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Chapter 9

“I’m sorry.” Ava said sheepishly facing the stern looking Eleanor who just ignored her since yesterday night.

Eleanor is angry at both Caleb and Ava because they left her alone in that place. Which sort of friends are they?

“It’s not our fault to be honest.” Caleb mumbled with a thinking face and this got Eleanor’s attention.

“Really?” She made a shocked face making him think that she believes him and he nodded his head enthusiastically.

“I was looking for you but Leon said he’ll get you and drop you at Ava’s place, so we were kinda assured that you’ll be fine.” He said while nodding his head and she just stared at him dumbfounded.

That scary silver eyed guy did all this! What a clever man he is! And to top it all he dared to kiss her!

If her father gets to know that the burglar who stole his file kissed me. Not only will Leon die but she’ll also be put to death by her father.

You’re exaggerating! Her conscience spoke up.


At dinner time her father surprisingly asked how her assignment went and she had to lie with a heavy heart, she was nervous as hell but James wasn’t paying much attention to catching her lie.

After dinner when her father retired to his room she went into the kitchen to meet Samantha. Due to university Eleanor was unable to meet her more often so she decided to have a nice coffee with Sam in the gardens.

They both sat on the large outdoor porch bed and Eleanor contemplated whether to tell Sam about her adventure or not but then whom she can share her happiness with? So she started telling Sam everything from starting to end, cutting some specific scenes out like that file scene, that call scene and that sinful kiss scene. She told her how Ava and her enjoyed a lot at her place watching movies, playing games and what not.

Samantha was listening to everything with a wide open mouth as she couldn’t believe a word that comes out of Eleanor’s mouth.

“You’re lying!” Was the first thing that Sam blurted, making Eleanor let out a playful giggle but the way Eleanor’s eyes sparkled with happiness. Sam knew immediately she wasn’t lying.

“Good Lord! You’ve a death wish Eleanor?” Sam asked in a complete panic mode, making Eleanor’s brows furrow.

“If sir gets to know about it. I don’t even know what he’ll do.” Sam says in a hushed voice and Eleanor’s face falls.

“I really felt free for the first time in my life yesterday night.” Eleanor says softly gazing down at her coffee.

“I know you yearn for freedom my child. All I want of you is to be cautious.” Samantha said softly patting Eleanor’s shoulder making her smile to return back as she nodded her head in affirmation.

It felt so nice talking to Samantha after so many days. As soon as Eleanor came into her room. Her phone was already ringing. She marched up to her dresser and stared at the caller ID for a whole minute.

He kissed her! So she won’t pick up his call. The score will be equal then. Smiling evilly she shut down her phone, her body fell on the bed and soon sleep consumed her completely.

Next day at university as usual Eleanor stayed with her friends and they took all the classes. It was in the middle of the break an announcement regarding the start of the sports season was made and everyone cheered so loudly as if they got their favourite candy.

After the announcement everyone rushed out towards the notice boards and all the students were going wild.

Within a minute or two a guy stood on one of the tables in the cafeteria. “So guys finally the wait is over. We are having sports, outsiders and outer teams are allowed, the list of sports is on the notice board. I’m Sebastian, the in-charge of participation forms and selection. Enrol your names and games to me. Y’all have two days to decide. And for new students, do participate because Sports Mania is the best time of the whole year in university. Good day!” He ended his speech and people already started rushing to that blond guy.

“I’m zero at sports.” Ava mumbled with a sigh. “I’m good at volleyball.” Eleanor confessed softly. She has a whole pitch and setup in the backside of her house, on the left of the gardens, near the pool. She plays volleyball a lot with the staff. But when her father noticed her sports, he stopped her from doing such stuff that made her less ladylike.

She knows she’s good at it, and if she starts practicing now, she’ll be really good until the day of performance.

“That’s awesome.” Ava said.

“Really?” Caleb asked shocked.

Eleanor gave them a sheepish smile with a small nod and Caleb spoke up. “I’m getting a form for you.” He said and jogged away whereas Eleanor stared at his retreating back dumb.

“That’ll be amazing.” Ava mumbled and just like that. Next day all the girls were told to play a practice game and through that Sebastian chose the whole team which will represent their university Queens. And luckily Eleanor was selected.

The girls in the team became her friends as they all were friendly. On the third day they changed into their sports clothing and did practice in the inside coat in the university.

She was exhausted after bone crushing practice. Her skills are improving. Ava and Caleb might’ve left as it was late.

Eleanor picked up her stuff and left towards the parking lot. She was walking silently when a hand grabbed hers, she gasped turning around as she stared at Kevin.

Her throat clogged up all of a sudden and she tried to get her wrist free but it seemed impossible.

“Let go Kevin!” She said boldly glaring at him but he just smirked, tugging her closer making her gasp at his ridiculous behaviour. Her eyes looked around but the parking lot was almost empty making her stomach churn in fear.

She clenched her jaw and tugged at her wrist harshly but he still didn’t let go. “Let go Kevin or I’ll scream!” She warmed him with a stern voice but from inside she was scared.

“What if I don’t?” He asked as he gazed at her from head to toe making her flinch back. His hand left her wrist to grab her shoulder as he pulled her in for a sin when she screamed and next thing Kevin was on the floor holding his jaw and grunting in pain.

“Lady said, Hands off! So hands fucking off bastard!” Came the roaring deep voice with an Italian accent.

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