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Chapter 14

Her throat clogged up as she stared at her hands on her lap. Tears threatened to escape her eyes but she bit her lower lip to keep herself from crying in front of them.

Why is her father doing this to her? He didn’t even ask her what she wanted! Even if she wants to marry this man or not.

“D-dad...t-this...” She stuttered, feeling a lump forming in her throat. Her moistened eyes raised up to meet James but the hard look in his eyes was enough to break her hopes as she shut her mouth abruptly.

“If Eleanor needs some time then we can postpone the engagement for a week.” Titus suggested looking at the pale face of the girl as he faced James who kept quiet for a minute or two before speaking up.

“That’ll be great.” He said. “You can leave Eleanor.” Said James and the girl didn’t wait a single second before walking out of his study and once out she ran up to her room and fell on the bed crying.

Fisting the sheets she cried and cried but the pain that her father’s decision gave her today wasn’t going away. She can’t let him do this to her. She has listened to everything he has ever said but marriage is something sacred. James can’t force her into a loveless marriage.

Sitting up straight, she wiped her tears. She’ll talk to her father and tell him clearly that she can’t marry this unknown man no matter what.

She waited patiently in her room for a few hours until it was evening. Hoping that man has left the study so she could talk to her father alone. Once reaching his study, she sniffed, wiping her tears and knocked on the door, hearing a loud come in; she went inside.

James stared at the red puffy eyes of his daughter and he knew she was crying all this time and he let out a sigh.

“What is it Eleanor?” He asked in a calm voice. Eleanor was fidgeting with her fingers, staring at the floor.

“I-I need t-to talk to y-you Dad.” She says softly, feeling scared and like crying at the same time.

“I’m listening.” He says and she gulps. “D-dad I-I d-don’t w-want to m-marry Mr. T-Titus.” She says while stuttering looking at the floor.

“Why?” James asked plainly, looking keenly at his daughter. What is this supposed to mean?

“Perhaps, are you interested in someone else?” James asked in his menacing voice making her flinch at her place as her eyes snapped up towards his cold ones and certain someone’s face flashed in front of eyes but she immediately shook her head in negative.

“No, father.” Her answer was immediate and firm which somehow relaxed James. “Then why don’t you want to marry him?” He asked calmly and she bit her inner cheek.

“B-because h-he’s a stranger and I d-don’t like him.” She says softly staring at the floor. James chuckled which caused her head to snap towards him.

“You can always know him but you’re not allowed to like someone else. Every decision of your life is made by me. I know what’s better for you. Titus will be your perfect match.” He said in a stern voice as tears pooled in her eyes and her vision blurred.

“Dad p-please...” She tried to plead but her tears had no affect on him. “Compose yourself Eleanor. Behave like a lady and stop your childish tactics. You’ve one whole week to make up your mind and accept this reality.” James said in his cold tone, making more tears to escape her eyes.

She stared at her father to let him see her broken soul and he somehow saw it as he looked away. A sob escaped her lips as she palmed her mouth and ran away from his study to her room.

Eleanor cried the whole night and her phone kept on ringing. It was Leon, her heart squeezed more painfully as she recalled his silver gray eyes always looking at her with that emotion which makes her heart flutter. His boyish grin. His bad boy vibe. His love for freedom. He’s like a fresh breath of air which is not for her. A sob escaped her lips.

How can her father be this cruel towards her? Can’t he see the pain of his own daughter? Is she just a puppet for her father? Her own will is nowhere. All she wanted was freedom and little love from him but this is what he’s giving her!

In the morning her head was pounding like crazy. Her eyes were puffy and red due to all the crying. She avoided having breakfast with her father. At university she was all gloomy and dull.

Ava and Caleb were continuously talking about Leon’s birthday and a certain type of party they were so hype up about. They even asked her why she’s dull and gloomy but her answer was a lie, ‘headache!’ They believed her and Caleb even got ready to leave so he could get her medicine but she didn’t let him.

Leon’s birthday party is tomorrow night and both Caleb and Ava were being persistent to take her. She knows her father won’t allow and sneaking out didn’t feel appealing with all the sadness looming in her heart.

She agreed that she would come but she wasn’t planning to attend that party. Lord knows why she didn’t want to face Leon anymore. It’s evident by his words that he’s interested in her or he was just playing around but she’s not strong enough to break his heart. It’s best if she avoids him and thinks of her life which is at stake at the moment.

The thought of talking to Mr. Titus Benjamin appeared in her mind but it soon vanished when she recalled the way he danced with her. The dark look in his eyes. He won’t help her, it seems like he’s the one who asked her father for her in marriage.

At home she was locked up in her room staring out of the window with tears streaming down her eyes. The only solution was death but is she this weak? No! She’ll try to talk to her father again.

She’s not marrying that scary Mr. Titus Benjamin.

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