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Chapter 7

Eleanor’s eyes widened hearing that all too familiar voice and she immediately stared at the phone’s screen and her jaw dropped looking at their picture which he took that night and saved on her number. The picture was so weird in so many ways, she was in her towel barely clothed with wet hairs and shocked face and he on the other hand looked like a burglar with a mask, cap and leather jacket.

Her jaw dropped even more when she stared at the name he saved on his number. “My Hot Burglar.”

Unknowingly she placed the phone back on her ears still shocked to the core. What in the world is this?

“Close your mouth Eleanor.” He mused and she abruptly shut her mouth blinking several times as her mind started processing again and the thought to cut the call raked her mind.

“Don’t even think about it!” He warmed and she gulped looking around for a hidden camera or something of that sort. How in the world does he know what she was thinking?

“Eleanor...” he called her name in his husky voice again and she gulped, straightening up. Mustering up her courage she spoke up.

“Why did you call? What do you want? You already got the file.” She said in a small voice because she was afraid that if someone heard her talking to a guy on a phone, her father would definitely take her phone away.

“You’re looking beautiful.” He said and her eyes widened open again looking around her room as she panicked thinking he’s here.

“Relax! I’m not there, it’s just I know you’re looking beautiful.” He mused and her brows furrowed with the fluttering of her heart..

How in the world he knows what she is thinking. Is he by any chance a telepathist?

“Why did you call me?” She asked calmly, trying to control her emotions that are haywire.

“Because I can.” He replied plainly, making her frown.

“And I surely can cut the call. Bye!” She snapped and cut the call with a triumphant smile on her face.

Tossing the phone on the bed, she lay on her stomach with elbows on the bed as she started doing her assignment again. But her phone started ringing again.

Staring at the caller ID she made an ugly face towards the phone as if he could see her. She then put her phone on silent and changed his name to “Scary Burglar.” Smirking at herself she tossed her phone aside and drowned herself in her work.

Next day at university she stayed close to Caleb and Ava, luckily she didn’t see Kevin at all.

“Will you participate?” Ava asked enthusiastically but Caleb just shook his head in negative.

“Participate in what?” Eleanor asked as they sat on the table in the cafeteria.

“Street Bike Racing. It’s tonight, you should come Eleanor you’ll enjoy it.” Caleb said as Eleanor raised her brows hearing that racing name. It’ll be so much fun she knows that; but her father will never let her out during night time. It’s forbidden for her to leave the house premises after 8 pm.

“I’m not allowed to be out at night.” She says softly with a smile on her face.

“What?” Both Ava and Caleb yelled together shocked and Eleanor just gave them an awkward smile with a nod.

“You can try to take permission.” Ava suggested and Eleanor just stayed quiet. Only if they knew her father.

“Yes, try to ask your father. Maybe he’ll allow it.” Caleb said and Eleanor just sighed. Nodding slightly. She can try!

After dinner Eleanor went towards her father’s study as she knocked softly hearing ‘come in’ she walked inside and stood there like a statue fidgeting with her fingers.

“Yes, Eleanor?” He asked while typing on his laptop. Gulping she calmed herself down and spoke up.

“Can I go to my friend’s house to do my assignment? The last date of submission is tomorrow.” She says softly while staring at the floor. From outside she looked rather calm and nervous but from inside her heart was drumming in her ears and her mind was in panic mode because she’s lying to her father for the very first time and by any chance he finds out, the consequences will be deadly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow after university. Johnson can pick me up from university.” She said softly, biting her lower lip in anxiety; when she thought that her father was going to deny her request, he spoke up.

“Okay” He says plainly and her eyes widened for a fraction of a second and her lips moved without her knowledge.

“Really?” She asked bewildered and a bit loudly making James head to snap towards her with a frown as he raised his one brow at her and watched her through his study spectacles.

Eleanor immediately composed herself. “Thank you, Dad.” She said softly with a genuine smile on her face as she left his study and as soon as she closed the door, she did a happy dance silently.

She was ready wearing a beautiful floral dress, with knee length black boots, and a black leather jacket on top, wearing her university bag to make her bluff look more realistic. Johnson was driving her to Ava’s house and soon a beautiful small looking house came in her view, she felt excited.

“Johnson, I know dad might ask you about my friend’s status, please don’t tell him.” She said softly as she scooted towards the driver’s seat from behind and stared at the 50 year old man who gave her a warm smile.

“Don’t worry dear.” He says and she grinned at him and went towards the house waving at Johnson as he left.

Ava opened the door grinning as she took Eleanor in a hug. “Thank God, you got the permission. We are so going to enjoy ourselves.” Ava chirped and took her to her room as she immediately got ready and then both the girls then left her house in Ava’s car towards the track.

Eleanor couldn’t stop the rush of adrenaline that’s roaring in her body. She’s so freaking excited and why won’t she, this is the first time she’s out of her house and that too at night time. Gosh it’s thrilling!

Ava parked the car far from the site and from there they walked towards the place. As soon as they start getting closer Eleanor starts feeling out of place looking at all the young adults walking around with pure confidence and attitude dripping from them.

Her eyes literally widened when she saw few of the girls wearing bikini to no clothes as they flaunted in front of rough looking bikers. There were so many heavy bikes that it feels like an exhibition of bikes is going on.

The guys were all wearing leather jackets, black boots, ripped jeans, bandanas and few were even not wearing shirts making her face go beetroot as she immediately looked away.

What in the world is this place?

Eleanor moves more closer to Ava who squealed all of a sudden and ran towards a group of guys who were none other than Caleb’s gang. Eleanor also walked to them. They were leaning on their shining bikes and looking good as always.

Finn was the first one who noticed her and his mouth formed in an ‘o’ shape. “What a pleasant surprise, partner!” Finn said, wiggling his eyebrows making her cough awkwardly as she gave him a soft smile.

“Eleanor! You shouldn’t be here, this place is for evil not for pure ones, leave while you have a chance.” Charlie said with exasperation making Eleanor stare at him with wide scared eyes when Caleb slapped Charlie on the head.

“Ignore his ranting. Good to see you.” Caleb mumbled, making Eleanor nod at him as she moved towards Ava and leaned on the bike’s seat, staring around with astonished eyes.

Now as she stood in the gang she felt less scared, but Eleanor clearly saw how other girls were throwing daggers at them and making ugly faces on them.

“What’s with these girls? Have I done something to them?” Eleanor asked softly, earning a deep throaty chuckle just from behind; right beside her ear making her shriek out loudly as she placed her hands on her mouth and turned to face an amused Leon staring at her with his steel like silver gray orbs.

“They’re jealous because you’re standing where they want to.” He said casually in his deep voice with Italian accent.

Her eyes widened even more when he sensually rubbed the seat of the bike and spanked the seat where she was leaning with her hips just seconds ago and she jumped, her cheeks turning red. Why did it feel like he spanked her indirectly?

Gulping she moved away from him and stood next to Caleb as she didn’t bother to answer him. Her behaviour somehow irritated him as she clenched his jaw.

“Leon Alessandro and Jack Betty; be on track now.” The voice in mic reached her ears and her eyes shot towards him who sat on his bike like a racer pro.

He was wearing a leather black jacket, black jeans showing off the muscles of his thighs as he sat on the bike, black boots, gauntlets and with a racer’s helmet on his head.

He looks hot!

She gulped at her thoughts as he roared his bike to life. The booming of the bike shook the whole floor making her blood run with adrenaline. This is so cool! But she stiffened when his steel gray eyes glanced at her for a fraction of a second before he slowly raced towards the track and all the people like bees followed behind, hooting and cheering.

A girl barely in clothes stands in the middle of the track with a flag in her hands. Another biker was in the line with Leon. As soon as the girl placed the flag on top with raised hands both the bikers roared their bikes of life, applying race and making smoke from the tyres as everyone roared with hooting and cheers.

The crowd was going wild!

That woman abruptly whipped the flag down and both the bikers were speeding away on the track. A large LCD was placed on the top of one huge truck where a drone was recording the bikers live and everyone stared at the screen while holding their breaths.

At the moment Leon was behind the other guy. A difficult turn came and that helped Leon to cross the other guy and I cheered along with Caleb, Finn, Charlie and Ava. They all were cursing profanities after profanities. Maybe here people support by using profanities.

The other biker raced and came closer to Leon and when he kicked Leon’s bike. Eleanor let out a horrified gasp and next thing she was screaming on top of her lungs.



Every single pair of eyes were now on her as everyone gasped at her. Finn covered his face in embarrassment as he hushed near her ear. “Everything is allowed in this race, Princess Eleanor!” He said and her face turned scarlet earning a chuckle from Charlie, Caleb and Ava.

The red line was seen but still Leon was behind and all of a sudden everyone started chanting. “LEON! LEON! LEON!”

Eleanor joined as well. And just a mile away Leon did one wheeling and he won. A loud roar of screams and hooting was heard as everyone ran from the screen towards the track where he came back and she did too.

She was grinning with wide eyes. A wild adrenaline was rushing through her system. Her hands were fisted as she felt buzzy with happiness.

It was so thrilling!

Gosh! She’s loving it!

Leon removed his helmet as everyone surrounded him like bees and Eleanor lost the gang in the rush.

“COPS!” Someone screamed and everyone started running away like crazy and she became stunned in her place.

“W-What’s happening?” She asked confused; to the running people but no one answered.

A bike abruptly stopped in front of her making her jump back. His steely gray eyes met hers. He looked angry.

“Hop on!” He said but she just shook her head like a scared child stepping back.

“Fine! The cops are going to take you with them. Be ready to face your father.” He said casually and turned the bike to leave when she yelled.

“Stop!” And she immediately sat on the back seat of the bike with her hands on her side.

“Hold tight!” He mused, pulling the glass of his helmet down, racing the bike making a boom boom sound and next thing he was speeding away.

Earning a shriek from Eleanor as she wrapped her small arms around his torso tightly, earning a deep chuckle from him.

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