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Chapter 15

“I never asked for anything Dad. Please...I don’t want to marry Mr. Benjamin.” She says softly standing in her father’s room as he tied his tie while standing in front of the vanity mirror.

“The topic is closed Eleanor.” Her father said in a dismissive tone and her anger flared.

“I’m your daughter! You cannot just toss me to anyone as if I’m just a pawn. I’m a living human, dad!” She said with teary eyes and her voice was a little high.

James’ head snapped in her direction as he glared at her. “Do not cross your line Eleanor! My decision is final. You’re marrying Titus and that’s it!” He spoke with a cold voice making her flinch back as she lowered her eyes.

“I want to go to my friend’s place for girl’s night.” She says softly while wiping her tears and looking at the floor.

James’ face softened a little as he sighed. “Alright, you can go and I’m only allowing this so you could cheer up.” James said his voice is not harsh anymore.

“Thank you.” Mumbling that softly she left his room. Once in her room she sat on her bed and stared at her hands, eyes tearing up again.

She knows there’s no changing of her father’s decision. And this might be last time she’ll get to taste freedom. Wiping her tears she made up her mind to enjoy to her fullest tonight because maybe this is her last freedom night.

She took a long shower to calm her nerves down. Her heart was weirdly screaming at her that she’s doing wrong to Leon but then again when did she even call him by his name? They’re not a thing, there’s no love. He’s just attracted towards her and she-

She’s just- maybe it’s the first time she’s interacting with an extremely handsome guy and is affected by him a little.

A little?

Her conscience mocked and she gulped. Shaking her head she made up her mind to not think about him. After a soothing shower she wore her bathrobe.

Coming out she dried her hair and wore a beautiful black dress. The dress was bold as compared to what she likes but it looks so good on her that she didn’t feel like wearing something else. She did her light makeup and she was ready, looking beautiful.

Her eyes sparkled as she stared in the mirror, why she’s beaming, when there’s sorrow in her heart. Perhaps it is the side effects of Mr. Leon.

Shaking her head she came out of her room and peeked around to find no one around. She knows that her father will come late today so she decided to get ready here only. Once in her car she requested Johnson to drop her at Ava’s place and Zelda was glad that Johnson didn’t inquire anything from her.

Ava, as always, was getting ready and when she looked at Eleanor she did a wolf whistle mumbling that many boys will have purple eyes tonight. Eleanor didn’t understand her one bit. Both the girls left for that party in Ava’s car but what shocked Eleanor was that the party was happening in a club.

She has never been to a club before and it did scare her a little but excitement was more. They walked past the bulky bodyguards and as soon as they got inside Eleanor gasped. The place was dark with loud music blasting with such thunder that the whole ground was buzzing.

A crowd of people were dancing on the dance floor, bodies everywhere and this is the exact same thing she has seen in movies. She never thought she’ll be able to see a club in real life but here she is and this felt amazing.

“My chickens!” Finn yelled all of sudden coming behind them making them to glare at him.

Caleb and Charlie also came. And the three gaped at Eleanor and Ava chuckled. “Any special occasion?” Finn asked with narrowed eyes and Eleanor looked down at the floor awkwardly.

What is she supposed to say? That it’s her last party of freedom and she’ll be caged for her life after this and she wanted to make the best of tonight. She can’t say that!

“Is it ..... Is it too much?” She has to yell so they can hear and Finn shook his head in negative. “Nah partner, you look gorgeous.” Finn complemented making her smile softly.

“You look good too.” Her lady manner kicked in and Finn raised his hands in surrender. “Please don’t compliment me, I don’t want to die with his bare hands.” Finn said in a low voice and she didn’t hear him.

“Where’s the birthday boy?” Ava asked Caleb who pointed towards the bar. Eleanor’s head turned to that direction only for her eyes to widen a little when she found Leon sitting on a bar stool but what got her heart to still was the brunette clinging to his side.

“That bitch!” Ava hissed and Eleanor gaped at her friend as she cussed.

“Let’s dance.” Finn mused as he grabbed Eleanor’s hand and pulled her in the crowd making her giggle. Ava, Caleb and Charlie also joined as they all danced to the music, slowly her body eased up and rhythm flowed through her body as she danced sensually earning a cheer from Charlie.

She felt a burning gaze on her body, her eyes looked for the source and she gasped when those silver gray eyes met hers. His brows were raised in anger, jaw clenched but his eyes were dark as he sat on the bar stool glaring at her.

What did she do? Maybe ignoring his calls!

She tried to ignore him and turned her back towards him. Caleb and Ava were dancing separately, these two idiots pretend to be friends but behave like a couple. Finn was dancing with a blond girl and Charlie went to bring her some juice. She danced alone feeling herself, the freedom that coursed through her veins but it was shortly lived when, large firm calloused hands grabbed her waist just above her hip from behind and she gasped inhaling that woody, earthy scent that intoxicated her senses.

His hot breath fanned her ears and she stiffened feeling his lips touching her ear as he rasped. “Why are you wearing this type of clothing?” He demanded in his deep Italian accented, authoritative voice making her shudder.

Eleanor gulped and tried to remove his hands from her waist but he didn’t let go, instead he pulled her back flushed to his chest and her breathing laboured.

Before she could protest he was dragging her along with him to the far corner where there was a corridor. And next thing he pushed her in the room and closed the door shut bolting it.

Her heart jolted in her rib cage as she straightened up, staring at him with caution. He abruptly removed his jacket and threw it on the wall harshly making her flinch. His silver gray eyes met hers and she involuntarily took a step back due to the dark look in his always mischievous silver orbs.

A low growl erupted from his throat as he took a threatening step towards her while opening the buttons of his shirt. Her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach as she stared at his hands that were undoing the buttons of his shirt then back at his eyes and back at his hands again.

“L-Leon?” She stuttered, her chin quivered as her mind comprehended what’s happening. He looked so huge and intimidating that it scared her, this Leon with these dark eyes scared her.

Eleanor stared at the door and without thinking much she ran for it but a fearful shriek escaped her lips when he grabbed her waist, she was in the air and next thing she landed on the bed with a bounce.

Moving her hair away from her sight, she stared at him shocked as he abruptly removed his shirt, throwing it away on the floor. He looked possessed. Her fearful eyes gazed at his enormous muscular form, but an abrupt cry escaped her lips when he grabbed her ankle and pulled her under him on the bed.

“STOP!” She screamed pushing at his chest, hitting at his jaw, shoulders and chest with her tiny fists. “Let me go!” She screamed as he grabbed her delicate wrists and slammed her hands on the bed above her head making her chest to arch up.

Trepidation gripped her form as her teary doe ocean eyes stared at him with horrified expression. She was struggling under him viciously trying to get free but a loud growl from him jolted her in her place as she stiffened.



“S-Sir I have some news on Ms. Eleanor Dawson.” Said the man with a gulp.

His cold dark brown eyes snapped up as he stared at his trembling man. “What is it?” Titus asked in his cold voice.

“She was seen with a man dancing in the rain.”


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