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Chapter 4

“Thank you.” Eleanor mumbled politely and stood closer to her father, holding his arm as she felt more safe close to him.

She was extremely happy that her father took her out somewhere let it be this rich elite party but she was happy for having the little attention of her father.

“So, what do you do Eleanor?” That man named Titus asked. His beard gave him a scary dominating look which made her tense as she’s not good near men or she simply doesn’t know how to act in front of the species called men. She doesn’t like those men that ooze out dominance from their stance because her father was enough for her in that case.

“I’m studying business in Queens.” She answered politely with a forced smile on her face. She didn’t want to let her father down today no matter what.

“How was your day today Eleanor?” James asked, looking at his daughter and Eleanor’s eyes widened for a brief second. This is the first time he asked how her day was.

“It was really good Dad.” She replied with a squeal in her voice, her excitement was taking over. Though she didn’t tell her father about Ava and Caleb just because she knew he’ll never let her be friends with someone who’s not of elite class like them.

“How was your day-” Before she could complete her sentence to her father. A large hand appears in front of her. “Can I’ve a dance with you Miss. Dawson?” It was Titus.

Her brain started ringing warning bells and she looked at her father hoping he would deny Titus because James never let her interact with men much but what her father did totally shocked her.

James smiled at her and ushered her to go. Eleanor gulped as she faced Titus. “I-I..don’t know how to dance.” She tried to excuse softly but Titus just gave her a smirk.

“It’s alright, I’ll teach you.” He mused, Eleanor’s hand was in the mid air as she was still trying to come up with an excuse when he grasped her delicate hand and started pulling her to her feet and started walking to the dance floor where few couples were dancing.

He stopped and pulled her to him making her gasp loudly. His left hand settled on her waist while his other hand held hers. Eleanor was shocked at the audacity of this man but she was feeling weird regarding her father.

There was this feeling tugging at her heart that her father was trying to set her up with this man and it literally broke her heart. This was the reason he brought her to this party. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply to control her tears.

“Where are you lost El?” Her eyes snapped open at the nickname that he just used for her and she clenched her jaw, the song wasn’t ending! Titus lowered his face towards her ear and he inhaled deeply making cold shudders to run down her body.

“Mr. Benjamin. I’m sorry but I’d like to excuse myself.” She spoke politely but with gritted teeth. A smirk appeared on Titus’s face as he let her go, his brown eyes gazing at her retreating back like a predator.

“Dad?” She called her dad politely who was talking to a man. James faced her with a raised brow. “I’m not feeling well, can I go home please?” She inquired as politely as she could with all ladylike etiquettes.

“Of course.” James replies as he calls one of his bodyguards and tells him to take Eleanor home.

She was quiet as night during the whole ride. As the car was stopped on the porch, she ran inside the mansion towards her room. All the staff had already left to their servant quarters and the whole place was cold, empty and deadly silent.

A tear slipped her eye and then another as she ran to her room and dropped herself on the bed face first and started crying like a child.

Why her father doesn’t love her. Is she that bad? What’s her fault if she’s not a son? Why is he hurting her so much? All she asks for is love!

She cried for lord knows how long and her head started to hurt. Sighing, she went to the restroom for a warm shower which will surely help her.

Getting rid of the dress she stood under the shower as warm water flowed down her body, relaxing her tensed muscles. All the makeup was washed off as she washed her hair then her body and stayed under the shower for more time finding it soothing and relaxing.

Falling of something inside her room had her ears perked up. She hurriedly got out of the shower turning it off as she wrapped a towel around her body; casually coming out of her restroom ready to tell Samantha what her father did but as soon as she came out of the restroom.

Her eyes widened to the size of saucers and before a scream could leave her lips a large calloused hand was on her mouth muffling her screams as she was pushed against the wall, her back pressing firmly on the wall.

Eleanor’s lungs stopped the respiration process as her fear filled eyes met with the icy grey ones.

The man was mighty tall, wearing a black leather jacket with black shirt inside, blue jeans and big black shining boots. She noticed all this before he shut her mouth and cornered her on the wall but now as she stood terrified in front of him.

He was wearing a cap and a black mask was on his face. Only his steely gray eyes were visible.

“Shhh!” He warned her by placing his finger on his mask covered lips.

Big fat tears formed in her doe like ocean eyes as she stayed still as a statue. His icy gray eyes slowly lowered down and her breath hitched as she immediately placed her one hand on the towel around her body to keep it secure on her.

She was aghast to realise that she’s practically in nothing but a towel in front of this man who might be here to kill her.

Her free hand went on his mouth as she tried to push his hand away. His eyes were so icy gray and piercing through her soul, that she looked down struggling.

Her eyes broadened in fear when he abruptly took a step closer to her, making her to step back almost wishing to hide in the wall. Her hand that was trying to remove his hand from her mouth came abruptly to his hard chest to push him and to maintain appropriate distance.

He kept on staring at the fragile little girl struggling in his hold. The sight was heavenly, she was clutching her tiny towel tightly on her chest as if her life depends on it. Her white creamy legs were on display. She was just like an exquisite Jewel.

Her large doe like ocean eyes were filled with big fearful tears. Her thick eyelashes that adorned her eyes were gorgeous. Her brows were perfect and then unknowingly he removed his hand from her mouth to look at her whole face. And damn her lips were pink and full. The tip of her nose and cheeks were red due to crying.

He was deep in admiration of the beauty when she screamed on top of her lungs and pushed him hard on his chest. He wasn’t alert so he stumbled back a little but before Eleanor could make a run out of her room.

She was yanked back by her wrist and he covered her mouth again with his hand as he pushed her on the wall, hovering over her small trembling form.

“Stop screaming! I’m not gonna hurt you!” He rasped. His voice is a thick, deep manly with a heavenly Italian accent.

Good lord! His voice!


She scolded herself on her thoughts in this terrifying scene. She nodded her head frantically and that man narrowed his eyes on her making her cower down.

“Not a single word!” He warned as he slowly removed his hand from her mouth and she breathed in deeply and lowered her eyes. She was clutching her towel so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

“So, who are you Jewel?” He casually placed his arm on the wall above her head as he got closer to her, making her breath hitch as she raised her eyes to look at him.

This unknown stranger is standing in her house, in her room and he’s asking who is she?

“W-who are y-you?” She stuttered while breathing deeply, her body trembling in cold as she immediately lowered her eyes feeling intimidated by his icy gaze.

“I’m here to rob your house.” He mused, making her widened eyes to meet his amused ones.

“What?” She asked with bafflement. “Of course! Now, who are you?” He asked with a raised brow and she gulped.

What’s happening here?

Which robber asks the name of the person whose house they are robbing. Is this casual? Maybe it’s her first time experiencing such a scenario with the burglar with an extremely hot voice.


She scolded herself. “L-leave or I’ll call the cops!” She threatened with mustered up courage only to earn a deep throaty chuckle from him.

Good lord! That throaty chuckle!

What is wrong with you Eleanor?!

She yelled at her own self. “Well, where’s your phone? Let me help you.” He mused in that deep rich voice and she gulped moving towards her left to escape but he abruptly slammed his hand just beside her head making her jump in her place.

Has he lost his brain somewhere?

He narrowed his eyes at her before he went straight towards her bedside table, picked up her phone and came to her again.

Eleanor was standing rooted to her spot unable to decipher what was happening. He put the phone in front of her face and her phone unlocked immediately as it was on face lock. He opened the contacts and inserted his number there as she stared at him aghast.

“Say cheese!” He mused and next thing he took a selfie with her and saved it on his phone number after giving a call on his number for once as she stood there dumbfounded.

“Are you single?” He threw her phone on the bed and faced her only to be met with her shocked face as she gawked at him.

“What-Ahhh-unphhh!” Her words turned into scream when the door to her room burst open and she screamed but he placed his large hand on her mouth and muffled her screams.

“Leon?” Said one of the three guys that barged in her room, with covered faces just like this Leon guy.

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