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Chapter 2

Eleanor was glad that her father finally let her go to university as it was necessary. She was doing business studies in university but her life wasn’t a tad bit easy in university. Even though she started university just a week ago, she was already on the black list of some people just because she’s rich.

She had so much hope and enthusiasm when she joined university with dreams of having friends and finally living like a normal adult for a time being but no! Nothing goes as expected.

Thanking her driver Johnson the girl walked into the university with her bag on her left shoulder. Walking straight to the locker section she placed her books inside and took out the books of her first period.

A football hit slightly behind her head and she flinched but didn’t look back knowing very well who it was. Kevin the Mr.Popular!

“What’s up sweet cheeks?” He mused as he casually leaned beside her locker staring at her for a reaction which didn’t come.

Everything was going pretty good during the first three days at university but on fourth she was in her business analysis class when the professor put forward an assumption of a question and required an answer from Kevin directly because he was busy flirting with the girl who was sitting beside him. As Kevin didn’t know the answer and just shrugged his shoulders, professor asked if anyone else knew the answer and Eleanor being a good girl answered and got an encouragement from sir. That little thing hit Kevin hard on his ego and from then onwards he started irritating her like a plaque, but she never answers him. The more she ignores the better it is.

Eleanor locked her locker and started walking towards her first class which was luckily not with Kevin but he kept on walking beside her. She often feels uncomfortable when he would try to stand closer in her personal bubble. “Come in sweet cheeks, talk to me.” He mused with his pearly smirk.

She completely ignored him and walked in her class. Luckily he left her because the professor was already in the class.

Eleanor walked to her seat in the middle as she sat with the girl named Ava who barely talked. After class Eleanor decided to break the ice and finally get the courage to talk to that girl. “Hey!” Eleanor’s voice came a lot cheery which got that girl’s eyes widening as she looked behind her to find no one and then pointed the finger at herself. “Me?” Ava asked with a raised brow.

Eleanor gave her a soft smile and nodded her head as she put forward her right hand. “Can we be friends?” She asked so enthusiastically that Ava’s jaw dropped.

“Are you pranking me?” She asked the first thing that came in her mind and Eleanor’s brows furrowed. “No....” Eleanor said meekly and turned to leave while picking up her books.

She’s so stupid or perhaps she didn’t know to socialise. Maybe this is not the way you can ask someone for friendship. She ruined it before it even started.

“Hey, Eleanor, wait!” Ava yelled as she jogged towards Eleanor and then put forward her hand. “Friends?” Ava asked, smiling and a wide grin appeared on Eleanor’s face as she shook hands with her.

“Sorry for my behaviour but Kevin spread these rumours that you’re really a rich brat bitch and whoever loves their respect, should keep their distance from you.” Ava spoke while scratching her neck awkwardly whereas Eleanor’s jaw dropped.

“That’s so insolent of him!” Eleanor muttered lowly and her nose turned red in anger which got a laugh from Ava.

“He’s a dick!” Ava muttered and Eleanor’s doe like ocean eyes widened to the size of saucers and her jaw dropped to the floor. “Ava!” She gasped horrified at the cuss word that her friend used.

“What? Why are you so shocked?” Ava asked while pulling her brown hairs up in a ponytail as her soft brown orbs stared at Eleanor.

“Don’t cuss.” Eleanor says in a whisper as if someone will hear them and then kill them for cussing.

“You’re funny. I like it!” Ava mused and chuckled as she entangled her arm around Eleanor’s as both the girls walked towards their second class.

“So you mean to say that I’m your first ever friend?” Ava asked exasperated. Eleanor gave her an embarrassed smile. “Yeah, dad didn’t find it safe for me to attend school or college so I was homeschooled but luckily I was allowed to attend the uni and yeah I wasn’t allowed to get out of my home often because of the safety reason so that’s why.”

“Woah! No wonder you were so enthusiastic while asking me for a friendship.” Ava mumbled as they ate their lunch in the cafeteria.

“I’m sorry. I’m socially awkward.” Eleanor mumbled softly.

“Oh my dearest Eleanor, the first rule of friendship is there’s no thank you and no sorry.” Ava mused. “And I’m delighted to be your first...” Ava teased her trying to gauge her gasping reaction but got shocked herself when Eleanor gave her a warm smile. This girl didn’t know a shit about those things, Ava shook her head and completed her sentence. “Friend ever.”

“Thank you.” Eleanor said and the very second shook her head recalling the rule that Ava just told her.

“Eleanor I would like you to meet this friend of mine. His name is Caleb and he’s on scholarship in our university. He’s my only friend here and you’ll love him, we can make an amazing group of us three.” Ava says enthusiastically, making Eleanor chuckle.

“And where is Caleb?” Eleanor inquired with a smile. “Well he’s out of town for a while.” Ava says.

“So your life must be really cool being the billionaire’s daughter?” Ava says while wiggling her brows and a soft but sad smile appeared on Eleanor’s face. “Hmm.” She just hummed as Ava changed the topic and they talked about random stuff.

Eleanor was really happy as she finally got a friend. Maybe things will change for good.

Fate chuckled at the naive girl...Only if she knew what was coming her way….

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