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Chapter 6

Currently Eleanor is sitting with Caleb in the backside garden area of the university as he was elaborating the reason for him being a burglar and breaking in her house.

Caleb along with his gang are orphans and they feel indebted towards their orphan. So when they got to know that the orphanage land was being sold, they took matters in their own hands.

“So should I assume that you became a burglar just for a night and in reality you’re not a burglar?” She inquired softly hoping to get an affirmative answer but he just smiled sheepishly making her frown.

“In reality we are; to be honest.” Caleb muttered lowly and she just stared at him shocked.

“Before your conclusion let me explain.” He requests and she huffs. “I’m listening.” She mumbled and he elaborated each and everything to her as she gasped at him.

“So what you’re trying to say is; you and your friends are good burglars?” She asked and he nodded his head making her more tense.

“You do realise that you all are risking your lives, though your cause is good but still.” She said concerned and he gave her a soft smile.

“For poor people life is really difficult. Either you’ve to become dogs for powerful people or you die, we chose something different. We became rebellious but no one knows our identity. We just steal back the rightful things of the poor which were stolen by the powerful.” He says truthfully and her eyes watered unknowingly and she pouted.

Caleb glanced at her and a laugh escaped his lips. “Why are you crying?” He asked, still laughing.

“I’m happy that people like you still exist.” She muttered truthfully, earning a genuine smile from him.

“Now don’t be sentimental. You’re now part of our trust code as you know the truth and I hope you’ll keep it as a secret.” He said seriously and she nodded her head in affirmation and zipped her mouth with her fingers, showing she won’t be speaking about it.

“I was literally looking everywhere for you guys!” Came the annoyed voice of Ava as she glared at both of them as they stood up from the grass and straightened their clothes rubbing off the imaginary dust.

“We were just coming. Have you completed your business law assignment?” He asked as he walked passed her but not before rustling her hairs making her whine and Eleanor let out a chuckle at their cuteness.


After the third period Eleanor excused herself from the class to use the restroom, once done with her business she washed her hands and was drying them when the door to the girl’s restroom abruptly opened and shut behind her making her jump in her place as she stared at the intruder with wide eyes.

“W-What a-are y-you-” She stuttered and was unable to complete her words when he spoke up.

“What’s up sweet cheeks?” Kevin mused as he walked in towards her making her to step back as her eyes darted towards the door afraid.

“What are y-you doing? It’s a girl’s restroom.” She said trying to walk past him but he abruptly grabbed her arm in his hand making her stop dead in her tracks as her eyes widened and stared at him with a hint of fear.

“Let me go.” She said with bravery as she tried to pry his hand off but he didn’t let her. “Are you free tonight?” He asked her casually looking at her from head to toe making her creep out as her struggles grew stronger.

“No! Leave me!” She screamed and he abruptly let her go, making her stumble back. Eleanor didn’t wait for a single second as she dashed out of the restroom breathing heavily. Her eyes teared up but she controlled herself.

Walking towards the lockers, she opened her locker and wiped her tears. Her heart was still thumping in her head and she still felt the chills of his gaze on her body. What he did today immensely scared her. She’s not safe with this man around her.

She thought of telling about it to Caleb and Ava but then thought against it. She didn’t want Caleb to be in a fight with Kevin because of her.

After all the classes the three of them headed towards the parking lot. Eleanor tried her best to be with them all time in order to not encounter Kevin the devil.

Eleanor’s pace lowered as she stared at four heavy bikes in the middle of the parking lot and not only that caught her attention but three hunks sitting on those bikes. She immediately recognised Charlie and Finn as they were not wearing helmets but the third guy was wearing a helmet yet she was able to recognise those piercing cold grey orbs that looked ethereal due to the reflection of sunlight.

She stifled a gasp when his eyes met hers and in panic she looked away feeling as if she’s caught red handed doing a sin.

She noticed the glances students were giving to them, especially girls. They looked like a handsome group of bad boys.

Eleanor gawked when Ava squealed and jumped on Charlie hugging him and then Finn but not that Leon guy, he just nodded at her.

Caleb who was walking slowly towards them stopped when his eyes landed on Eleanor who was still on her spot. “Eleanor, come on.” He ushered her to come but she shook her head politely and motioned him that she’s leaving and she waved goodbye.

Caleb frowned and before he could stop her Ava screamed. “Eleanor! Come here to meet my friend’s friends.” She screamed so loudly that every pair of eyes in the surrounding was on her she felt flushed. Biting her lower lip, she walked to them along with Caleb.

“Guys this is-” Ava was cut off by Finn.

“Eleanor; we know cause you literally screamed her name.” Finn muttered, making Ava roll her eyes.

“She studies with-” Ava was again cut by Charlie this time.

“She studies business with you and Caleb. We know.” Charlie mumbled and by now Ava was glaring at them.

“Stop cutting me every tim-” She was yet again cut in the middle of her sentence.

“You look cute when angry.” Caleb mused cutting her as he ruffled her hairs.

“Caleb!” She hissed and all of them chuckled.

“I’m Finn, Charlie and this is Leon.” Finn introduced them with a wink in the end and confused Eleanor realised they were acting in front of Ava.

Though she was facing Finn, still she felt an intense gaze on her head and she gulped. She wasn’t feeling good after what Kevin did in the restroom and she’s not in the mood to face him either.

“Nice to meet you. I must leave. Bye.” She said politely and walked away from them as they waved back at her. Getting out of the university, she sat in her car that was waiting for her, her bodyguard was already sitting in the passenger seat and Johnson drove her home.


“Where the fuck is my file?” James roared from his study and Eleanor flinched in her room. Her dad was so loud yelling on the staff and security like crazy that it scared her to go out and face his wrath; and what scared her more was the fact that what if Caleb and his gang get caught or moreover what if she got caught cause she helped them.

Cold sweat formed on her forehead just by thinking about it and not to mention the odd behaviour of Kevin from the morning is still lingering on her head.

It was dinner time and Eleanor was sitting quietly on the table along with James who was sitting on the head chair. He looked pissed off.

“Is everything alright Dad?” She asked softly after finishing her food. James didn’t look at her as he spoke. “A very important file from my study is missing but don’t you worry it’s not that serious.” He said in a dismissive tone and she nodded her head quietly.

“Excuse me dad. Goodnight.” She excused herself and greeted him as he replied back and she left from there. Once in her room she let out a sigh. That was a really difficult task to face her father after helping the burglars to steal his file.

Sitting on the bed she opened her Macbook and started doing her business law assignment. She needed notes from Ava regarding the assignment as Ava has already made it so she called Ava but she didn’t pick up so Eleanor again drowned herself in the assignment when after a while her phone started ringing.

Without looking at the caller ID she picked up the call and started blabbering.

“Where were you Ava? Anyways you’ve done the assignment of Mr. Antonio. Can you send me your notes, it’ll be easier for me to make my assignment.” In the end of her blabbering she didn’t get any response.

“Are you done?” Came the deep husky voice with Italian accent and heart skipped a beat.

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