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Golden Affairs

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When Jeanette, a young entrepreneur finds herself tangled in a messy relationship she wanted out. But when a familiar British sweetheart comes around, things seemed to go of the rail. *** After sharing a night of misfortune with Daniel Hayes—a beguiling stranger—Jeanette finds herself amidst a fantastical break. Back to her reality, she discovers that what once was love is now pure guilt and rose-coloured glasses. In a turn of events, Daniel comes at the height of Jeanette's crumbling relationship. Soon she finds out that he was more than a stranger. Born in a long line of dynasties, Daniel is one of the most important people in England. On the dawn of their passionate love affair, things began to unravel. When these two are faced by the consequences of tabloids, family lawsuits and vengeful exes, they have to make tough decisions in order to stay intact. What will it take to push them off the track? Content and/or trigger warnings: this story mentions different types of abuse and contains scenes of sexual activity that may be triggering for some readers. [FIRST AVAILABLE ON WATTPAD]

Romance / Drama
Illiana Klyne
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To the beloveds,

I, with great pleasure, welcome you to my time capsule. This world of midnight trains and rainy days and lonely waves promises to tell a story of adulthood. However, as I am only just so young, instead, this story offers my fantastical view of how my adulthood would look like. My great expectations if you will. With that being said, perhaps in the future when I look back upon these stories once again, I’ll see which expectations I got right–and what I didn’t.

In this book, we will all embark on a journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Rebuilding broken hearts and shattering roses. There’s more to the chaos of life than well; chaos. My aim is to show that even so, there’s always a clearing above it all. I’m creating a version of myself that I long to be. Someone free, shameless, brave and honest. But despite all that, certainly imperfect.

Because imperfection is the ink to a colourful story.

So I welcome you to my past, and later on with hope, my future. A story that not only whims about Shakespearean romantic tragedies but also seizes different aspects of life: love, family, friends, culture, and of course, self-acceptance.

With all that being said, I will send you off with one piece of advice that you should find valuable in this story: everything happens for a reason. Every detail, every word, every point even every chapter length. Perhaps having this in mind by the end of the story you realize, that you had already looked into the future once or twice.

So come on, the train is about to leave.

After all, there are no trains past midnight.

With hope and gracious love,

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