat down and placed her hands on his shoulders but he, like a man he is, roared the bike to life and with two growling boom boom they were speeding on the road and she was clinging to him for her dear life and he had the audacity to laugh at her.

She abruptly got off his bike as soon as they reached the club type cafe. It wasn’t a type of rich place but it looked lovely. Eleanor didn’t wait for him as she barged in and immediately found Finn on the bar. “Hey partner.” He waved and Eleanor waved back. Charlie along with Caleb and Ava were sitting on a table so Eleanor went to them and sat beside Ava.

“Your father allowed you out?” Both Ava and Caleb asked together making her laugh slightly. “I sneaked out.” She spoke in a hushed tone and they laughed. Finn joined sitting on the empty seat beside Eleanor, “she’s telling as if she has stolen a kidney or something!” Finn jokes and everyone laughs.

Eleanor glared at him while laughing. She didn’t feel uncomfortable with these guys, they’ve become really good friends of hers, stays in their limits and are not like those bad guys except for Leon who intimidates her and makes her heart flutter which is scary.

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