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Chapter 3

“ELEANOR!” Came the loud yell of Ava which completely scared Eleanor as she abruptly stopped in her tracks and was met with a bone crushing hug of Ava in the middle of the corridor as other students gave them weird looks.

Eleanor chuckled lightly and barely stopped herself from falling back and maintained her balance. “What happened?” Eleanor asked a little confused seeing Ava so overly excited.

It’s been just three days to their friendship and they became so close to each other.

“Guess what?” Ava mumbles with twinkling eyes as soon as she breaks the hug.

“You realised you’re stupid.” Eleanor mumbled confused only to earn a smack on her arms as she laughed out loud looking at Ava’s annoyed face.

“Caleb is here!” Ava mused earning a raised brow from Eleanor. “I see, no wonder your cheeks are turning scarlett and I can probably hear your heart beating wildly. On a serious note; am I missing something Ava?” Eleanor teased her while wiggling her eyebrows at her flustered friend.

Eleanor let out a laugh when Ava blushed furiously. “Jesus! I can bet you’re head over heels for this Caleb.” Eleanor mused, earning a glare from Ava but her blush said otherwise.

Ava took Eleanor to the parking lot at the backside of the university where most of the students were probably bunking their classes.

Ava walked up to the guy who was leaning casually on a sports bike. Just from the distance she can say that Caleb is good looking.

Caleb stood straight after noticing Ava and they hugged and then Caleb rustled Ava’s hair, who whines like a child. Caleb’s brown eyes then met Eleanor’s and she stiffened a little. She was never comfortable around men.

“Caleb, this is Eleanor. She’s new in university and is a friend of mine now.” Ava said while looking at Caleb and then Ava faced Eleanor. “And this is Caleb...” Eleanor cut Ava in the middle.

“Whom you talk about every time.” Eleanor said with an amused face earning a death glare from Ava and Caleb gave Ava an amused smile.

“Hey!” Caleb said as he forward his hand for a shake and Eleanor shook his hand softly with a smile. “Hey.” She says softly.

Caleb was tall from them but not very much tall. His height was probably 5′11. Brown hair, clean shaved, sharp jaw and charming smile. His body also appeared fit. He was handsome, Eleanor approved his looks for Ava.

“Which department?” He asked. “Business.” Eleanor replied softly. “Woah! Nice, guess we three would stick together more often.” He mused with a smile and Ava nodded enthusiastically. Eleanor has to stifle her chuckle, her friend is totally whipped.

Eleanor felt Caleb’s eyes on her attire, then at her shoes and finally at the Rolex women’s watch on her wrist.

He raised his brow and shook his head on his own thoughts. “Let’s go, I don’t want to miss any of my classes; I’ve been missing them already for a few days now.” He mumbled as all three walked to their class.

“What’s up sweet cheeks?” Eleanor jumped in her place when Kevin came in front of her out of nowhere.

Kevin then looked at Caleb beside her and grinned. “You already got a boy on your tail, huh?” Kevin mused and Eleanor quietly decided to walk out from there.

It’s not that she didn’t want to put Kevin in his place but because she was afraid that if anything got to her father and it displeased him, she’ll be out of the university very next day. She didn’t want to risk it.

“Look dude!” Caleb took a step in front of Eleanor and stood facing Kevin. “Stop bothering my friend!” Caleb spoke calmly and motioned Ava and Eleanor to go to the class and within a minute or two Caleb also came into the class.

The first thing he asked was why Kevin was bothering her and then Ava elaborated each and everything to him.

Eleanor felt really happy. She finally has friends by her side. She’s not alone. But this freedom is only in the university because as soon as she comes out of the gates of her university, her bodyguards will surround her almost suffocating her but she’s still happy for this little freedom.

At home she was doing her assignment of finance when her door was knocked and Samantha entered holding a branded box in her hand.

“Darling, your father is taking you out to a party. He chose this dress for you and he wants you ready in two hours.” Sami mumbled softly opening the box to reveal a beautiful red dress.

Eleanor was on cloud nine with so much happiness, she hurriedly went to the restroom for a shower as she wore the dress. It looked beautiful on her. Eleanor was a little shocked to see a beautician waiting to get her ready for the party. Eleanor felt really happy.

After the beautician was finished doing their work on her; Eleanor was looking ethereal. She asked them to let her hair down so her little bare back won’t make her uncomfortable.

She gave thumbs up to Samantha before leaving but the girl was completely disheartened when instead of her father, her bodyguard escorted her to that party.

Her mood dimmed but she tried to stay enthusiastic. Once they reached the party, she was utterly uncomfortable to say the least and her being alone there was making her more uncomfortable.

She thanked lord deeply from her heart when she spotted her father and almost jogged up to him, but hurriedly straightened her posture recalling how much her father hates un ladylike behavior. The men and women around were all of elite class wearing riches and what not.

As soon as James saw her coming, he gave a curt smile to her and forward his hand for her to take. Eleanor grinned at the soft gesture of her father and placed her hand on his. Completely unaware of the man who was just in front of her father and gazing at her deeply. “You look beautiful.” James mumbled softly.

“Thank you Dad.” She grinned.

“Eleanor meet Mr.Titus Benjamin.” James introduces his daughter to the man who was standing in front of her and that is when her eyes met his intense ones and she lowered her gaze, immediately feeling small in front of that man.

“This is my daughter Eleanor Dawson.” James said to Titus who nodded his head and then he took her hand in his and kissed the back of it making her extremely uncomfortable as she took her hand back with a polite smile.

“You’re really beautiful Eleanor.” He says.

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