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Chapter 5

“Leon?” Said one of the three guys that barged in her room, with covered faces just like this Leon guy.

Leon’s back was towards those guys and his face was towards her as he warned her in a small whisper. “Not a word.” For emphasis he placed his finger on his lips and she nodded her head like a scared kitten with wide opened eyes.

He was so close that she could smell his scent, it was a mix of woody, sweaty and earthy, if that even makes sense.

Leon removed his hand and turned to face those guys completely hiding Eleanor behind his large muscular back and she was glad for it that those guys can’t see her.

She’s just in a mere towel and random guys are barging in her room like its normal thing for Christ’s sake.

“What?” Leon asked in a deep voice but Eleanor visibly felt the seriousness and authority in his voice which was nowhere there when he was talking to her.

“I’m unable to crack the password.” Came the voice. Curiosity got the best of Eleanor as she stood on her tiptoes to look at those guys through Leon’s shoulder and she saw a guy probably of 5′11 in the middle of two guys. He was wearing glasses and had brown eyes that’s all she saw of him when a guy on his left with blue eyes and 6ft height looked at her and their eyes met.

“Who’s behind you?” Asked that guy and she moved back scared.

“Look behind you!” Leon yelled lowly making their head snapped back in shock and worry. And next thing Leon pulled the sheets from her bed almost made her phone to drop in the process and wrapped those sheets around her whole form and literally rolled her in the sheets as if she’s fried chicken in a roll, only her face was out and her arms were also restrained. She looked like a toddler when they’re wrapped in blankets.

“W-What a-are you d-doing?” She stuttered, panicked looking at him tugging the sheets properly on the opening of her neck. “Sorry jewel, but you were kind of naked and I helped in covering you up.”

Eleanor stared at him with a dropped jaw and she saw crinkle at the edges of his gray eyes which simply means he’s grinning.

“There’s no one behind us-HOLY COWS!” The guy on the right yelled and Eleanor’s head snapped to that guy whose eyes were brown and is probably 5′11. He sounds familiar!

“Jesus Christ!” Said the brown eyed guy with glasses on, the one in the middle.

“Don’t tell me we started kidnapping girls?” The blue eyed guy asked shocked.

“You’re a hacker! What do you mean you can’t crack the password?” Leon asked with a frown on his forehead as he stood to the side so now Eleanor can see all of them.

They all looked young and fit and almost athletic through their attire of black leather jackets, masks and gauntlets. They scream gang or bad boy vibes rather than burglars.

Is she dreaming?

Maybe she was so exhausted after attending the party that she drowned in deep slumber and now her dreams are going crazy. No way in the world something this absurd could happen to her.

“She can help us.” Eleanor blinked to come out of her revival as she felt a large heavy arm around her shoulder and she stared at Leon wide eyed when his words registered in her mind.

“I will not.” She spoke curtly this time glaring daggers at this burglar named Leon.

“Oh feisty Jewel! You will!” He mused first but then said the last two words with a poker voice removing his arm from her shoulder and matching her gaze.

“I will not!” She spoke through clenched teeth.

“You will!” He said with the same voice like hers, mimicking her.

“I will not!”

“You will!”

Their voices were pitching high slowly and slowly.

“Umm guys...” The guy with glasses tried to intervene when both Leon and Eleanor snapped at him.

“You shut up!” They both said together and the three guys just stared at Leon when he’d say ‘you will’ and then at the girl when she’d say ‘I will not.’

“You will!” Leon muttered in a low threatening voice as he stepped closer to her.

“I will not!” She snapped jumping closer to him cause she can’t literally walk as she was wrapped in a roll of sheets.

They both glared at each other.

“You will not!” Leon muttered before facing the guys and stepping away from her.

“I will!” She yelled making every set of eyes snap towards her and she gave a triumphant look to Leon knowing that she made him shut up but then laughter was heard all around her and it took her a second to realise what just happened.

She was about to open her mouth to protest but he placed his large finger on her lips, shutting her. “No going back on your words.” He mused utterly enjoying her situation which irked her to no end as what she did next shocked her as well.

She bit on his finger with all her might earning a loud growl from him which earned a loud gasp from her as she flinched back letting go of his finger immediately.

He glared at her through his icy gray eyes scaring her but her eyes widened to the size of saucers when he placed that finger bitten by her in his mouth for a brief second.

The keys that were in the blue eyed guy’s hand fell down and that is when Eleanor’s beetroot face and Leon’s gray eyes landed on the guys that were also in the room and gaping at them like fish out of water.

“Let’s go!” He muttered that brought them out of their trance as they scooted out of the room not before picking up the keys. “Come on.” Leon mumbled as he stared at her form wrapped in sheets.

“Damn you look like sushi.” He commented bemused before picking her in a bridal style as she gasped loudly, eyes wide as saucers.

“Put me down.” She panicked struggling in his muscular arms. “Sure.” He mused and pretended to drop her on the floor earning a squeal from her as her whole body tensed.

“You’re light as a feather.” He mused, throwing her slightly in the air as if she’s a ball, Eleanor was stiff as a statue in his arms, his closeness was enough to make her all bothered and uncomfortable, she was utterly glad for the sheets around her. She saw him taking her to her father’s study as he made her sit on the chair.

Eleanor saw those three guys crouching near her father’s home safe. “What’s the issue Charlie?” Leon asked the brown eyed guy with glasses.

“I can’t crack the last four digits. The password is his wife’s name Claire but there are still four digits needed.” Charlie mumbled, working like a tech guy of their robbery gang.

Eleanor took in a sharp breath which has all their eyes on her yet again. “She knows it!” Said the blue eyed guy.

“Of course she knows Finn.” Leon mused and walked towards heras she moved back on her seat. He looked so tall and intimidating at the moment, that she felt uncomfortable and scared.

“So Jewel what’s the password?” He asked softly in his deep voice making her to purse her lips in a thin line.

“I-I d-don’t know.” She mumbled in a soft voice as he crouched in front of her and yet he looked big and tall.

His icy gray eyes kept looking at her which made her extremely uncomfortable and the cold hush of wind from the window invaded the room swirling with her hairs and at that moment she realised that her hairs were still wet.

“What’s your name?” His voice was deep and made her heart beat more wildly.

“E-Eleanor.” She stuttered and he nodded at her.

“Eleanor.” Her name rolled out of his tongue like sweet honey.

Is he a burglar or a seducer?

“T-there’s no money i-in there.” She mumbled softly.

“We know that, just tell us the password.” Said the brown eyed guy who looked familiar to her.

“Do I know you?” She asked softly looking at him and he immediately looked away and coughed.

“C-Caleb?” Eleanor muttered completely baffled out of her wits and her words literally caused Leon’s, Finn’s and Charlie’s eyes to widen.

“It’s a long story Eleanor.” Caleb muttered softly and removed his mask smiling at her softly.

“You know each other?” Leon asked.

“She’s my university friend.” Caleb replied.

Confused would be an understatement. Eleanor was baffled.

Her scholarship friend and Ava’s secret love is a burglar!

“Elaborate!” She demanded.

“Calm down Jewel you’re our captive right now so show some fear.” Leon said and the guys gave him a weird look.

“You sounds stupid you know.” Finn muttered.

“I agree.” Eleanor joined making Leon to arch his brow at her.

“Your father is selling an orphanage which is in his name to a party who wants to make a shopping mall on it. We are here to steal those papers and what I’ve observed you don’t appear like rich spoiled brat so kindly help us on the name of humanity. The Lord will ease your pain and worries if you helped in this path of purity and dedication to save the future of many orphans. Your name will come on the list of those who will be lord’s favourite. Oh my child think about as it will choose your fate.” By the time Charlie was done.

Finn slapped his hand on his own head, Caleb joined his hands in front of Charlie in a begging manner. Leon glared deadly at Charlie whereas Eleanor stared at him with jaw dropped and confusion on her face.

“Y’all look more like jokers in mafia clothing.” She muttered before thinking and gasped very next second when Leon faced her with narrowed eyes.

Did she make him angry?

“Y’all look more like scary killers?” She complimented, which made Finn and Caleb let out a snorting laugh and Charlie looked pale, his face clearly saying. ‘Show mercy! We are no killers.’

“No?” She asked while looking at Leon a bit uncertain.

“I can be scary sometimes.” Leon mused and got closer to her face making her flinch back as her eyes widened and she held in her breath at his closeness.

“No thank you.” She mumbled lowly.

But Leon got more closer to her face that she closed her eyes shut. “Caleb!” She called Caleb out as he’s the only one she knew here.

“Get away from her Leon.” Caleb said and then Eleanor heard a deep throaty laugh that made her stomach churn in a weird way.

Eleanor opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief to find him away from her as he chuckled.

“You should’ve seen your face!” He said with his laugh and a frown etched on her face.

“Idiot!” She muttered under her breath but he heard it as he stopped laughing and his icy gray eyes narrowed at her. “What did you say.”

She can hear Finn laughing slowly while mumbling. ‘I like her already.’

“Charlie try ‘1975’ at the end of the password.” Eleanor said to Charlie completely ignoring Leon who was staring at her.

“It worked!” Charlie squealed, making Finn smack him on the head. “Keep your volume low dumb hat!”

“Sorry!” Charlie muttered as Caleb immediately searched the file and finally took one before placing all the files back in and closing the safe locking it.

“What’s the orphanage name?” She asked.

“Angel guardian home.” He replied with a smile and a soft smile appeared on her face.

Did she do right? Yes! Her conscience replied. So many kids will not lose the roof from their heads. She trusts Caleb and his gang on this and only the lord knows why. Maybe because of the fact that they look and behave like jokers rather than killers.

Charlie was the first to thank her. “Thanks Eleanor.” He said. “Welcome Charlie.” She grinned at him.

“See you in uni.” Caleb said and waved her bye before wearing his mask and going out of the window the same way Charlie went.

“I already like you, partner.” Finn mused before waving at her and Eleanor saw him going out of the window.

How are they even going down? Are they using ladders or something? She was still thinking when her breath hitch when he heard his deep voice as his hot breath fanned her ears making her cheeks go red.

“Are you single?” He asked that question again.

Eleanor smirked internally before answering. “No I’ve a boyfriend.” She spoke smugly as he rounded and stood in front of her. He placed his large hand on the head on the chair and lowered to her face, closer.

“Oh! Sad! Then I might steal a kiss or two.” He muttered with fake sorrow and inches closer to her lips making her heart to thud in her ears as she immediately blurted out

“Yes! Yes! I’m single! Stop!” She breathed and he chuckled as he flicked the tip of her red nose with his finger and mused.

“I already knew that Eleanor. I was just teasing.” He walked to the window and did a ‘call me’ motion from his hand.

He then kissed his two fingers and pointed at her like a lover or Romeo would do and then he was gone as she stared at the window dumbfounded.

“What in the world was that? Dream probably!” She said shocked and stood to run towards the window only to fall on the carpeted floor face first groaning in pain.

No dream! That idiot didn’t even free her from this freaking sushi costume!

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